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How To Wear The Same Clothes Everyday (And Feel Good Doing It)

This article is for you if you’re like me and want to simplify your closet.

I’ve gone from having a massive wardrobe to creating capsule wardrobes for each season.

And it all started with the challenge of wearing the same clothes for 21 days for work!

With those in mind, I’ve come up with my version of a how-to-guide to create your own everyday clothing and more!

Benefits Of Wearing The Same Outfit Everyday

There are so many benefits that I’ve come to experience in wearing the same outfit every day.

However, I’ll nit-pick and choose what I believe is the most beneficial for this type of lifestyle.

Saving Your Mental Load

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - A woman sitting on a bench looking over the sunset

The fewer decisions to add to your daily life, you’ll generally have less stress.

I’m a BIG advocate of self-care and how to treat yourself properly.

Naturally, avoiding stress or minimizing it makes perfect sense for me.

(Who wants to experience stress constantly, right?)

Create More Time For Yourself

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - A woman sitting down while reading a book while holding a cup of coffee

Another benefit that ties in with mental strain is just putting less effort into decision-making.

On average, a person spends 17 minutes choosing what to wear for their day.

You can do a lot with those 17 minutes.

Imagine cutting down that in half or less than that since you already know what to wear.

Those small moments can significantly impact your daily life and make you more productive or have more time for yourself.

Practice Consistency

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - A woman extending both arms while on the beach

Having to wear the same outfit every day tends to leave a positive mark on your mental state.

Consistency is just one of many of those marks.

Having a routine to follow just makes everything easier and more efficient.

A consistent lifestyle gives more stability to our ever-changing world.

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(I’m all in on having that stable and consistent lifestyle)

Feel Good All Day, Every Day

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - a hand doing a thumbs up on a white backdrop

Feeling good about yourself every day can really brighten up your mood.

Not to mention having to wear the clothes you love, and having more time to do the more important things!

Your clothes fit and match great and are all your top picks.

(So there’s literally nothing you can say or think to negate that feeling)

An Iconic Look

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - Pieces of clothing on a bed with a pair of yellow flowers

Wearing the same clothes every day can become a trademark that people unconsciously associate you with.

Personally, my friends can’t imagine me wearing different articles of clothing that I normally don’t wear.

My staple look is a white-colored top and skinny jeans.

(It just works well for me, and I LOVE IT)

Like myself, there are MANY people who created their own look either on purpose or by accident.

More prominent members of society, such as the late Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk, have their iconic looks.

When they hear those names, their look and style automatically pop up, and they associate with them.

So when people associate your look with your staple pieces…that’s when you know you’ve created your iconic look.

How To Wear The Same Clothes Everyday (Step-By-Step)

Discover Your Personal Style

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - A picture of a woman that is pixelated

When thinking of creating your own dress code, you first must discover your personal style.

Only then can you manage to wear the same clothes over and over again without thinking it will bore you in the long run.

The concept of discovering your personal style ties in with everything you do on a daily. It’s like creating your own dress code that is only for you for all occasions.

(Whether it’s going to work, hanging out with friends, or just going out to enjoy the day)

Your personal style will help you piece the puzzle slowly and let you choose what you love to wear.

Pick Comfort And Quality (Always!)

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - A woman lying down on a couch

Once you understand your personal style better, it will be easier to choose what articles of clothing to keep for good.

From plain to vibrant colors, it’s all up to you!

(As long as you know that you’ll never grow tired of what you chose)

Quality pieces of clothing are a must as having the same items of clothing every day may take a strain on your clothes.

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So always choose quality clothing and get that bang for your buck.

As for comfort, I think it’s already self-explanatory.

(But let’s expand on this nonetheless)

Choosing comfortable clothes paired with quality ones keeps you from not getting bored of your selection.

Getting bored of what you chose means that the ones that you picked may not be the right ones that fit your personal style down the line.

Add An Extra Pair Of The Same Clothing (Especially Tops!)

