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Size 12 Shorts for Women // Mini Summer Amazon Haul

Are you struggling to find flattering size 12 shorts for women?

Well, I was too and decided to buy a bunch from Amazon and have myself a good old fashioned Amazon haul.

(Okay, mini haul).

For ages, I hated my legs and wouldn’t wear anything that showed them.

They’re thick.

They rub together.

I’ve never had thigh gap?

But you know what?

I look heckin’ fine and I’m ready to try on some shorts, look cute and be comfortable.

I tried on 5 pairs of shorts from Amazon, and at the end I also showed a pair of shorts. Below are links and brief descriptions of all the products I purchased:

size 12 shorts for women from Amazon

Choosing Shorts

First, I’ll start by mentioning what kinds of shorts I chose and why.

You might have read my recent post about trying out (and loving) a minimalist wardrobe, but this minimalist trial turned into several permanent dress code rules for me.

When I choose clothes now, I only shop for black, white, blue, orange and some purples.

I also stick with classic shapes and styles, since those are the things I reach for despite having a lot of other variety in my wardrobe.

Women’s Super Comfy Bermuda Walking Short

These size 12 shorts for women were by far my favorite. I got them in the color “clay” and found them to be pretty true to size.

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They didn’t have any stretch in them, and at first they felt a bit loose…but I loved how they looked and when I re-watched the try-on videos I was like YEEEESSSS GURL.

I thought these looked stylish. They also felt a lot nicer looking than a pair of denim shorts, which is usually what I opt for.

REKUCCI Women’s Ease Into Comfort Stretchable Pull-On Short

These were interesting. I liked that they were pull on and that they were stretchy.

I ordered them in a large and I honestly wish I’d sized up one size, because they were a tad uncomfortable.

That said, my husband thought they looked great and he has picky clothing opinions, so I was surprised.

PHOENISING Women’s Sexy Stretchy Fabric Hot Pants

I liked these too, but I think I should have gotten a 14 instead of a 12. These were distressed denim shorts, and while I don’t own any other distressed denim, I kind of loved these.

I don’t think I loved them enough to order another size, though—especially since I already have a pair of denim shorts and I’m still sticking with a minimal wardrobe.

Baleaf Women’s Active Yoga Lounge Bermuda Shorts

These were very strange, but very comfortable!

Premium Ultra Soft Harem Shorts with Pockets

I kept these as sleep shorts, and honestly, I think that’s all they’re good for. They are super comfortable though!

Learn How To Add The Shorts You Love Into A Capsule Wardrobe!

I created my free Capsule Wardrobe guide just for you to learn how to purchase the shorts you love, and add them to the style that fits you.

Within the guide, I give 3 reasons why you need a capsule wardrobe, and 4 simple steps to get there!

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2 thoughts on “Size 12 Shorts for Women // Mini Summer Amazon Haul”

  1. The article on shorts took me in the right direction. I like several of these. Also, I put on some weight and only had two pair of pants (one denim and one black) that are really comfortable. Amazing how happy I can be with just two pairs of pants. Of course, I would like to lose weight..but I learned a good lesson.

  2. Ditto for me REne! I’ve gained weight and I’m amazed on how I have made it work with two pairs of pants.

    Great article, I love that you are like me, short and around a size 12. I got to this article through your minimalists one. Excuse me, I’m going to go clean out my closet!

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