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Curly Girl Party – Products and Notes!

I’m posting this on my website because I think it would be nice to have for anyone who wants to reference it. For those who don’t know, I had a curly hair party! I reached out to Jessicurl and they gave me tons of samples to give away, and we have some great discussion and tutorials. (This post is not sponsored!)


I was so grateful to Jessicurl for their generous donation. For more information about the samples I gave out, in case you forget, check out their website. Each product is described in detail! Jessi also explains why she developed each product, which is kind of fun to read.

Flax Seed Styling Stuff:

Meghan made us a great styling product for everyone to try. The recipe is as follows: (keep watch for updates in case I get corrected)

  • 1/4 cup to 4 cups of flax seed
  • Boil for a half hour (?) and then cooled.
  • After it cools, strain the flax seeds out and you are left with a clear-ish goo
  • Add lavender essential oil to masque the flax-seed’y smell

Curly Hair Salon in Houston

I get my hair cut at Planet Curls in Houston Heights. The price is comparable to other salons but they ONLY cut curly hair. Charlie cut mine, but everyone there has great reviews online. Highly recommend for my curly girls!

Other Miscellaneous Products Recommended

Besides the amazing Jessicurl products (I am not getting paid to say this), we discussed several other great products.

  • Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray
  • Lush Dry Shampoo
  • Coconut oil (but it at Indian grocers for more affordable options!)
  • Henna hair dye (Aisha’s near Hilcroft next to Bismala)
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That is all. Did I forget anything? Let me know! Or comment on Facebook! Thanks to everyone that came, and to Meghan for being a rockstar!

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