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Building Your Colorful Capsule Wardrobe (What To Include And What To Avoid)

Before you start building your colorful wardrobe, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want.

Do you want to be able to wear your clothes in any season?

Are you looking for clothes that are versatile enough that they can be worn with different types of clothing?

Maybe you just want a closet full of bright colors!

Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to know what it is before we get started.

Every color has its own meaning and feeling attached to it, so choose wisely!

Once you’ve decided which colors you would like in your wardrobe, then comes choosing what type of material each piece will be made out of.

This may sound difficult, but no worries, I got you!

What Is A Colorful Capsule Wardrobe?

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - This is a closet. The closet is full with colorful clothes. The shirts are hanged. The hangers are made of steel. The brightest color of the clothes is yellow.

A colorful capsule wardrobe is one that uses a wide range of colors in many different combinations.

It is not just about wearing one color over and over again!

Colorful wardrobes are also not about matching everything.

While matching is great for some people, it can be overwhelming for others.

A colorful wardrobe is about having fun with your style and being confident enough to wear what you like, even if it doesn’t match!

If you’re new to fashion and you’re trying to figure out what a capsule wardrobe is, don’t worry.

You’re not alone.

Just remember that the key to getting the look right is finding a balance between bright, bold colors and softer ones like pastels or neutrals.

8 Things To Include In Your Colorful Capsule Wardrobe

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - In the picture, you can see a girl. She is wearing a brown and shirt. She is holding a notebook and a pen. Clothes can be seen on her background. The clothes are hanged.

When it comes to a colorful wardrobe, there are some basic rules of the game.

First, you need to know what color palette best suit you and how to wear that color.

When you wear color, your clothes should not clash.

Instead, they should complement each other and create a harmonious look that is all about your personal style.

Next, you need to understand how to mix prints. Mixing prints is all about creating a pattern that works together and makes sense on the whole outfit.

Finally, try out new trends when it comes time for an update!

You don’t have to buy something new every single time if it doesn’t work out the first time around but don’t let that stop you from trying new things either!

It’s all about experimenting until something clicks for both your closet and your style sensibilities so

If you’re looking to add some color to your wardrobe, but don’t know where to start.

I’ve got you covered.

Here are 8 things that should help you get your colorful wardrobe started:

1. A Bold Scarf

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - There are two girls. They are hugging each other. They are wearing scarf in their heads. They are also wearing patterned clothes. There are clothes in their background.

A scarf is one of the most versatile items you can have in your closet.

It’s great for keeping your neck warm, but it can also be used to make a bold statement.

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If you’re looking to add some color to your wardrobe, try a brightly colored or patterned scarf.

You can wear one as a headband or around your neck, or even around your waist as a belt!

2. Colorful Shoes

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - Ten persons can be counted in the picture. They had their left foot forward. They are all wearing jeans. They are also wearing different colors of shoes. The floor is made of bricks.

These days, there are a lot of ways to incorporate color into your wardrobe.

You could start by adding some colorful shoes to your wardrobe.

Whether you’re going for a bold red or a more subtle yellow, you can find some great options out there.

If you’re looking for something that will make you stand out at work and make the office more fun, try getting some snazzy heels or flats in bright colors.

If you want to do something more casual, then go for some colorful sneakers!

There are so many options out there, so it’s easy to find something that works with your style and budget.

3. A Patterned Top

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - A man can be seen in the picture. He has a short curly hair. His eyes are slightly closed. He is wearing a patterned clothes. The sun is up.

Patterns are a great way to add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe, but they can also be tricky.

If you’re not careful, they can end up looking too busy or overwhelming, but when done right, they can really make your outfit pop.

The key is to choose patterns that complement each other and don’t compete with one another.

A patterned top is a great way to brighten up your wardrobe, and it’s an easy way to make your clothes feel new again.

