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10 Easy Questions To Ask When Decluttering Clothes

As I was getting ready to declutter for a move from one part of the country to another, I started going through everything I owned and found

a surprising thing:

I have a lot of clothes…

Not only did I have clothes in my dresser and my closet, but also had several boxes under my bed, and in my attic.

When I pulled the boxes out, I found a ton of clothing that I hadn’t worn in a long while – my ‘favorite’ winter sweater, shorts I probably don’t fit anymore, and several dresses I hadn’t worn since my younger days.

While going through and getting rid of what I needed to, I came up with 10 questions to ask myself in order to help me decide what I needed to let go of.

Below is what I came up with. Let me know what you think in the comments down at the bottom!

10 Questions To Ask Yourself When Decluttering Clothes

Question 1: Do I Still Fit In The Clothing?

Questions To Ask When Decluttering Clothes - A woman carrying a pile of folded clothes to give away.

The very first question I would ask myself is whether or not I fit in the clothing.

If I didn’t fit, I got rid of it.

I don’t know about you, but I have the tendency to hang on to some pieces for the day I finally get bad to my high school weight. (The day never comes, hehe) I finally decided to just toss the item and put that pressure off my shoulders. I found life is better when you practice self-acceptance and self love.

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I’ve learned to be okay with who I am, and what I fit (and more importantly – don’t fit) in.

Question 2: Do I Feel Good When I Wear It?

Questions To Ask When Decluttering Clothes - A woman enjoying a walk with the sun shining on her

The next question I would ask is when I wear it, do I feel like my best self in it?

I sometimes get clothing because it looks cute on the model wearing it. But when I put it on, it just doesn’t work.

I learned (a little too late in life) to only purchase and collect pieces of clothing that I always feel good in. That way, I only have a wardrobe full of items I LOVE and know that I could put anything on and feel my best.

Question 3: Do I Like The Clothes?

Questions To Ask When Decluttering Clothes - A minimalistic wardrobe that shows a shirt, jacket, belt, and jeans hanging on closet rack

Not only do I want to make sure I feel good in it, but I also like to ask myself the simple question of whether I actually like the clothing.

Do I like the fabric?

Do I like the color?

Do I like the brand?

I’ve started finding that while there are some clothes that I feel good in, I just don’t like something specific about the actual piece.

I guess I’m just picky, but I really try to make sure I like every aspect of the item. I guess you can say I want to fall in love with it.

Question 4: If I Saw This Today, Would I Purchase It?

Questions To Ask When Decluttering Clothes - A woman standing outside a store, looking into their display cabinet

This is a great question to ask if you’re having trouble answering Questions 2 and 3.

I love to pretend I’m walking through a mall, and see every article of clothing I own on display.

When I do this, I ask myself whether I would purchase the article of clothing again.

This helps me think about why I purchased it in the first place, what I liked about it, and why I wanted it originally.

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At the end of the day though, as much as I adore all my clothing, if I wouldn’t purchase it again, I would get rid of it.

Question 5: When Was The Last Time I Wore This?

Questions To Ask When Decluttering Clothes - A lot of clocks ticking and showing different times

This is one of my favorite questions to ask!

When was the last time you wore something?

If it was more than a year or so ago, it’s probably best to give it up. That fact alone says it all. Sorry, but the truth is you hardly wear it and it’s unlikely you’ll start now. Toss.

Question 6: Do I have Multiple Items Of This Clothing?

Questions To Ask When Decluttering Clothes - 5 pairs of tank tops that are all very similar

When I was working through decluttering my closet, I found that I actually had 3 pairs of tanks that were almost identical.

If you have a lot of similar items, like striped shirts, or tan trench coats, and want to size down then set a realistic number of how many you really keep, and then get rid of all the extra ones.

At one point, I had over 16 pairs of green socks (I don’t wear them and don’t remember when I got them, but I guess I like green socks at some point!).

Question 7: Do I Have Other Clothes That Go Well With This?

Questions To Ask When Decluttering Clothes - A picture taken looking at someone's shoes. The one wearing the shoes are wearing mismatching ones - a green and orange one

Another question I like to ask is whether the clothing is versatile and compliments the rest of my wardrobe.

For example, I may have a shirt that I love, feel good in, and want to keep, but if I don’t have anything to pair it with, then I’d rather let it go than buy more or continue to let it sit.

Remember, we’re trying to get rid of clothing, and not add more clothing.

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Question 8: Does The Clothing Have Any Wear And Tear?

Questions To Ask When Decluttering Clothes - A picture of fabric with a lot of different ink stains on it

When you’re decluttering your clothes, it’s always a good thing to take a close inspection of each one that you want to keep and make sure that it is in good condition.

Does it have stains?

Is it damaged?

Is the elastic worn out?

Make sure to inspect each article very carefully. Decide whether or not it has passed its expiration date. A lifeless piece can downgrade a look very fast if not styled appropriately.

Question 9: Do I Have Space To Keep It?

Questions To Ask When Decluttering Clothes - Shirts being hung on a rack that is packed tightly

Depending on why you’re decluttering your clothes, and why you might be sizing down your closet, you may want to ask yourself this question:

Do you have the space to keep this clothing?

For me personally, there was some clothing that I gave up because I just didn’t have the space. I loved it, it was in good condition, and while I wanted to keep it, I didn’t really need it.

And so, because I didn’t have the space for it, and favored other things more, I gave it up.

Question 10: Would Someone Love This More Than Me?

Questions To Ask When Decluttering Clothes - A woman who is happy and content about where she is in life

If you’re still running out of ideas on what to keep or toss, ask yourself if there is someone who would love the clothing more than you.

If there is, then think about giving it away. I can’t explain the rewarding feeling I receive when I pass down something that means more to someone else than me.

Consider a family member, donate to a local charity store, or give it away for free online.

Minimize Your Clothes With A Capsule Wardrobe

Something I did to keep a stylish and clutter-free collection is learn how to create a capsule wardrobe for myself.

I was able to find some staple pieces that worked well with me and worked well with each other. This way I am always able to count on what I own to look great and feel my best while adopting a minimalist attire.

It’s helped me so much on a number of things – not knowing what to wear, not taking a long time to get ready in the morning, and never feeling icky in the clothing I’m wearing.

I created a free capsule wardrobe guide for others to use to help create their own.

I give out a list of things to think about so it’s right for the individual and how to step by step go about setting your own.

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