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To Fear Or Not To Fear // Dealing With Fear Meditation

Everyone knows fear, and most likely, you go way back together. It is a normal part in everyone’s life—just like happiness, sadness, anger, and joy are. But have you ever considered a fear meditation, or how fear can be useful?

Since it is so normal for everyone, let us see if you can get along with your fear to the point where you can even fall in love with it.

How To Fall In Love With Fear

The first step to dealing with fear involves appreciating its usefulness. My fears are unique to me, and my uniqueness is something I’ve come to appreciate. I can appreciate my fear because its another unique part of understanding who I am.

Here are some tips for appreciating your fear:

  • Your fear is not just a normal part of you, but you both are ONE and the same. Noticing your fear helps you understand yourself and your needs better, so pay attention when you feel afraid.
  • To experience a phenomenal life, it is of utmost importance to love yourself as a whole. This means you need to fall in love with your fear too. Your fear is part of you. Your fear makes you complete and gives you balance.
  • Fear is very personal. Not every fear is the same for everyone. It is based on who you are as a whole being (body, mind, soul, and consciousness) and the life you are living. Your fear is unique to you.

Since fear is present in ALL of us, let’s see how you can live your fear to your advantage…

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Using Fear To Your Advantage

First off, refrain from wanting your fear to disappear and never come back. Instead give your fear its deserved space in you, as part of you and as the powerful trust-barometer it is.

Fear Is a Trust Barometer

Fear is the opposite of trust.

When you fear, it is a fabulous sign that you are running low on your trust.

Think about it: if you would trust in yourself and what is happening for you, you would not experience fear. Or at the very least, it wouldn’t consume you. Instead you would enjoy it. You would bathe in your trust that no matter what, you are taken care of. Or you would act on what your intuition and wisdom guides you to do because of the fear.

That makes your trust a balancer for your fear. When you experience fear you can balance it out with trust. The bigger the fear the greater the gift, because big fears ask you to create big trust in order to balance that great fear. Big trust is an amazing frequency to BE and live in.

One important thing to remember is that we can intentionally or unintentionally pass our fear on to others. Sometimes, you pass your fears on to other people. Similarly, sometimes others pass their fears on to you. Its important to recognize what fears are yours, and what belongs to other people.

This recognition makes decision making more clear in the face of fear.

That is why I want to take you on a “collect my fear” adventure. In this exercise, you gather all your fear like you would gather all your little ducklings, making your trust-barometer complete again—making you complete again. This finished up with a cleansing practice to return all fears that are not yours to its rightful owners, making your whole being pure, clean, and light again.

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Fear Meditation Exercise

  • Imagine your fear as a whole (the fear-part that is with you and the fear-part that is shared with others), feel its potential grandness, feel its power and strength, feel its wonderful job as a trust-barometer, think of it with gratitude and welcoming thoughts.
  • Feel the part of your fear that is within you right now, thank it for being such a great part of you.
  • Picture the parts of your fear that are residing with others—your kids, your husband, your friends. Visualize yourself calling and gathering those shared fear-parts to return home—just like little ducklings return when called back home.
  • Next, breathe and feel how this “collecting-process” makes your being whole again. Welcome your whole fear and give it the deserved space in you.
  • Finish up with imagining all the fear-parts you are carrying that are not yours (they belong to your kids, spouse, friends). Visualize giving them back with a smile, knowing that you just made the receiver complete, because that person has its fear-barometer back together. This shifts you to BE and live as your pure being again.

Moving Forward: Nourishing Fear

this is happiness book amazonAnd last but not least, moving forward…

Just like you nourish a hungry child with food so it can quiet down and feel good again,  nourish your fear with trust so your fear can quiet down and you can feel good again.

Yes, this all just happened for you.

You fell in love with your fear and you learned how to live your fear to your advantage.

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That IS happiness!

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Jacqueline Pirtle spent every day of 2017 devoted to her own happiness. She wrote every single day about the things she did to honor her joy and used those writings to create this 365 day step-by-step guide.

Jacqueline’s passion for happiness shines through in all of her work as an accomplished energy healer, mindfulness-happiness coach, and author of 365 Days of Happiness. She has helped hundreds of clients shift into a “high for life” frequency where they can reach happiness anywhere at any time.

Jacqueline’s professional background is in health, wellness, holistic medicine, energy healing, law of attraction, and happiness. She holds international wellness degrees and is internationally certified as a Reiki Master. 

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