• Slow Living 101: How To Start A Slow Living Lifestyle
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    Slow Living 101: How To Start A Slow Living Lifestyle

    Sometimes I feel like life is passing me by and it really made me interested in learning more about a slow living lifestyle. I move so fast sometimes, mentally and physically, that I feel I can’t catch my breath. Waiting tables for 15 years I always told my trainees one of the best ways to be faster is just to walk faster. I developed a habit of walking fast everywhere though. I am a huge proponent of time economy and being efficient… The problem with speeding through everything… The problem is it has been applied to all areas of my life and I am just too fast. Everywhere. I am…

  • How to Declutter Your Digital Space + Work Routine
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    How to Declutter Your Digital Space + Work Routine

    For the past few months, I’ve been making videos about minimalism and simplifying my life. I stopped making videos about every area I decluttered because I felt like it was getting really repetitive, but I recorded this video after the summary to the challenge and thought I should finally post it! Thanks for being patient through my 90 day hiatus – more on that in a later post… One of the reasons I started the minimalism challenge is because I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know why. The challenge was really about helping me get to the bottom of WHY I felt overwhelmed and burned out. I wanted more control over…

  • 12 Simple Tips Reduce Waste // Zero Waste Tips For Beginners
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    12 Simple Tips Reduce Waste // Zero Waste Tips For Beginners

    Want to reduce waste and save some money while doing it? Do you have a lot of clutter in your life? What if you could reduce waste to help save money and kill two birds with one stone? That’s what today’s post is all about: reduce waste in your life and save money at the same time! 1. Don’t Throw Food Away I am personally guilty of this, especially with produce. To reduce waste with groceries I have made it a mission to simply make more frequent grocery trips. If throwing away produce is a problem for you as well, try and load up on frozen veggies which are healthier…

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    8 Exercises You Can Do in Your Car // Exercise In Car While Driving

    Do you commute daily and want to exercise in car while driving? I know exercises you can do in your card sounds ridiculous, but if you’re an 80s kid like me you remember that TV show Sit and Be Fit. Exercises that require minimal mobility are totally a thing! If you communicate 15 minutes or more per day, then exercises you can do in your car are perfect for you. Disclaimer: Cars weigh a million pounds and are giant death machines. Your priority in a car should always be driving, not being on your phone or trying to get a workout in. Exercise extreme precaution and be safe you guys.…

  • 7 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money in 2019 // Minimalist Ways to Earn and Save
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    7 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money in 2019 // Minimalist Ways to Earn and Save

    Are you trying to brainstorm on the best ways to earn extra money this year without getting a new job or breaking you back? I swept the web for you guys to cut back on your research time. Let’s catch up on our finances together with these easy ways to earn extra money in 2019. Written by: Melissa Reeves Ways To Earn Extra Money Make your money work for you. Any time you can earn money with the money you already have you should take advantage, and this does not mean you need to invest in the stock market. Switch your funds to a credit union with a higher interest rate,…

  • How to Save Money Without a Budget | 4 Tips on Minimalist Savings
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    How to Save Money Without a Budget | 4 Tips on Minimalist Savings

    Sometimes I am not a very organized person, so learning to save money without a budget is something I have always been interested in. Keep reading to find out my simple and slightly lazy strategy for saving money without a budget! Written by: Melissa Reeves Tip #1: It’s all About Lifestyle Changes I want to equate this to the idea that the best diet is about making a lifestyle change and not measuring food or limiting yourself. Similarly, learning how to save money without a budget is about lifestyle changes and creating better habits. Tip #2: Start in the Grocery Store Besides living costs like rent, groceries are our families number…

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    How to Live in a Car: Paring Down Drastically Adventure in Minimalism

    How to live in a car… Do you want to live in a car? Sounds like a promising beginning to a blog, right? I just want to premise this by saying that I am not suggesting this is for everyone or even that I would recommend it for everyone. The idea I really want to get across is suggestions on how you can get rid of so much that you could live in a car if you wanted to, or maybe just a Rv or whatever. If you want to learn how to live in a car, this is just a beginning. Written by: Melissa Reeves A Little Background When I…

  • Raising Minimalist Kids

    Raising Minimalist Kids: It Starts with Me

    As someone who loves simple and minimal living, I realized that raising minimalist kids starts with me. It all started with a vision, that led me to refocus on gratitude. And gratitude is contagious. Keep reading to find out how I passed along my minimalist values to my beautiful family. Written by: Melissa Reeves Vision for My Children I have always been interested in raising minimalist kids. I saw this video that went viral years ago–you’ve probably seen it. This kid opens up a gift and is obviously hiding disappointment as he expresses gratitude to his mom for the cutting board and knife that was just revealed. He lovingly says,…

  • how to journal about your grief / pick me up box
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    How to Start Journaling About Your Grief // Pick Me Up Box Tips

    “It’s been a year since I embarked on a grief journaling weekend, in the middle of nowhere, to start processing 12 years of built up prolonged grief that I had been holding inside me since my mom died…” Guest Article Written By: Felicia Bates, Pick Me Up Box I looked at my husband, asked him to take care of our almost 2-year-old daughter for 3 days, and drove to a small Airbnb in the country for solitude and grief processing. Other than over a decade of unresolved grief, I finally arrived to this milestone in my life after a year of therapy and reading The Grief Recovery Handbook. Making this…

  • self care after elections
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    Self Care After Elections // Tips and Resources

    Have you thought about how to practice self care after elections? I’ve seen a few posts about dealing with stress before election day, but waking up this morning, I realized that I needed to prioritize rest and mindfulness after an election. Whether or not your desired candidate wins, there is still a LOT to process after an election. Many people’s roles change and some stay the same. Even if your chosen candidates are elected, its possible to feel grief with ANY change—not just the changes you don’t want. For this reason, I pulled together a few resources that might be helpful after election day… Affordable Counseling Options As a reminder,…