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What’s the Best Way to Overcome Failure

The best way to overcome failure is to confidently know that 1) you’re not perfect at everything and 2) everyone experiences failure and 3) come up with a plan to attempt a different course of action.

That’s truly the best we can all do.

Best Way to Overcome Failure

#1: Best Way to Overcome Failure – You’re Not Perfect

The bottom line is that you’re not perfect—you are definitely going to make mistakes. But no matter how perfect you think someone else is, they make mistakes too.

So, know that everyone else is just living their life like you are and doing the best they can.

#2: Everyone Experiences Failure – Grow From It

Again…no one is perfect. And if you experience a massive screw up…you’re not alone. One of my screw ups cost a company many thousands of dollars. I made up for it over time, but that didn’t prevent me from feeling shame and guilt.

And that’s where this last tip comes in…

#3: Come Up With a Plan to Do Better

It’s one thing to say you’re going to do better next time, and its another thing entirely to come up with a plan of action to avoid the mistake.

If you can come up with a tangible plan to avoid the mistake, however, you’ll instill much more trust with the people that saw your failure.

Not only that, but you will feel much more confidence and self-esteem in your competence by coming up with a solution.

At work when I make a mistake, things go much more smoothly if I just say I messed up and come up with a proactive plan to avoid the same mistake.

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Not only does it make me feel empowered—but it gives my boss more confidence in me.

Same things goes with relationships or anything else.

If I admit i’m wrong and can come up with a plan and a solution for next time, it instills much more trust than avoidance or denial.

Have you ever felt like a failure? How did you handle it?