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - Tank tops that are organized from white to darker shades

It’s ok to add an extra pair or two of the same clothing if you’re not a fan of washing the same shirt or blouse every night.

That goes, especially if you go out daily for work.

(I’ve tried having only one article of clothing for my top, and I simply didn’t have the time to wash it every night.)

Try Different Shades Of A Color

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - a man sitting down wearing different shades of orange from top to bottom

Something to spruce up your selection is to add different shades of the color you love.

(A lighter or darker shade of your favorite color would be ideal)

This way, it gives you more options to mix and match your wardrobe without changing too much of your dress code.

Don’t Forget To Accessorize

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - Different type of accessories

My last tip for this how-to-guide in wearing the same outfit every day is not to forget about accessories.

It may just be one, two, or even three staple pieces of accessories that you love wearing.

(I wouldn’t be caught dead outside without my watch, necklace, and bracelet!)

And if you’re someone who loves accessories and would normally have a hard time parting with some of them, I get you.

That’s why I asked myself how to correctly choose what accessories to keep in my wardrobe.

What You Will Learn After Wearing The Same Clothes Every Day

I’ve learned my fair share of lessons after my previous experiment on wearing the same clothes every day.

And these are the most important ones that I’d like to share with you.

(You’ll be surprised how they can impact your life)

Proper Care Of Clothing

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - Tools to fix your clothes like needles, yarn, and scissors

With such a minimal amount of clothing to work with, I’ve learned to take good care of my clothes.

And so would you.

Choosing quality clothing is a plus, yes.

But if you don’t take care of your clothing, it won’t last as long as you intend.

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So you’ll be more mindful of what you should or shouldn’t do with your clothing.

The more you take care of your clothes and the longer they will last, you’re saving money.

You can use the money for more important things and give you a sense of responsibility that you should follow.

(Or else continue spending on more clothes.)

Small Details Start To Matter

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - A sign that says "change"

There’s always a way to give variety to what you wear, even if it’s the same outfit.

Subtle changes like changing your makeup for the day, not wearing an accessory you used yesterday, and so on.

These things start to matter as it gives you more options with the limited articles of clothing to work on.

(You can even make it a game for yourself and have fun with it!)

Variety is the key and it all ties with the small details that you gradually notice over time.

I usually blame my outfit if I don’t feel good wearing them.

(That was before I began my journey to minimalism)

However, wearing the same pieces of clothing allowed me to notice that my inner garments were also affecting my mood or my outward appearance in one way or another.

These small changes allowed me to try out new things and incorporate slight and subtle changes that I ultimately became content with what I chose to wear for that day.

Incorporate Minimalism Into Other Things

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - A person wearing black walking on a backdrop of white

Once you’re comfortable with wearing the same outfit every day, you start to look for things to improve.

If you’re happy with your clothing, then maybe you will incorporate a more minimal approach to the things that surround you.

It can be from having several pieces of furniture to just the essentials.

(On which, realistically, is all that matters)

Having an excess of things can start to create clutter in your home.

You might decide to get a quality curling iron, then go for a cheaper one that doesn’t last as long.

Minimalism is a lifestyle change that can benefit your life and self-care more so than you think.

Know What Suits You Best

How To Wear The Same Outfit Everyday - A woman wearing nude colors as well as nude accessories

After creating your iconic outfit, it’s only natural that you’ll start to see what looks good on you.

With this, you can create even more outfits and styles for your wardrobe.

I’ve created a capsule wardrobe guide for this sole purpose as more of a guideline, but it doesn’t hurt to check it once or twice just to be sure.

You will be able to gain confidence in trying out more looks because of how easily you can see yourself either wearing that outfit or not.

Why You Should Create Your Own Capsule Wardrobe Now

Being able to bring minimalism into clothing has several benefits, as mentioned earlier.

There’s really no excuse to start now and improve your lifestyle if you’ve been delaying for so long.

Click the link down below and get a free capsule wardrobe guide that you can use to build your own iconic look.

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