• Slow Living 101: How To Start A Slow Living Lifestyle
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    Slow Living 101: How To Start A Slow Living Lifestyle

    Sometimes I feel like life is passing me by and it really made me interested in learning more about a slow living lifestyle. I move so fast sometimes, mentally and physically, that I feel I can’t catch my breath. Waiting tables for 15 years I always told my trainees one of the best ways to be faster is just to walk faster. I developed a habit of walking fast everywhere though. I am a huge proponent of time economy and being efficient… The problem with speeding through everything… The problem is it has been applied to all areas of my life and I am just too fast. Everywhere. I am…

  • how to journal about your grief / pick me up box
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    How to Start Journaling About Your Grief // Pick Me Up Box Tips

    “It’s been a year since I embarked on a grief journaling weekend, in the middle of nowhere, to start processing 12 years of built up prolonged grief that I had been holding inside me since my mom died…” Guest Article Written By: Felicia Bates, Pick Me Up Box I looked at my husband, asked him to take care of our almost 2-year-old daughter for 3 days, and drove to a small Airbnb in the country for solitude and grief processing. Other than over a decade of unresolved grief, I finally arrived to this milestone in my life after a year of therapy and reading The Grief Recovery Handbook. Making this…

  • self care after elections
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    Self Care After Elections // Tips and Resources

    Have you thought about how to practice self care after elections? I’ve seen a few posts about dealing with stress before election day, but waking up this morning, I realized that I needed to prioritize rest and mindfulness after an election. Whether or not your desired candidate wins, there is still a LOT to process after an election. Many people’s roles change and some stay the same. Even if your chosen candidates are elected, its possible to feel grief with ANY change—not just the changes you don’t want. For this reason, I pulled together a few resources that might be helpful after election day… Affordable Counseling Options As a reminder,…

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    How to Get Free Counseling // Free or Affordable Therapy

    I’m a firm believer that everyone should try therapy at some point. But the cost of therapy prohibits some people who need it from trying it out. I did some research and developed a list of free or super affordable options. Here’s how to get free counseling, including both free or affordable options. Benefits of Counseling Before I jump into free counseling options, I also want to talk about the benefits of therapy in general. Like I mentioned—I firmly believe that everyone should try therapy. I’ve been to therapy during several phases of my life, but the longest and most impactful phase was when I was in my twenties. I…

  • woman holding balloon // create tiny happiness
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    How to Create Tiny Happiness // 6 Tips

    What do you think of when you hear the phrase “create tiny happiness”? A while back, I made a video about “how to be happy”, and while I think that the tips addressed how to find more contentment, I also think “how to be happy” or the idea of being happy in general is overused and misunderstood. You’re not going to be happy all the time. And there’s a reason for it—your brain needs the highs and lows in order for you to comprehend relative positive and negative experiences. One thing I think most articles miss when talking about how to create tiny happiness and contentment is something that I…

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    Therabox Unboxing // Self Care Subscription Box Review

    This week, I’m doing a Therabox unboxing. If you want to catch this self care subscription box review, check out the video below! –> Try the Therabox Self Care Subscription Box Therabox Unboxing: Packaging Just like my Hopbox unboxing review from Cratejoy, this the Therabox packaging was adorable. The contrast is really low and the printing wasn’t as intricate as the Hopebox, but I still found it very sweet and endearing. Recommended reading: Hopebox Unboxing   Therabox Unboxing Items Review There were fewer items in the Therabox self care subscription box, but I’ll start by saying… They were much higher quality than what I got in my Hopebox. Not only…

  • self care for extremely busy people
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    Self Care Guide for Extremely Busy People // 5 Tips

    Recently, I’ve been extremely busy, which is why I’ve been thinking about what a self-care guide for extremely busy people would look like. I have a full-time job, I’m working on growing my YouTube channel, and I’m focusing on my blog. And I’m 100% committed to these things every week—which means I’ve been spending a lot of time working. And even though I’m passionate about all of these things—no one is making me do them—I still feel overwhelmed sometimes. So, since I’ve been writing a lot about self-care recently, I realized that due to my limited time, I needed to start thinking about how I could personally incorporate more self-care…

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    BetterHelp Online Therapy Review // I Tried Online Counseling

    For years, I went to therapy every week and I gained so much from it—but I never thought I’d try online therapy until recently. I decided to give BetterHelp Online Therapy a try and review it and…I have a lot to say after my own experience and reading Betterhelp reviews. If you’ve ever been interested in online therapy, I’d recommend trying BetterHelp due to their low cost and low commitment. (Disclaimer: I get a referral fee if you use my link). Get the full scoop in the video! Note: I am an affiliate of BetterHelp. After trying it out and reading other people’s BetterHelp reviews, I thought this was something that…

  • what is self-care
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    What is self care, and why is it important?

    What is self care and why is it important? The topic of self care comes up everywhere these days—and…you might have noticed the self care checklist included on my site 😉 But, I have to admit that while the concept seems simple enough, I’m still exploring and learning about self care and what it mean for me in my life. The idea of caring for oneself might sound indulgent or “fluffy”, but I assure you that based on my own practice and doing a lot of research, its actually crucial for your health. Not only that, but it’s also very simple. Practicing care can be achieved with just a few…

  • hopebox cratejoy subscription box
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    Hope Unboxing // Cratejoy Subscription Box Review

    Cratejoy is the first ever Subscription Box marketplace—meaning a website that offers many, many subscription ox options. Its also a resource for people who create their own subscription boxes. So, I was really looking forward to this Cratejoy unboxing! Click here to check it out!     This week I reviewed my first box ever from Cratejoy called the “Hopebox”. I was looking for boxes that dealt with self care or self improvement ad this one seemed to fit the bill. Watch the video below to get the full scoop! Recommended reading: Therabox Self Care Subscription Box Review So here are some of my thoughts about the box. Cratejoy Unboxing…