Here are a few ways that you can incorporate patterned shirts into your wardrobe:

  • Pair with a neutral bottom for contrast.
  • Find a shirt in a fun pattern that matches your personality
  • Wear it with a pair of dark jeans for an easy weekend outfit that you can wear anywhere!

4. A Bright Hat

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - A guy can be seen in the picture. He is wearing bright green clothes. His hat is bright orange. His car behind him has the same color of his clothes. He lifted his hands on his side.

A bright hat is an easy way to add some color to your wardrobe.

They’re great for spring and summer months, but they can also be worn in the fall and winter if you want to keep your head warm.

There are a lot of different types of hats out there, so finding one that suits your style shouldn’t be hard.

You can find them in any color imaginable, from hot pink to lime green.

Some even come with little bows on top or feathers sticking out!

If you’re looking for something more traditional, try a fedora or newsboy cap.

These types of hats tend to look good on just about anyone because they’re fairly neutral in color.

If you’re really feeling adventurous, try wearing a rainbow-colored hat!

This will definitely make people stop and stare at you as they walk by, but it’ll also leave them wondering where they can get one themselves!

5. Colorful Accessories

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - A woman can be seen in the picture. She is facing on her side. She is wearing white. She is also wearing many accessories. The accessories are made of beads.

A colorful wardrobe is one of the easiest ways to add some zest to your day.

But it can also be a little daunting when you’re just starting out, or if you’re feeling stuck in a rut with your style.

The trick is to start small.

Add an accessory here and there that makes you feel like yourself and express your personality, without feeling like too much risk or commitment.

A brightly patterned clutch will complete the look of a dark suit without being too obvious about it.

And then you can use the same clutch with jeans and heels for another night out on the town!

It doesn’t take much to bring some excitement into your life, whether it’s through clothes or accessories.

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The key is finding what works for you and not anyone else.

Then owning it with pride!

6. A Patterned Dress

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - A woman is walking on a corrigedor. She is wearing a patterned dress. Her hair is in a ponytail. She’s facing her right. She is wearing make-up.

When it comes to adding patterned dresses to your wardrobe, the possibilities are endless.

From stripes to polka dots, florals and checks, there are so many fun ways you can incorporate a patterned dress into your look.

The best part about this kind of piece is that it’s not just for work or formal occasions; you can wear it any time you want!

Whether you’re headed out on a date or running errands on the weekend, you can always find a reason to slip into a patterned dress.

The great thing about this classic piece is that it works with almost any color palette.

So whether you’re going for a monochromatic look or want something more colorful, there are plenty of options available.

7. A Bright Pair Of Pants

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - A woman is the subject of the picture. She is facing her left side. She’s wearing a green top. Her jeans are blue. The background is pink.

Pants are a must-have to your capsule wardrobe, and they can be a great way to add some color.

A bright pair of pants can really make an outfit pop, and they’re also a great way to make sure you stand out at work or school.

If you’re not used to wearing bright colors, try starting off with a pair of khakis.

Khakis are usually pretty safe and easy to wear, but they can still add some fun color to your life!

8. A Colorful Blazer

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - Three ladies are in the picture. Their hair are all black. The first lady is wearing blue blazers. The middle is wearing a green one. And the last lady is wearing purple blazers.

You can never go wrong with a colorful blazer.

It’s an easy way to add some color to your outfit, and it’s also a great option for when you’re feeling like wearing something more formal than usual.

A colorful blazer is also perfect for dressing up an otherwise casual look.

You can wear it with jeans and sneakers, or even with a pair of skinny pants if you want!

It is also a great way to add some pop to your outfit.

They’re also a good way to make a statement without being too loud, which makes them a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

5 Things You Should Not Include In Your Colorful Capsule Wardrobe

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - This is a closet. The furniture is colored white. There are clothes hanged inside. The clothes are bright colored. The right side of the clothes have patterns.

It’s time to get colorful!

You’ve been working hard on your wardrobe, and now it’s time to add some bright, bold colors to your closet.

Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to your everyday look or make a statement with a bold, eye-catching piece.

There are some things that you should not include in your colorful wardrobe.

If you’re going for a colorful wardrobe, there are some things you should avoid.

Here are 5 things you should not include in your colorful wardrobe:

1. Plain Blacks And Plain Whites

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - You can see two hands in the picture. The left side hand is wearing a black coat. The other hand is wearing a white coat. The hands are about to have a high five. The background is yellow.

When you’re building a colorful wardrobe, it can be tempting to go all-out with your bold prints and bright colors.

This is actually one of the capsule wardrobe misconceptions.

But before you start buying up every rainbow piece of clothing you can get your hands on, remember:

Plain blacks and plain whites are just as important as the loud stuff.

Pairing black with white creates a timeless look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Just keep in mind that if you’re going for an all-black look, stick to darker shades like navy or charcoal, and don’t forget about those great black accessories!

White is also an essential part of any well-rounded wardrobe.

When worn correctly, white can make even the most striking print look subtle and understated.

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2. Other Neutral Colors

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - This is a closet. Clothes are hanged inside by a metal hanger. The clothes are arranged by color. Most of the clothes have neutral colors. Some clothes have patterns.

One of the most common mistakes people make when creating a color palette is to include too many neutral colors.

While it’s true that you need some neutrals in your wardrobe (black, white, and grey are always essential), you don’t need to have an entire drawer dedicated to them.

The problem with including too many neutral clothes in your wardrobe is that they can make your outfit feel boring.

They’re great for pairing with other pieces.

But if they’re the only thing in your outfit they’ll make it look like you just threw on whatever was handy instead of putting thought into what you were doing.

If this happens often enough, people will start to think that you don’t know how to dress properly.

Even worse, they might begin to think that you don’t care about what they think of how you look!

3. Redundant Patterns

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - A girl is the subject of the picture. She is wearing a dress. The dress has a polka dots design. She has a black tie on her left hand. Her hair is curly.

One of the most important things to consider when designing your capsule wardrobe is whether you’re using patterns in a way that’s redundant.

For example, if you’re wearing a polka-dot shirt and a polka-dot skirt.

You might not be making the most of your wardrobe.

While they’re both adorable pieces, they share the same pattern, so they don’t really stand out as individual pieces.

If you want to include multiple patterns in one outfit, try adding more than one color or texture to each piece.

That way you can mix and match different prints for different outfits!

4. Things You Find Hard To Match With Others

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - A man is the subject of the picture. His clothes are on bright orange. He has his left hand on his head. His legs are slightly bended. He is inside his house.

When you’re in the mood for some color, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying everything that catches your eye.

But then you start to realize that there are certain things that don’t really go with anything else in your closet.

And they’re hard to match with others.

Here are some examples of clothes that are hard to match:

  • Bright orange
  • White pants
  • Bright reds

5. Clothes That Are Too Tight or Too Loose

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe - There are two women in the picture. The woman on the left is a tailor. She is recommending a clothing to the woman on the right. There are both holding a black cloth. There are other clothes behind them.

If you’re someone who likes to wear tight-fitting clothes, there’s no need to worry.

There are types of clothes that fits a petite body type.

It’s not a bad thing, but there are some things you should be mindful of.

First of all, make sure that your clothes are not too tight.

It may seem like this is obvious, but you don’t want to put yourself at risk for skin irritation or even nerve damage when wearing clothes that are too tight.

Second, if you find yourself getting overheated easily, it might be because the material isn’t breathable enough for you.

This means that you will be more likely to sweat and feel uncomfortable in your clothes if they’re too tight or too loose on your body type!

Design Your Own Capsule Wardrobe Now!

Are you looking for a way to plan your capsule wardrobe on your own?

Do you want to create a wardrobe that reflects your style and personality, but you don’t know where to start?

Then look no further.

I am here for you.

I created a guide to creating your own capsule wardrobe.

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