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7 Simple Slow Living Tips for Autumn (Easy-To-Follow!)

When you live in a chaotic world, (*cough cough, 2022, cough cough*) everything seems to move so fast.

You tend to miss the fun parts of life. You’re merely living to survive a stressful day and move on to another one. That, honestly, is the sad reality of living a fast, monotonous life.

Here’s the good news, though: 

Fall is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy life’s greatest pleasures!

It is the perfect season for reconnecting with your innermost self and reassessing your life and the rest of the year.

In the autumn, the days become shorter and the nights become noticeably longer. The last sunny days seem to bid their sweet goodbye, preparing to turn you over to winter.

Autumn gives you the chance to refresh your life by engaging in meaningful activities.

It lets you take a much-needed break and breathe some cool, fresh air.

Living a slow, well-balanced life in autumn can reset the tone of your whole year.

Don’t miss the chance of seeing the yellowing and falling of the leaves from the trees. Appreciate the long, cold nights and then, later, the first blossoms of spring.

Live a slow life – a kind of life that’s worth living.

When you slow down, you aren’t only helping yourself, you are also helping Mother Earth to be a cleaner, safer place to live in.

In this article, you will discover simple slow living tips that you can enjoy doing this autumn.

Do you need to slow down? Check out these simple tips for living slow in the fall.

7 Easy-To-Follow Tips For Simple Slow Living In The Autumn

Simple tips for slow living in the fall.

1. Enjoy the last sunny days.

During the fall season, the sun can still get warm, especially in midday. Enjoy the hot days while they last.

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Find a spot in your yard where you can have direct access to sunlight. Place a table and chairs outside and eat meals with your family and loved ones.

You could also go for a picnic in the park and enjoy the last hot weather of the year.

If you love chasing the sunrise or sunset, this could be the perfect time to make new memories. Get as much Vitamin D as you can during the fall season!

2. Go for a walk.

Autumn lets you see how the earth is slowly changing day by day.

When you’re too busy dealing with life’s hectic pace, you tend to ignore the beauty of the world around you.

Walking is an effective way of making a connection with the outside environment. It is also an efficient way of improving your overall health and well-being.

Slow walking can calm a stressed mind, improve body senses, and acknowledge deep-seated emotions.

It helps you to be fully present at the moment without making any judgment.

When you walk slowly in a comfy shoes, you learn to truly appreciate not just your innermost being, but also the environment around you.

3. Enjoy the seasonal fruits and veggies.

Summer is over.

This means you need to say goodbye to countless celebrations, parties, and  barbecues.

It’s now time to get your diet back on track before the holidays hit.

Autumn seasonal produce includes apples, oranges, pears, mandarin, pumpkins, potatoes, and leafy greens.

This is also the season of cinnamon and cardamom.

Seasonal foods are ideal for your health and well-being because they are organic and can be locally sourced.

When you buy food locally, you are not just helping yourself but the entire community as well.

If you have a garden, you can start planting veggies that thrive well in the cold weather. These include spinach, kale, Swiss chard, cabbage, arugula, and collard greens. Expect to reap what you sow in the winter.

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4. Make soup.

There’s no perfect way to start the autumn than with a warm, rich, and delicious soup.

Once the temperature starts to drop, it’s time to prepare the best soups in town.

Different kinds of soup are probably the most popular dishes of the autumn season. They are simple and easy to prepare.

You can utilize the freshest seasonal veggies in autumn such as pumpkin, cauliflower, and healthy greens.

Of course, you can freely add beef, pork, chicken, or seafood to your soup recipes. So start pulling out your crockpot and get ready for some cozy meals.

5. Read a good book.

There’s something about autumn that makes you want to just chill out and read a good book.

Reading a good book is one of the best and simplest slow living tips for the autumn.

Reading exercises the brain and challenges your imagination.

It forces your brain to focus on a particular subject or situation that needs to be resolved.

Reading increases your attention span, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

When you read, you spend quality time with yourself, and this actually is a good thing.

Autumn is the perfect season to read your favorite book and feel inspired.

It can help you forget life’s harsh realities for a while and immerse yourself in a new, exciting world.

Reading is beneficial to your well-being and can help you become a better individual.

6. Keep a journal.

Living an excessively busy life could mean missing out on some of the most important milestones in your life.

Making a journal is an effective way to keep these memories intact. You can record them in a diary, notebook, or even on your phone and personal computer.

Whatever works for you, feel free to do so.

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Keeping a journal can help you release unwanted stress and tension that can be detrimental to your health and well-being.

Remember that slow living is a kind of lifestyle that is conscious, mindful, and intentional.

Keeping a journal can help you be fully aware and mindful of everything that’s happening in your life.

When writing a journal, make sure to write honestly and without inhibitions.

Make it a habit to write down your thoughts every end of the day, and see the results in your life. 

7. Meditate.

Autumn is the perfect time to slow down and turn your attention to self care.

The change of season is an inspiring time to take up one of the oldest and most established forms of self-care: meditation.

Meditation is practiced by people of many different faiths, as well as those who hold to no faith at all.

It’s known to improve concentration, mood, and overall well-being.

To try meditation, make sure to find a safe and quiet place such as your garden or a quiet space in the park.

Begin by establishing a comfortable position where you can fully relax and concentrate.

Take a few slow, deep breaths, then gently close your eyes. Do not entertain any stray thought and be present in that very moment.

Feel the cold autumnal wind as it gently caresses your skin. Imagine how the freshest air of the fall cleanses your mind, body, and spirit.

Remember that you can always slow down and appreciate the beautiful changes in nature, especially in this autumn season.

Then take a deep breath, open your eyes, and go back to the real world.

Use These 7 Simple Tips Every Autumn!

Share these fall activities with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Enjoy this season!

Remember that autumn is the right time to just stay home, make meaningful memories, and spend time with the people you love.

Autumn is also the right time to work on your own personal self care.

Self care, which is all about making sure you take care of your whole being, is great to work on side-by-side with slow living.

Download my free Self Care checklist to get started today

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