• rebuild confidence after someone cheats and Rebuild Self-Esteem After Breakup
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    How to Rebuild Self-Esteem After Breakup When Someone Cheats on You

    If your boyfriend cheated on you: first of all, I’m sorry. Someone cheated on me before and it sucks. And that’s why I want to write this post… and hopefully help others rebuild self-esteem after breakup. When I was 14, my dad cheated on my mom, and then my first boyfriend ever cheated on me. Between those two experiences I had a pretty sorry impression of myself AND men. I grew up assuming all men cheated, and I lived my life in fear of being abandoned in every relationship I was in for a long time. As you can imagine…this thinking didn’t result in a ton of awesome relationships. Many…

  • how to be more confident
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    How to Build More Self Confidence // 5 Tips For Anyone

    It’s easy to live my life comparing myself to other people, which is why, for me, learning how to build self confidence was extremely helpful. Building self confidence has been a component of learning and practicing self-care, which is still pretty new for me. “Her thighs are thinner than mine.” “I’m not as smart as him.” “I’m not as talented as her.” “People don’t like me as much as they like…” When I don’t consciously STOP and think, my mind can get flooded by insecure thoughts and fears. But I’ve realized, especially recently, that I have a lot to have self confidence about and to feel self worth for. I’m…

  • how do you accept failure
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    What’s the Best Way to Overcome Failure

    The best way to overcome failure is to confidently know that 1) you’re not perfect at everything and 2) everyone experiences failure and 3) come up with a plan to attempt a different course of action. That’s truly the best we can all do. #1: Best Way to Overcome Failure – You’re Not Perfect The bottom line is that you’re not perfect—you are definitely going to make mistakes. But no matter how perfect you think someone else is, they make mistakes too. So, know that everyone else is just living their life like you are and doing the best they can. #2: Everyone Experiences Failure – Grow From It Again…no…

  • unexpected death - dealing with grief and losing my dad - alison reeves
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    How to Deal with Death – The Story of Losing My Dad

    My dad passed away unexpectedly a few years ago, and this year it hit me hard. I’ve been learning how to deal with death, and wanted to share my experience. I know this topic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but part of making videos consistently every single week is that…sometimes I have to make them about what is going on in my head. I didn’t make videos for over 2 years because so much had happened and I didn’t know how to write about it or white to say. This blog and YouTube channel is an outlet for me—so thanks for letting me share. When my dad passed away, I…