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    Building Self Esteem, Confidence and Honoring Intuition // Live Event Recap

    I was invited to speak live in  a Facebook group, where I covered Building Self Esteem, Confidence and Honoring Intuition through sharing the most transitional 7 years of my life.     I discussed how to make difficult changes, accepting transformation and how to utilize and practice self care and I broke it down into three phases… Phase 1: Building Self Esteem Phase 2: Building Confidence Phase 3: Honoring Intuition A lot of what I shared in this event are things I’ve shared in the past through various articles, so below, I’m going include 1) references to the full story whenever possible and 2) any resources that viewers may find…

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    Sorry I’m Not Sorry: A Critique of SCOTUS, Hobby Lobby and Mainstream Christianity

    By: Kevin Mack My turn. I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I just couldn’t hold back anymore. This impacts of the SCOTUS decision are yet to be seen, but even before thinking about those, the issue itself is composed of 12 issues (that I can see): gender discrimination, the education system, the health care system, insurance costs, separation of church and state, income inequality, the working poor, plutocracy, religious freedom, corporate greed, corporate entity, and the (corrupted) judicial system (and appointee process). It’s nearly impossible to talk about one of these without talking about the other 11, and I probably missed some issues. What I’ve seen from most Republicans (I’ll just generalize…

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    Hurting When God Doesn’t Heal

    Written by: Loni Capshew Several years ago, my husband and I were part of a group of several other couples right around our age (upper 50s and early 60s) who met each Sunday evening for a hearty potluck meal at one house or another. We naturally came together as a small community of love and caring, doing anything and everything we could to ease the burden for one another. So it came to be that one evening four or five ladies and I were sitting around in a small, comfortable conversation area at hostess’s home one evening when one of the group, Elaine, a quiet one who rarely spoke up,…

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    Lessons From Fantasies and How to Grieve Them

    Written By: Anonymous When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time in my head. I was a master at creating elaborate fantasies, especially for my Barbie doll. I had a very vivid imagination. It’s easy to blame Disney or Hollywood, but what it came down to is I was looking for an escape from my current reality. I was a scared little girl. I grew up in a home where no one really knew how to communicate with one another, effectively, healthily, or appropriately. We knew how to yell. We knew how to criticize. We knew how to bend the truth (aka lie). We practiced for…

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    Raising a Jewish child…with a touch of Christmas magic

    A great post from a friend, who writes about gay parenting and adoption. “It has been said that adoption is more like a marriage than a birth: two (or more) individuals, each with their own unique mix of needs, patterns, and genetic history, coming together with love, hope, and commitment for a joint future. You become a family not because you share the same genes, but because you share love for each other…no matter your race, sexual orientation, gender.”

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    Tools for Manifesting Change in Your Life

    By: Melanie Masterson. There have been times in my life where I was not happy with the circumstances. Recently, I experienced a bout of unemployment. And prior to that, I was single for a long stretch. Sometimes I felt so powerless putting in effort to no avail. I brought in some ways to connect to The Universe to bring in the situations I desired and finally things started to move in a positive direction. When I was single and felt like I was ready for a relationship I used manifesting techniques to help with that. I eventually met a man that really seemed to be what I wanted. I just…

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    Learning Contentment As a Single Mom

    By: Kelly Elias  Contentment is something that I really struggle with as a single mom. Well, lets just lay it all out there… As a single mom, as a mother of two very energetic boys, as a full-time teacher and coach, as someone with papers to grade on my own time, as someone with limited income, as someone with dinners and lunches to make and laundry… Well, you get the picture. I’m a diner at a buffet who has filled her plate to excess and now can’t get it back to the table. In my faith, I am told to find contentment in my current state and not to worry…

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    Listening To Your Gut

    By: Melanie Masterson As my job search continues, I face many options for making money and sometimes I just have to listen to my gut. Some jobs may be right for some people, but not right for me. We are each blessed with specific talents through our life experiences and sometimes we need to search to find the job that fits our particular personality. I have been waiting to hear back from an interview a couple weeks ago and in the mean time I was approached with a business opportunity due to a resume I posted on Craigslist. A women named Sierra called me and asked if I would like…

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    Don’t Miss These Messages From Numbers

    Have you ever seen 11:11 on the clock seemingly on a regular basis and wondered why? The Significance of 11:11 My journey with angel numbers started with this experience. I continued to wonder what it meant and one day I went to a workshop on consciousness at Centerpoint in Houston. The leader said when she was a child everyone thought she was crazy because she thought angels were communicating with her. She said she continued to see flashes of 11:11 in her head, so I asked her what it meant. She said the angels are trying to get your attention. If you google 11:11 you will find many sites referencing…

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    Breathing techniques for when you are having a mental breakdown.

    By: Melanie Masterson. As many of you have read in my earlier posts I am struggling with the whole job quest and the anxiety around what my new career will look like. I love yoga and I love teaching yoga but if anyone has ever struck out as a full time yoga teacher you quickly realize it is hard to support yourself at it. Most people need an additional income. That is what I am currently looking for. In the midst of this search I struggle with feelings of fear, ego deflation, inadequacy, anxiety, and restlessness. The anxiety sometimes grows into what feels like a mental breakdown at times. Here…