This Year

This year has been one of the most eventful years of my life, and one of the most emotional.

It has also been one of the best.

(When I honor myself, please know that I am tremendously grateful to God.)

I am amazing! There, I said it. Do you know how many times I have fallen on my ass this year? A whole lot! I have learned that I am tenacious. I keep getting up, getting help, and getting better.

I have learned so many new things! Many aspects of my life are quite different than they were a year ago, and that is really good. I left my church of ten years this year. It was difficult and confusing, but I learned so much! My old church was great, but leaving it and being on my own this year (visiting other places) made my faith my own. I needed to start over, and I love where I’ve ended up.

Of course, the catalyst for all this change was my dad’s unexpected death on December 19, 2010. I have grieved a lot, but before his death there were a lot of things I couldn’t feel. His passing opened something up for me, and my grief has been rich and meaningful and full of support and love from others. It has been an important and beautiful part of my life.

I am sad, I miss my dad. But…I feel close to him.

Thanks for reading.

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  • T.A. Wier

    Very beautiful Alison! You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul who makes beautiful art. Only wish I lived closer so I could have the honor of getting to know you better and become a closer friend… God bless.

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