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Sorry I’m Not Sorry: A Critique of SCOTUS, Hobby Lobby and Mainstream Christianity

By: Kevin Mack My turn. I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I just couldn’t hold back anymore. This impacts of the SCOTUS decision are yet to be seen, but even before thinking about those, the issue itself is composed of 12 issues (that I can see): gender discrimination, the education system, the health care system, insurance costs, […]

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Kevin Mack

Former teacher, accountant, and americorps member, Kevin is a 29 year old grad student at the university of Texas studying public affairs.

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Sustainable Self-Esteem and A Few “Quick Fixes”

By Courtney Howell  While researching ways to increase confidence and self-esteem I ran across a few different articles that at first really blew me away. They suggested ways to increase self-esteem that seemed really ultimately counterproductive if done individually for people who really need an overhaul in this area.  I’ll give some background here before […]

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chantal empowered

Lessons From Fantasies and How to Grieve Them

Written By: Chantal Partridge When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time in my head. I was a master at creating elaborate fantasies, especially for my Barbie doll. I had a very vivid imagination. It’s easy to blame Disney or Hollywood, but what it came down to is I was looking […]

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Whatever Things Are Excellent? Lessons In Parental Meltdowns

Whatever Things Are…Excellent? Lessons In Parental Meltdowns

Written by: Loni Capshew Whatever things are…excellent? Lessons in parental meltdowns, what advice should you follow from others, and how you will know what works.  When our three offspring were growing up, Charlie and I were caught in the maelstrom of influences that bombarded our generation of new parents in the seventies.  We were at […]

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