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Tools for Manifesting Change in Your Life

By: Melanie Masterson. There have been times in my life where I was not happy with the circumstances. Recently, I experienced a bout of unemployment. And prior to that, I was single for a long stretch. Sometimes I felt so powerless putting in effort to no avail. I brought in some ways to connect to The Universe to bring in the situations I desired and finally things started to move in a positive direction.

When I was single and felt like I was ready for a relationship I used manifesting techniques to help with that. I eventually met a man that really seemed to be what I wanted. I just needed to communicate with the The Universe and allow The Universe to help. I have read that we have free will will and the angels do not help unless we ask for help. The tools I am about to describe were my way of letting the angels know help was desired.

Recently, I gained employment from a really cool company with all the circumstances I desired. I wanted a job that paid at least a certain amount of money, that was close to home and was full time with benefits. Plus, I wanted a job that felt meaningful and I was contributing to something. That is exactly what I got. I was recently hired by the County of Muskegon helping people find work.

And the job is 10 minutes away from the house paying a decent wage with super great benefits. I used many of the tools I am about to outline to obtain this. I also prayed every day asking the angels to help.

Here are some tools I used…

3 Tools for manifesting change in your life


Mantras are a powerful way to communicate with The Universe. Mantras contain Sanskrit words that are seed sounds that vibrate with The Universe. When chanting certain mantras, we speak to The Universe to let it know what we need. The way I use mantras is by using my mala beads chanting each mantra while holding each bead on the string until the mantra is chanted 108 times. I do this for 40 days consecutively. Chanting a mantra like this can clear up karmic baggage that blocks one from obtaining their desires.

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I have two mantras I like. The first one is Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha. This mantra vibrates with the energy of Ganesh. Ganesh is the remover of all obstacles. Chanting this mantra can help remove obstacles as stated. This mantra also clears away negativity plus helps one to find direction in their life.

The other mantra I like is Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha. This mantra connects to the energy of Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the Goddess of Abundance, therefore, chanting this mantra can improve ones financial picture.

New Moon Ceremonies:

When the moon is new manifesting power  is at it’s greatest. One can draw on the energy of the new moon to bring things desired into their lives. What many people do to draw on this energy is to have a new moon gathering or ceremony.

A new moon ceremony involves getting a group of people to together to draw on each others energy. I often invite friends over on the new moon for this. We set out each of the elements on a table, fire, earth, water and air. Then we smudge each other to remove any negative energy.

Next, we each sit down with a pen and paper and write out what we want to bring into our lives. We read what we wrote to each other stating at the start, “By the power of earth, wind, fire and water I manifest the following into my life now or something better.” You would be amazed by power this group can have.




Writing and placing the paper on an altar:

This technique just simply involves writing out what you want and placing it on an altar. It is good to sit down in a quiet space and bring in a state of gratitude first.

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A powerful way to obtain a state of gratitude is to write out a list of everything that brings you joy in your life. Then make a list of the exact thing you want in your life. Leaving nothing out and being specific. If it is a relationship you desire, write down all the qualities you want in a partner.

If it is a job you desire, write down where you want your job to be, the pay you desire, the atmosphere you desire and anything else you can think of. Don’t sell yourself short because you think you are asking for too much. Once you have written out what you want, read it out loud to The Universe. Also, say a prayer to your angels or whom ever you connect with. Then place the paper on the altar. Another thing you can use is a manifestation pyramid or a God box. As long as that paper goes in a place that is sacred to you.

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