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Two Twins and a Toddler Musical Debut

Hi internet friends! My twin sister came over last week and we had fun recording some of our songs. Recording quality = not fantastic, but my nephew’s appearance is priceless. And c’mon, you have to admit that the signing is pretty decent considering the fact the my sister is holding a baby upside-down for most of the video.

My sister and I have been writing music together since we were teens, maybe earlier. We have always enjoyed singing together, and because of our twin-ness, our voices blend pretty well even when we are out of practice. We both learned music by watching and listening to other people. We had a bunk bed growing up, and every night I would make her sing the same songs over and over again so I could practice signing harmonies. Many of them were WAY off, but over time, I developed an ear for finding and feeling the right notes. I would practice signing the harmonies in church too, and when I wasn’t very good at it, I remember being very annoying.

But anyhoo, here we are. Enjoy! And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! I put out new videos every Friday. Is that a weird day to put our videos?

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