Houston Events! Week of 6/1/15

Journey: I love Houston

Hi internet friends! People always ask me how Chris and I find out about events in Houston, and honestly, a lot of it is through Facebook. Once I went to a few events, I started getting invited to interesting things. For your convenience, I am going to start posting Houston events once a week! This will […]

Curly Girl Party – Products and...

curly girl party houston tutorial

I’m posting this on my website because I think it would be nice to have for anyone who wants to reference it. For those who don’t know, I had a curly hair party! I reached out to Jessicurl and they gave me tons of samples to give away, and we have some great discussion and […]

How to Fight With Your Boyfriend (Or ...

how to fight with your boyfriend

In this video, I talk about how to fight with your boyfriend! Or anyone, really. This method of “fighting” is called a Clearing. When people normally fight, they tend to accuse each other of things without even realizing it. A Clearing allows you to think about the facts, the feelings, why the situation hurts, and […]

How to Not Drink – Tips on Easy...

how to stop drinking

Hi guys! I had such a sweet, positive response from my video on WHY I don’t drink that I decided to do a follow up on HOW not to drink. When I first decided to stop drinking, it was a real challenge, especially in social situations. Now, there are a few things I do on […]

Third StitchFix Review! Find Out What...

stitchfix unboxing review video

https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3743176 – (Remember, 5th comment below gets a tiny gift). Last month, I received my third StitchFix. Since my last StitchFix was paid for mostly with referral fees I’d saved (thank you to anyone who clicked on my link!) then doing another one so soon wasn’t a big deal (on my pocket book). One reason […]

Warby Parker Sunglasses Try-on Extrav...

warby parker try on review

In this week’s video, I try on 5 pair of glasses from Warby Parker for free with special guest, JUAN! Juan is someone I regularly go to for opinions and beauty + fashion advice, and in the video he gives his opinion of the glasses, how they look on me personally, and then he tries […]

Absurd Valentines Gifts + Advocare 24...


GUYS, my fiancé and I exchanged ridiculous gifts on Valentines Day. Let’s talk about it. I also purchased the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, so let’s talk about that too. I am also doing a tiny little give away! To find out more, watch to the end (or, you know, just skip forward or whatever). What […]

Review of My Second StitchFix! Should...

Stitch fix subscription box review - my second box

Check out my second StitchFix! What I got, what I thought and what I bought (woah woah rhyming.) StitchFix is a subscription box for women’s clothing. You can order it to come every month, every other month, OR you can just schedule it whenever you feel like it which I love. If you buy everything in […]

Two Twins and a Toddler Musical Debut

twins singing with guitar and baby

Hi internet friends! My twin sister came over last week and we had fun recording some of our songs. Recording quality = not fantastic, but my nephew’s appearance is priceless. And c’mon, you have to admit that the signing is pretty decent considering the fact the my sister is holding a baby upside-down for most […]

Why I Stopped Drinking, and Why I Sta...

why i don't drink alcohol - benefits

Hi internet friends! Here is a video about why I stopped drinking and why I choose to stay stopped. This video ended up being very light hearted. BUT, I did want to mention here that stopping initially was very challenging. Like…VERY challenging. The withdrawal I went through is  huge reason why I am afraid to […]