Vegan Raw Chocolate Pudding | Why Dairy is Bad and Why I Love Raw Food

choc pudding

I am mostly vegan and love raw foods.

The reason I like to prepare food without dairy is because I believe dairy is unnatural for humans to eat after attending vegetarian groups who promoted this idea and reading a great book called Skinny Bitch in the Kitch. Dairy comes from another species and our bodies are not equipped to digest other species’ milk. Our bodies are set up to drink our own species’ milk.

In addition, animals and humans drink their mother’s milk in order to grow. Once the animal is grown, it no longer consumes it’s mother’s milk. When we eat dairy we basically continue drinking milk that helps us grow when we don’t need it. Plus, it is not even our own specie’s milk. That sets the body up to grow outward instead of upward (if you know what I mean). Plus, this explains the allergic reactions that people have to milk. I personally am less congested when I don’t eat dairy.

As far as eating raw goes, it is good because your body gets all the nutrients from the food. When food is cooked it destroys the enzymes and the nutrients in the food. That is one reason why people have so many nutritional deficiencies. We just don’t get the nutrients when the food is cooked.

Some people eat an all raw diet. I think that is great. I personally like some food cooked but do my best to eat some raw food every day. It’s great when there are recipes like this that are quick, easy and yummy to help me get my daily raw food in my diet!

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Everyone in my house thought using avocados to make pudding sounded gross but, surprise surprise! It was awesome.

Vegan Raw Chocolate Pudding

3 avocados

3/4 cup cacao

3/4 cup agave

3/4 cup rice milk

2 teaspoons vanilla

Blend everything together in a food processor and then put it in a medium size bowl. You can eat it right away. One time I put it over strawberries like a chocolate sauce. The next time I made it I put cherries on top. Vegan whipped cream on top is another yummy idea.

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