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10 Beginner Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

Taking care of what you own is an important part of daily living, and that also applies to your clothes.

When my husband and I were married, we had a lot of different ideas on how to take care of our clothes, and after a while, we settled down and found 10 beginner tips on how to take care of your clothes.

10 Beginner Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

Three Dresses hang drying on a laundry line. This is depicting how to properly take care of your clothes by hang drying instead of using a dryer.

1. Put Your Clothes Away Properly

Four different collared shirts are on a table, with each folded properly, ready to be stored - How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

One of the biggest things I learned early on was to store my clothing the right way.

I used to hang everything that I could, and just tried to cram everything in every drawer that I had.

I learned that not only did I have to get rid of some of my clothes, but it wasn’t the best way to store clothes.

When I hang something up, I always make sure to not keep things next to it jam-packed, so that it has air around it (to not get that stale smell).

I also make sure to invest in good quality hangers – If you have that habit of all your clothes hanging suddenly slip off their hanger, you know what I’m talking about.

PRO Tip: Don’t hang anything knitted or made of heavier material. If you do, you increase the chance for that item to stretch itself out.

Making sure your clothes are completely dry before putting them away is HUGE.

I always make sure to have everything dried to a tee. That way, I know that I’m not going to have to worry about any stale-smelling clothes in the future.

2. Immediately Do Something About Your Stains

White sheets are hanging outside on a clothesline drying - How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

The longer you wait to treat a stain on your clothes, the harder it will be to get out.

Most stains are actually pretty easy to treat. But, that is only if you treat them once the stain happens.

PRO Tip: Use some good laundry bar soap to help you remove the sweat stains around the collar or cuff areas.

Whether it’s a grass, ink, nail polish, or oil stain, you want to clean it up as quickly as possible.

3. When Doing Laundry, Protect Your Clothes

A leather jacket is half way zipped up - How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

When I first heard of protecting my clothing while doing laundry, I thought it was the stupidest thing I had ever heard.

But then I realized what exactly it meant and how easy it was.

Protecting your clothes just means making sure you do everything you can, so that they don’t wear out, or need to get repaired, any sooner than they should.

If you’re like me and wear button-up shirts, something simple you can do to protect your clothes is to button them up before putting them in the laundry.

This helps with the buttons not coming off and the shirt holding its form better.

The same works for zipping up zippers, whether that’s on jackets, jeans, or something else.

PRO Tip: Don’t overload your laundry machine. Your clothes need the space to be able to have water flow between each piece to properly get cleaned.

Something else I do is turn most of my clothing inside out when I wash it. That helps protect any printed design on the front of the shirt from wearing out faster than it should.

4. Wash Clothes Only When Dirty

A woman is putting dirty clothes into a washing machine - How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

Something I learned when I was wearing the same outfit for 21 days was that I didn’t need to wash my clothes every single time I wore them.

Going a few days wearing the same piece of clothing is actually okay to do.

When you wash clothes, especially with hot water, you break down the fibers of the clothing more quicker.

To put it more simply, the less you wash your clothing, the longer they will last.

I personally don’t wash my clothing until I know that they are dirty, or if I’ve worn them more than three days straight.

If they aren’t dirty, then don’t wash them.

PRO Tip: Even if they don’t seem dirty, undergarments, workout clothes, or anything else that you’ve sweated in should be washed after you used them.

5. Wash Similar Clothing Together

A row of laundry machines, with each one washing very similar things - How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

If you want to take care of your clothing properly, the best practice is to wash similar, and only similar clothing together.

If you’ve got blacks, then wash with all the other blacks.

Got whites?

Do the same.

When you wash all your whites together, you help keep their color, as washing them with other colors can cause them to become faded and look less-than-white.

PRO Tip: Dry heavier clothes, like jeans and towels, separate from lighter clothes. Drying them together can cause your lighter clothes to overheat and wear down the fabric since the heavier clothes need more time to dry.

6. Use Cold Water When Washing

A close up image of cold water splashing all over the place - How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

Using cold water whenever possible to wash all your clothing is the best way you can wash clothes.

When you use hot water, you are actually causing your clothing to shrink, break down its fabrics, and cause its colors to fade at a quicker rate.

The only time you would really want to use something more than cold water is if you are running a really dirty load of laundry through your washing machine.

PRO Tip: This also applies to drying clothing as well. Use a low heat setting or air dry your clothes whenever possible.

7. Use A Mild Laundry Detergent

A woman is pouring a mild laundry detergent into a washing machine - How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

Always go for a mild laundry detergent soap to clean your clothes with.

Something that is gentle on your clothes, that works well with cold-water washes, and gentle to your skin are all pluses.

When you do find a laundry soap that works well for you, make sure to not use too much.

Using too much laundry soap can cause residue to build up on your clothes. This will then lead to colors fading, fabrics weakening, and over time your clothes becoming ruined.

PRO Tip: Be careful to not use fabric softeners. Using them will also lead to residue buildup on your clothes, and cause your clothes to wear out sooner.

8. Find Ways To Protect Your Clothes

A hook rack is on a wall, with an apron hanging on the first rack - How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

Something I did a while ago was invest in a good pair of coveralls that I put on when I garden or do other work.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I enjoy going outside and getting ‘dirty’.

Whether it’s helping my husband with a mechanical issue, fist deep in the soil, or just doing something that I want to protect my clothes from getting too dirty, I just put my coveralls on.

PRO Tip: invest in a good apron that you can use when you’re cooking. Fewer stains on your personal clothes mean less work!

I also make sure to have one pair of old clothes I can put on if I need to. This was especially helpful when I was able to put them on for painting my house last year.

9. Repair Your Clothes When You Can

An older woman is sitting at a desk with a sewing machine and is mending some clothing - How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

Something I learned from a young age was how to sew. Nothing fancy, but it’s been helpful in allowing me to have my clothes last a lot longer.

Buttons can fall off at random times, and as long as you have some thread and a needle, you’ll be able to mend them quickly.

There have also been times when I’ve been able to mend small holes or rips in some of my clothes, and thus been able to extend its life.

PRO Tip: If you have dark-colored clothes, and their color is fading, use a dye bath to help bring back the color in them.

10. Invest In Better-Quality Clothes

A row of Levi Jeans are hanging on a rack - How To Take Care Of Your Clothes

I personally try to only invest in good brands, and quality clothes to wear.

Good brands are very cost-effective, as while you may pay more for it initially, you’ll save way down the road when it doesn’t become threadbare.

They’re also generally better fitting on people because there is a lot more detailed care going on when these brands are made.

PRO Tip: Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries in the world. Invest in a few good quality brands that will last, so that we all have less impact on the environment!

How To Take Care Of Yourself Through Your Clothes?

When you take care of your clothes, you’re actually taking care of yourself. One of the most important aspects of self-care is taking care of how you feel and in what you feel (like your clothes).

I created a simple little Self Care Checklist for anyone interested in taking care of their own personal needs first (so that they can invest in others so much more).

Check out my Self-Care Checklist below!

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