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What I Have Been Eating on a Raw Food Diet and How I Feel. Day 20ish

What I Have Been Eating on a Raw Food Diet

Day 10

Breakfast/lunch: 96oz orange juice. 1300 calories

Lunch/Pre-dinner: 12oz dates. 960 calories

Dinner: Restaurant salad- spring mix, artichoke, apple, avocado, pecans, and ? I also ate a couple bites of Chris’s cooked appetizer and included this as one of my two cooked meals for this week

  • Total calories: 2,535
  • Ratio: (carbs:fat:protein): 88:6:6
  • Sleep: 6 hours
  • Exercise: 100 squats

Day 11

Breakfast: 60 oz juice. 837 calories

Lunch: salad bar at whole foods- raisins, mango cucumber salad, cabbage salad, cantalouple, coconut water, a few walnut pieces. ~500 calories

Snack: 12oz dates. 1020

Dinner: Chipotle salad- lettuce, corn, tomato, guacamole. Added lettuce from home too. ~600 calories

  • Total calories: 2,747
  • Ratio: (carbs:fat:protein): 86:9:5
  • Sleep: 6 hours
  • Exercise: 2.5 hours fast cycling

Day 12

Breakfast: 8 frozen bananas blended with cinnamon and nutmeg. Ice cream for breakfast, holla! 840 calories

Lunch: Vegetarian Thai food

Dinner: home made salad- 1 romaine heart, carrot, apple, grapes, celery, yellow pepper, yellow beet, sunflower seeds

  • Total calories: Definitely enough!
  • Ratio: (carbs:fat:protein): dunno
  • Sleep: 6 hours
  • Exercise: None

Day 13

Breakfast: 2c OJ, 6 bananas, 6 dates smoothie. 1,167 calories

Lunch: 5 bananas, 2c strawberries, 6 dates smoothie. 1,028 calories

Snack: 3 dates. 200 calories

Dinner: Big salad with head of romaine, lots of random veggies, one apple and a few grapes, 1/3c sunflower seeds. 488 calories.

  • Ratio: (carbs:fat:protein): 87:8:5.
  • Total calories: 2,877
  • Sleep: 6 hours
  • Exercise: 150 squats

Day 14

Breakfast- 4 frozen bananas, 6 medjool dates, 6 small strawberries blended into ICE CREAM! with some nutmeg. It seriously looked AND tasted like icecream. 835 calories

Lunch- 4 bananas, 6 dates, 2c orange juice smoothie. 1100 calories Snack- 3 dates, 1 banana

Dinner- Chipotle salad with guacamole, added my own romaine heart and bell pepper from home. 729 calories

  • Ratio: 85:10:5
  • Calories: 2966
  • Sleep: 6 hours
  • Exercise: None
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Day 15

Breakfast: pineapple and orange juice. It hurt my stomach so bad I hardly at any of it 300 calories

Lunch: 8 bananas, 10 dates, cucumber (eaten over the course of the afternoon). 1550 calories

Dinner: was amazing! Raw burritos. Lots of veggies, jicama rice, mango/tomato/cilantro sauce, collard green for the wrap. Followed by huge salad of romaine and lots of veggies and some toasted seeds

  • Total calories: 2381
  • Ratio: 85:10:5
  • Sleep: 6 hours
  • Exercise: 100 squats
burritos and salad
Raw Burritos and Big Salad

Day 16

Breakfast: 5 bananas. 525 calories

Lunch: 5 bananas, 6 dates, 2c strawberries. 1028 calories

Lunch2: 2 bananas, 6 dates, 2c orange juice. 832 calories

Dinner: restaurant salad with guacamole, corn, tomatoes and romaine. Added my own additional romaine. 500 calories

  • Total calories: 3009
  • Ratio: 86:10:4
  • Sleep: 6 hours
  • Exercise: 30 miles biking

Day 17

Breakfast: 3cups orange juice. 5 bananas

Lunch: 4 bananas, 1cup strawberries. 30 minutes later: Guacamole

Dinner: Zucchini squash with  Alfredo sauce (amazing) and a big salad.

