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The Minimalist Closet: 10 Style Tips

Keeping a minimalist closet doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable.

Not at all! On the contrary, minimalism can help you pull together a sharp, timeless style with much less stress, waste, and expense.

A minimalist wardrobe style involves being conscious of your outfit, but not obsessing over it. Just keep in mind the time, place and occasion when dressing up. Factor in your comfort as well. Then, follow the other styling advice below.

Style and fashion tips for the minimalist closet.

1. Stock the minimalist closet with clothes that fit well, neither too tight nor too loose.

Clothes that fit perfectly well will never go out of style and will always be comfy.

This is true for formal attire, business attire, streetwear and even sleepwear. Well-fitted clothes also improve how your figure looks.

Tailoring services are your best bet in ensuring well-fitting clothes. They’re not a cheap option, but the good news is that a minimalist wardrobe encourages you to invest only in a few articles of clothing. For instance, you may only have one tailor-made item for a jacket, dress shirt and slacks.

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2. Keep three white shirts: one round-neck, one V-neck and one button down.

White articles are basic components of a minimalist wardrobe style. You might want to skip white pants and jackets, though, and instead go for white shirts.

Such shirts are most ideal for casual wear. You can match a round-neck one with a necklace or a shawl. Even without an accessory, your V-neck shirt look great on top of your figure-hugging jeans. A button-down shirt can serve as business casual wear and streetwear.

3. Find the perfect black slacks.

Black slacks are versatile, but make sure you get a pair with the right cut, fabric and fit. Such pants go well with navy, white and gray dress shirts—whether they’re tank tops, tees or long-sleeves. They also complement ballet flats, pumps, brogues, loafers, chukkas and oxfords.

4. Find comfort in gray sweatpants.

If black slacks are ubiquitous in business settings, gray sweatpants rule residences, gyms and yoga centers. They are a timeless icon of comfort. You can sport a white top over your gray sweatpants for streetwear. For your winter apparel, you can also don a white sweater. A matching gray sweater is suitable as well.

5. When it comes to shirts, go solid or try out simple patterns.

In addition to white button-downs, you can also keep two more of different colors or patterns. Navy and gray offer a great match. You can choose shirts featuring two of the following colors: white, gray, black and blue. You
can find these on button-downs with patterns. Horizontal stripes are a popular choice, but if you want something more slimming, you might prefer shirts with vertical stripes instead.

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Windowpane patterns can also look minimalist, yet daring.

Animal and floral prints don’t really suit the minimalist wardrobe style. Even plaid, dot and checkered patterns appear too busy for a simple yet sophisticated outfit.

6. Invest in two chain necklaces.

Get one silver and one gold. One of them could be a curb chain, while the other could be a 1mm thick snake chain.
You can don the chain necklaces as they are, or you can spice them up with a detachable pendant.

You can keep around three pendants that are made from either precious stones or metals. An initial-bearing pendant is highly recommended.

7. Stay away from embellishments and ruffles.

One accessory should be enough for your outfit of the day. Women can rent or borrow a set of jewelries for a formal event.  For men, a wristwatch may be enough for a formal outfit. A sleek bow tie or necktie may be added as well.

Minimal accessories, whether on yourself or on your clothes, ensure that they don’t steal the spotlight away from you or from your overall look.

For normal days, a wristwatch is good enough for both men and women. A golden or silver bangle can also serve as alternative.

If you have clothes with excessive patchwork or embroidery, you can let them go. Instead, focus on a few articles that have seamless designs. For women, ruffled tops or dresses should go. The elaborate details are often a hit or miss anyway. Instead of having flowy and intricate clothes in your minimalist closet, consider investing in a hair styling service that will help you achieve those delicate-looking tresses on special occasions.

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8. Go outdoors with your khaki shorts.

You can’t go wrong with khaki shorts for an outdoor barbecue party or for a hiking trip. While you’re not expected to look chic on those occasions, having a comfy minimalist wardrobe style helps you enjoy those. Pair your khakis with sandals or gladiators unless you’re planning a physical activity like hiking or biking. For your outdoor adventures, choose a footwear that fits snugly. You can pick a brown or gray pair so they can match your shorts.

9. Get straight cut jeans that fit well.

Your favorite blue jeans have a place in a minimalist closet, but keep the cut simple. A straight cut is stylish for both men and women. A skinny cut may also be worth considering as long as it’s not too tight.

You can combine jeans with a tank top or a tee. Depending on the weather, you might want to add a blazer as well. For your footwear, you can pick sneakers or ankle boots. For women, you could also wear jeans with with ballet flats, gladiators, pumps and stilettos.

10. Aside from a suitcase, keep a versatile black bag.

Whether it’s a weekender, crossbody or messenger bag, you can use it for work or for light travel. When picking a bag though, one zipped pocket and two open ones should be enough. After all, having more pockets will prompt
you to keep putting in more things!

Don’t get too fond of bag organizers and pouches as well. You can just keep your wallet and a pouch for your personal care essentials.

One of the best things about minimalist wardrobe style is that it relies less on trendy details.

Yet, the looks you can create on a minimal theme can be timelessly fashionable. 

What are YOUR best tips for a minimalist closet? Let me know in the comments!

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