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Slow Living For Busy People / Steps To A Simpler Life

Today we will dig a little deeper into slow living and think about slow living for busy people…

Earlier this month we talked about slow living, what it is and what it is not. It does not mean doing everything as slowly as possible. It is not just about living simply.

What is slow living?

Slow living is an approach to life that emphasizes enjoying a higher quality of life by slowing down everyday activities.

To revisit our intro to slow living, check out our blog from earlier this month.

slow living for busy people - minimal and simple living

Why I Need Slow Living

Due to my career and multi-passionate interests, being fast has always been an asset.

Time economy is important to me and multitasking is a specialty of mine. Though it is usually a skill, my desire to be fast has over time increased my impatience. Most of my mistakes, in and outside of work, come from simply doing things too fast.

I get frustrated when my husband interrupts me while I am doing something else. I’m so focused on streamlining everyday tasks to be efficient that I miss things going on around me.

I get stressed out easily and have trouble focusing on one thing at a time.

I am tired of not making the most of my time, especially with my family.

I am only busy because I make myself feel so busy. So let’s talk about slow living for busy people.

Looking for a way fun way to practice more slow living?

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Slow Living For Busy People

Slow living for busy people at work.

I have implemented slow living at work by only focusing on one task at a time. I tend to make mistakes simply because I am too fast and focus on speed rather than being careful.

I work in customer service, and when focusing on a critical task sometimes I turn my phone off for 5 minutes to minimize distractions instead of worrying about multitasking.

I keep my space clean and organized. There are studies that show that clutter can cause stress. So I keep things neat and find it brings me great peace of mind.

I take breaks often in the form of walks around the block, or I will walk to grab lunch and clear my head or just get away from the screen.

When I eat I try not to eat while watching my screen either, as tempting as it is. It has become such a habit for me (and my family) to be entertained while we eat instead of focusing on our meal and each other.

Slow living for busy people at home.

Like at work, I declutter my space. Again, a cluttered space can actually cause mental stress. I am a proponent of the idea that if I need a storage solution I likely have a stuff-problem. If you find yourself constantly picking up, try paring down and get rid of more belongings.

All my kids’ toys can fit in a small toy box and they are capable of throwing everything in there on their own in just a few minutes.

I don’t choose my phone over my kids. I know this might sound obvious, but I can’t tell you how often I have been in the middle of reading or scrolling only to be annoyed when interrupted my kids’ need for attention.

If I play on Facebook it’s for about 20 minutes before bed after everyone has fallen asleep. Be intentional with your tech time instead of filling empty space and time with noise.

Or cut it out altogether and fill that 20 minutes with some stretching, quiet time or meditation.

Slow living for busy people in relationships.

I remember when me and my husband were earlier in our relationship how easy it was to just rent a bunch of movies and sit in front of the television all day. We ate in front of the TV, snuggled in front of the TV, and fell asleep in front of the TV which was right in front of our bed.

Now we prefer walks together or quiet snuggle time. If we choose background noise it is something slow, usually classical or instrumental instead of whatever is on the television. There are several days in a row now where the television stays off, and we are contemplating getting rid of it altogether.

Healthy habits of slow living for busy people.

As mentioned- no more eating in front of the television! Focus on your meal. Eat outside. Consider meal prep to make the rest of the week more simple, or batch cooking large meals and creating variety with seasoning choices.

Instead of trying to be efficient with cooking dinner, involve the kids. Be willing to get messy. Take your time and be engaged in the activity instead of thinking of it as another chore to check off the list.

Replace technology with activity! Get outside or be artistic.

TLDR: What now?

We need slow living for health, happiness and overall wellness. We need to slow down and be in the moment and focus on what really matters to us. Slow living for busy people is important at home, at work and for our health.

I want to challenge you to integrate slow living into your life today.

Download the minimalism challenge worksheet, and get started on slow and intentional living today.

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