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Warby Parker Sunglasses Try-on Extravaganza

In this week’s video, I try on 5 pair of glasses from Warby Parker for free with special guest, Juan! Juan is someone I regularly go to for opinions and beauty + fashion advice, and in the video he gives his opinion of the glasses, how they look on me personally, and then he tries them on too. He cracks me up and I heart him.

Try 5 pairs of frame for FREE 😀 – Warby Parker

Warby Parker – – Warby Parker is an AWESOME online glasses company. They have really competitive prices for prescription glasses, which is why I buy from them. I’ve never owned prescription sunglasses before due to the cost, but at Warby’s price point, I feel I can afford to buy them and have them as an occasional accessory.

Even though Warby Parker is starting to open storefronts across the US, I still shop online for the convenience. The store is then the place I’ll go for adjustments or questions.

They also create new styles every season, so if you don’t see something you completely love, come back later for more options.

With all that said, head down below for my video and full review!

In the video below, I make it clear which are my favorites at the end. However – I feel like I want to try more on before I make a decision.

What do you think? Leave me your favorite below! And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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