  • Total calories: 2,167
  • Ratio: 75:19:6
  • Sleep: 6 hours
  • Exercise: None
Raw Fetuccine Alfredo and Big Salad
Raw Fetuccine Alfredo and Big Salad

Day 18

Breakfast/Pre-lunch: (before, during and after bike ride): 14 dates

Lunch: Low fat vegan cooked meal. It was rice, veggies, tofu and avocado in a nori roll, like a Mexican sushi burrito, haha

Dinner: Raw salad from Whole foods prepared foods bar

  • Total Calories: 2,441
  • Ratio: 80:14:6
  • Sleep: 6 hours E
  • xercise: Hard 54 mile bike ride

Day 19

Breakfast: 6 dates and 1/3 mango. 428 calories Breakfast2: 8 dates. 531 calories

Lunch: Low fat cooked vegetarian meal. Vermicelli noodles from Vietnamese restaurant, no meat. Tofu spring roll

Dinner: Zucchini pasta with mango, tomato, cilantro sauce. Big salad

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Total Calories: 3,038

  • Ratio: 83:10:7
  • Sleep: Not much
  • Exercise: Light weight training at home.
  • Arms, tummy, back and hamstrings

Day 20

Breakfast: 15 dates, 1c frozen blackberries, 2cups water. 1094 calories

Lunch: 15 dates, 3 frozen strawberries, 2 cups water. 1,008 calories

Dinner: 2 portobello mushrooms “burgers” and jicama “fries”. (Patties- 3 carrots, 1.5cup sun dried tomatoes, 1/2cup pine nuts, cumin in a food processor). Marinated the “fries” in lemon juice, ginger and garlic. Sprinkled some of the marinade on the mushrooms for flavor.

  • Total calories: 2,534
  • Ratio: 89:8:3
  • Sleep:4.5 hours
  • Exercise: 50 squats, some bicep/triceps weights
Burger "meat" - sun dried tomatoes, carrots, 1/4c pine nutes
Burger “meat” – 1c sun dried tomatoes, 3 carrots, 1/4c pine nuts

Day 21

Breakfast- 64 oz orange juice

Lunch- 8 bananas, 4 strawberries

Dinner- one leftover mushroom burger. Huge salad with tahini/lemon/garlic dressing (1tbs tahini) Evening snack- 6 dates

  • Total calories- 2,550
  • Ratio- 88:7:5
  • Sleep- 7 hours
  • Exercise- none

Day 22

Breakfast: 3 canteloup- 560 cal

Lunch- 6 bananas, 5 strawberries

Dinner- 3 bananas. Cabbage salad with apples and dried cherries

  • Total: 2200
  • Ratio: 83:11:6
  • Sleep: 6 hours
  • Exercise: 100 squats



On Day 13, I woke up  with my legs with excruciating aches and a headache. It could have been my cooked meal the day before, or maybe bad food combining that weekend. (Or maybe neither).

When I go out to eat for lunch, I eat a salad instead of my fruit meal, which kinda messes me up for the day because I haven’t eaten enough fruit calories, and eating fruit AFTER veggies messes with my digestion. Weekdays are much easier when I’m on my own for breakfast and lunch.

On Day 18, my tummy was NOT crazy about the cooked lunch, but I was starving and it was delicious and I felt good about keeping all of my cooked meals vegan. Having the two cooked meals a week makes me think I can continue this lifestyle after the 30 days.

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The dates were GREAT on my bike ride. I kept them in a baggie in my back pocket and reached for one when I was hungry. It was easy to eat while riding, unlike bananas, and much more compact.

On Day 19, my tummy was upset after the cooked meal, but my digestion was actually really good all weekend. I upped my water intake a TON, and I think that helped flush me out. My body is growing accustomed to fruit and simple meals. I love my two cooked meals a week, but I might have to give them up.


When I started this challenge, my weight went down 3lbs (136 to 133). It has fluctuated a lot from 133-135. I am reminding myself that I am doing this for health and not primarily weight loss. All the long time fruity people are lean-beans. As I write this, I weighed 135 yesterday, and 133 today.


I had a lot of emotions this week. Besides being sleep deprived, I think I am going through some grieving. When I make big changes and starting new things, sometimes I forget I am leaving something else behind. Even if that something else isn’t as good as what I replaced it with, it’s still a loss (if that makes any sense). I’m already different than many people because I don’t drink, and this sets me apart even more. But I really believe in the health benefits, and that this is the best thing for MY health and my emotional stability long term.

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  • Anonymous

    Greetings Alison, viewed your blog on raw eating, very interesting…. What is your propose, your goal, and any with that much orange juice and fruit what is your sugar intake?

  • Alison

    My sugar intake is of course high…but its all good sugar which metabolizes very quickly, allowing my cells to efficiently absorb the nutrients I eat, especially when I eat properly combined, simple meals.

    I was drinking a lot of juice, but I’ve stopped that for now. Juice isn’t really considered a “whole food” by 80/10/10’ers

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