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Learning How to Create a Vision Board Notebook: 5 Steps

What exactly is a vision board, and should you learn how to create a vision board notebook?

A vision board is a visual representation of the things that you plan to achieve and help you improve your life.

Essentially: your visualizing what you want makes manifesting what you want easier, because you know your direction.

You can use visualization when you can’t say the exact words that you want to say. A vision board usually contains pictures and words that represent the goal that you want to achieve. You’ll usually have a particular time frame in mind, or focus on a time in your life.

Vision Board Goals

You can set any goal and any time frame on your vision board.

The notebook version of the vision board is smaller in size.

The thing I’ve LOVED about a notebook: you can bring it anywhere with you.

Instead of putting pictures on a big board, you can decorate the pages of your notebook. You can set a goal for each page or set of pages along with the time that you want to accomplish it. You may put a set of pages devoted to finances, travel, health, job, and others.

Don’t aim for something like owning riches beyond compare within six months if you aren’t able to visualize it.

Your goals will increase incrementally as your belief increases that you’ll achieve them. If you are new to setting goals and dead set on achieving them, you may want to start with small goals. That way, your motivation and desire to set bigger goals will increase when you witness the fulfillment of those small goals.

Make sure to set goals that you can achieve using your current abilities. Y

You may need to learn new skill sets to achieve the goals that you won’t be able to accomplish given your current skills.

It is not that difficult to learn how to create a vision board notebook, but you need to set clear, achievable goals first before you start cutting the picture you need.

Creating a Notebook Version of the Vision Board

When setting your goals, you may want to say a little prayer to give you guidance. Once you have clear goals in mind, you’re ready to make your own vision board. You need the following materials:

  • Glue, glue sticks, or other adhesives
  • Scissors
  • Notebook
  • An assortment of magazines

Here are the steps that you need to follow when creating your vision board notebook.

1. Go through the magazines and look for pictures and words that best describe the particular goal that you want to visualize.

You can begin cutting the pictures and words that you want to put in your notebook.

If your goal is to own a car, you can cut the picture of that particular car model to motivate you even more.

The same goes for the place where you want to live, the type of house you want to live in, the career you want to pursue, and others. You also need to cut out the word or words that best describe your goal. You can cut out as many pictures as you like. Choose the ones you prefer best when you begin sorting out and pasting.

2. Look at the pictures and words that you cut out and pick the ones that tell you that they are the right choices.

Feel each picture or word and rely on your intuition to guide you in choosing the most appropriate pictures and words that best describe the goal that you want to visualize. Set aside the ones that you did not choose. You may still need them for the other goals that you have in mind.

3. Start laying the pictures and words.

Get your notebook and paste the pictures and words for a particular goal on the page of your notebook.

Each page or set of pages must contain one goal.

Make sure that the pictures and words are meant for the goal that you have set for that particular page or set of pages.

4. If you are satisfied with the layout, you can start pasting the images and words.

You can use any adhesive to keep the pictures and words in place and make sure to secure them firmly on each page. You may also include your own picture or drawing if you can’t find an image that can best describe that particular goal.

5. Carry your vision board notebook around.

You need to always see your vision board to serve its purpose well. Seeing it always can keep you motivated to do everything you can to reach your goals.

Also, you will be able to keep track of the time frame that you have set in accomplishing the goal.

It is important to set realistic, actionable goals. I don’t want you to aim too low and create goals that feel too simple or easy. But it is also foolish to set a goal that’s impossible to reach.

Key to Successful Vision Board

Your vision board must be able to motivate you and make you feel happy each time you look at it. In this regard, it is important to make it aesthetically appealing.

This ensures you ENJOY having the vision board in your space.  You want to look at it time and again.

You may want to choose a more expensive notebook to use as your mini vision board. Although buying a cheaper notebook is not against the rules.

It really does not matter what type of notebook you use as long as you like it, and won’t be afraid to take it out anywhere when needed.

Take it out whenever you feel like you want to be reminded of your goals or you have another goal you wish to accomplish.

Scribble some words for use later. The words guide and inspire you later when filling up the page with pictures and words.

Have Fun

Have fun while doing your vision board.

Don’t force yourself in setting goals that other people are suggesting to you.

The goals are something personal. Only you should be the one making decisions regarding the things that you want to accomplish.

When you are having fun while doing your vision board, you will be able to imbue positive feelings to your work. That positivity returns to you each time you look at your vision board notebook.

Remember to always choose clear pictures and words when making your vision board.




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