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Why I Stopped Drinking, and Why I Stay Stopped

Hi internet friends! Here is why I stopped drinking and why I choose to stay stopped.

I did want to mention here that stopping initially was very challenging. Like…VERY challenging. The withdrawal I went through is a huge reason why I am afraid to start drinking again.

Three friends I know started drinking again after we got sober together, and everything was perfectly fine. It turns out they aren’t real alcoholics and just went through a rough patch where they needed some extra support. But other friends have gone out, and things didn’t go so well. Actually, a close friend of mine went back out and died from an overdose just three years ago. Because alcoholism runs in my family, I am still choosing to be safe rather than sorry.

I also want to add: if you DO ever see me drinking, don’t freak out! While I don’t plan to drink, I also don’t want anyone to have any expectations of me. (Never say never.) Part of what makes it easier not to drink is realizing that I could, at anytime. I simply choose not to. If I drink again and it goes well? Yay for me! If I drink again and it does NOT go well? Then I’ll deal with it and it will just be a part of my story, and something I can use to help people. Got it?

Sometimes not drinking is still hard. But for now, I feel pretty good about it!

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