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Waiting is an Action

In my article “Grounding” I talked about my need to focus more on positive self-talk.

No matter what I do, it can be fixed or made to fit. With almost everything I have painted, I reach a point where I hate it. I leave it on the easel for a few hours, and sometimes a few days. I never feel any pressure to fix it right away, I just wait for the answer to come,

And it always does.

I am learning to do this in other areas of my life. I don’t always like what my life looks like, and sometimes I do things that look totally messed up. The beautiful part is that God always brings me back around, and things always work out. Everything that has ever happened to me is an important part of My Process. Even if I do the wrong thing, I can forgive myself and know that God forgives me too. I learn, move on, and the experience becomes part of the intricate tapestry that is my life.

For me, for today, waiting is an action. I will wait: for the right time, until I am ready. I need not fear anything.

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