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How To Enjoy To Cleaning Your Home: Turn Chores Into Joyful Activities

Hey! Yes, you!

Do you want to change your daily cleaning routine at your home?

(Well, I’ve got you!)  

I used to dread cleaning my home. I avoid it as much as possible and only do the bare minimum. But over time, I realized that cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore.

With this how-to declutter your house fast, you can make a more revolutionized cleaning routine at home!

I’ve found joy in cleaning my home by changing my mindset and incorporating enjoyable activities into my routine. 

In this article, I’ll share tips on how to shift your mindset, make cleaning a regular part of your routine, and even have fun while doing it.

Let’s get started and be ready to get sweaty and dirty hands!

Mindset Shift: Modifying Your Cleaning Thoughts

cleaning stuff beside a plant in a flower vase

Cleaning can be daunting, especially if you view it as a chore. 

However, changing how you think about cleaning can transform it into an enjoyable activity. 

You’ve gotta think fast and innovate; these quick decluttering tips can help you too.

Here are some tips for shifting your mindset:

Recognizing Negative Thoughts And Reframing Them

To start changing your thinking, you must first become aware of negative thoughts about cleaning. 

Do you think “I hate cleaning” or “This is so boring” when you’re tidying up? 

Don’t be frustrated, and apply things to make you enjoy when you are cleaning!

These thoughts can make the task feel like a chore and drain your motivation. Instead, try reframing those thoughts into more positive ones. 

For example, you could tell yourself, “Cleaning may not be my favorite activity, but I enjoy the feeling of a clean home,” or “I can turn on my favorite music and make cleaning fun.”

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Or turn a tv and watch a favorite musical play, then sing and dance while cleaning. 

There is no right or wrong.

Do your own thing and enjoy!

Focusing On The Benefits Of Cleaning

Another way to change your mindset is to focus on the benefits of cleaning. Cleaning your home can bring a sense of accomplishment and improve your overall well-being. 

A clean home can reduce stress, improve air quality, and even help you sleep better. Try focusing on these benefits instead of the work itself.

Visit for more info on my decluttering and stress that may give you another perspective on handling stress.

Finding Joy In The Process, Not Just The Result

Lastly, finding joy in cleaning can help you enjoy it more. Instead of focusing on the result, try to appreciate the process of tidying up. 

Enjoy wiping down counters, folding clothes, or vacuuming floors. You can also make the process more enjoyable by incorporating the tips from the next section.

In the end, you’re tired but also fulfilled.

Who doesn’t want a clean home far from the common sickness or allergies you may get and your kids too?

(All we want is that!)

Clean and comfortable surroundings.

Make memories and declutter inspirations that you may look back on in the future.

Making Cleaning A Part Of Your Routine

One of the best ways to enjoy cleaning your home is to make it a routine. 

This motivation for decluttering can help you engage yourself in cleaning at home.

By doing so, you’ll avoid the stress and overwhelmed of leaving cleaning tasks until the last minute. 

Here are some tips for making cleaning a part of your routine:

Creating A Cleaning Schedule

a notebook and pen held by a woman to write down some pointers

Your ability to maintain organization and be on track with your cleaning tasks. Start by breaking down your cleaning tasks daily, weekly, and monthly. 

For example, you might wipe down surfaces and do laundry daily, deep clean the bathroom once a week, and vacuum and dust every month.

Write out your cleaning schedule and keep it visible to remind you what tasks must be done.

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(You can write it in your notebook or a bullet journal self-care if you have one so you will stay aware of your tasks.)

Breaking Up Tasks Into Manageable Chunks

a notebook for logging the details held by a woman

Breaking cleaning tasks into smaller, manageable chunks can make them feel less overwhelming. 

Instead of tackling your entire home in one day, focus on one or two rooms at a time. 

You can avoid decluttering mistakes when you’re not doing tons of tasks at the same time.

For example, you might clean the kitchen and living room on Monday, the bedrooms on Tuesday, and the bathrooms on Wednesday. 

You’ll feel more accomplished and motivated by breaking up tasks.

Start by prioritizing smaller tasks to more significant tasks so you won’t get overwhelmed.

(Remember to take it slowly and only force yourself to if you have insufficient energy.)

Incorporating Enjoyable Activities While Cleaning

kids painting eggs on the table

Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. You can make it more enjoyable by incorporating activities you love. 

For example, you might listen to your favorite music or podcast while cleaning or diffuse essential oils to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

You can also turn cleaning into a social gathering by enlisting the help of friends or family help or keeping each other accountable.

Tips For Making Cleaning Fun

Cleaning can be a mundane task, but there are ways to make it more enjoyable.

Especially when you do a one-day declutter in your home at any point, you’ll get bored and feel burned out. 

Here are some tips for making cleaning fun:

Turning On Music Or A Podcast

a brown speaker on the white floor

Playing your favorite music or podcast while cleaning can make time faster and complete the task more enjoyable. 

Create a cleaning playlist or find a podcast you love and dedicate it to your cleaning time. 

You might look forward to cleaning to listen listen to your preferred music or catch up on your favorite podcast episodes.

Using Aromatherapy Or Essential Oils

essential oils in a different canister

Aromatherapy can positively impact your mood and emotions, and essential oils are a great way to incorporate aromatherapy into your cleaning routine. 

The essential oil should be added to your cleaning products or diffused in your home while you clean. Lavender, lemon, and peppermint are all great options for cleaning.

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You can, too, if you have a humidifier at home, but beware of your dogs or cats. It must be an oil that they can safely breathe and does not harm them.

Also, if it is reachable by them, for the safety of your dog, cats, and other pets around your home.

Getting The Family Involved

a mother and daughter helping each other in cleaning the house

Cleaning can be a family activity, and getting everyone involved can make the task more enjoyable. 

Assign your children or partner age-appropriate cleaning tasks and work together to complete everything. 

A must-try idea!

(Your kids might learn the task you usually do at home. But I think it’s going to be challenging for them and you.)

Use this cleaning time as a chance to spend time with your kids by doing something meaningful for the two of you.

Take your time and enjoy them being involved in the process!

You can turn cleaning into a game or challenge to make it more fun.

Trying New Cleaning Products Or Methods

different kinds of cleaning products

Trying new cleaning products or methods can make cleaning more interesting and exciting. 

Experiment with homemade cleaning solutions or try out a new cleaning gadget. You might even discover a new favorite cleaning product or method.

Incorporating fun activities into my cleaning routine made the task more enjoyable. 

By turning on music or using essential oils, I created a relaxing atmosphere while I cleaned. 

Trying out new cleaning products or methods kept things exciting and prevented me from getting bored.

Transform Chores to Joy: Turn Your Home Cleaning Into Fun With Our Tips!

Ready to have a game changer in your home?

Say no more with my tips!

In this article, we’ve discussed how to shift your mindset, make cleaning a regular part of your routine, and even have fun while doing it. 

Changing how you think about cleaning and incorporating enjoyable activities into your routine can transform cleaning from a chore to a positive experience.

Download my declutter for a self-care checklist to help improve the effectiveness of your cleaning regimen. 

This checklist can organize your home, lessen stress, and foster a calmer atmosphere. 

The checklist includes sections on brainstorming, getting started, focusing inward, focusing outward, maintenance, and results. 

By decluttering your home, you’ll have a cleaner space and feel calmer and more centered.

Decluttering my home has positively impacted my overall well-being.

By reducing the amount of clutter in my home, I feel more organized and less stressed. 

I also have more time and energy to focus on other activities that bring me joy.

Start your journey to a safer, healthier, and more peaceful living environment today!

Thank you for reading, and happy cleaning!

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