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Same Outfit for 21 Days // Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

For 21 days, I wore the same outfit to work *every single day*, and for 3 weeks after that I expanded a bit and added a few other items with a very narrow, minimalist capsule wardrobe theme.

My original plan was to do this for 7 days as a semi-prank to see if anyone noticed… But no one did 🙂

And then I kept going because I realized I really enjoyed it, and I think this experiment really helped me to narrow down what my preferred style is.


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In the upcoming video below, I give you the full scoop including:

  • Why I decided to try this experiment
  • How I chose what outfit I would wear every single day for 21 days
  • What I included in my capsule wardrobe when I expanded my selection
  • How this experiment changed my mindset about buying clothing
  • How this experiment will make it WAY easier to shop for clothes in the future


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The Benefits of a Minimal Wardrobe

I’ve read about people like Steve Jobs who wear the same outfit all the time, and they do it for a few reasons. One reason is to save mental energy and another is to save time.

If I stop worrying about what I wear every day, I have a lot more energy for other things.

Another reason I decided to try this out is because I’ve suddenly become exhausted by having STUFF. A few weeks ago, I filled two trash bags with clothes for donations—TWO WHOLE BAGS.

And you know what?

My closet is still seemingly full of clothes, much of which I don’t wear. I hang on to all of these clothes in all of these styles, and I find myself gravitating towards the same items all the time. So, I decided to be more intentional about it.



How I Chose An Outfit

The two most important factors were

  1. comfort and,
  2. appearance.

I wanted something that was comfortable on a normal day AND on days when I might be bloated or not feeling my best. So, it couldn’t be too tight and had to have some stretch. I wanted to wear something I felt confident in.

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It also needed to look good every day. I decided NOT to go all black, because I didn’t think all black was all that versatile. So, I something that I could wear to work and on the weekends so I could dress it up or keep it casual.

I also wanted something that was flattering and attractive. So, I had to find a balance between “comfortable” and professional.

I landed on a white collared shirt with skinny jeans, which was the perfect choice for me.

If you’re wondering more about how to create a capsule wardrobe, download the free guide below.


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The Dress Code Idea

I initially planned to do this for 7 days, which turned into about 3 weeks. At the end of the 3 weeks, I still wasn’t ready to “return to normal”. I was enjoying the simplicity too much.

But during the course I stumbled on an article about creating a dress code, and this seemed SUPER exciting to me.

The idea behind a dress code is to continue to keep things simple, and recognize that I tend to gravitate towards the same things all the time. So, I might have 100 pieces of clothing in my closet, but I’m not joking when I say I probably wear about 15 on a regular basis.


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What I Included in My Capsule Wardrobe Dress Code

I noticed that the clothes I wore repeatedly were very predictable:

  • Dark pants: I have light pants and colored pants, but I always gravitate towards dark blue or black pants. I knew I should go with whatever I typically wore the most.
  • Basic shorts: I chose a basic air of super comfy denim shorts. They look good with the white shirts, they’re stretchy and they’re a good length for me (shot, because I’m short…but not booty-showing short.) Here are some other great examples of shorts I tried.
  • Collared shirts: I have a thing for collared shirts. I just think they flatter me, and they’re professional enough for my office without me having to try too hard. I normally wear primarily dark colors, but because I wore white in my 21-day outfit and because I don’t love all-black, I knew I should include both a white AND dark collared shirt.
  • Black, White, Blue, Purple, Orange: The colors in my wardrobe would consist of those 5 colors in that order because 1) that’s basically what I have now and 2) everything I have that is outside that spectrum doesn’t get worn.

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So, once I decided on the rules for my dress code, the items I included seemed like a no-brainer.

The images below are all things I wear all the time. And if I’m honest with myself, I’d probably wear them way more often if I thought it was socially acceptable.

I came up with about 7 pieces of clothing for my capsule wardrobe.

I bought many of these ages ago, but found alternatives on Amazon after vetting some user reviews.


  1. Black skinny jeans

  2. Black print button down shirt

  3. Blue jeans

  4. White button down shirt

  5. White print shirt button down shirt

  6. Jean shorts

  7. Print shorts (couldn’t find a similar alternative)



How Trying A Minimal Capsule Wardrobe Changed My Mindset

The thing about creating this dress code that I wasn’t expecting is that I don’t miss the clothes I haven’t been wearing.

The second thing I discovered is that people don’t care or notice if I wear the same thing all the time…

That was a total game changer.

On the weekends, I wear the same thing all the time. I go through phases of what’s comfortable and what I’m in the mood for. I just didn’t realize I’d be able to do the same thing for work. The fact that I can totally excited me and makes me feel a lot of contentment around my wardrobe.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get rid of 75% of my wardrobe, but this experiment made it clear that I wear very few things. I love a lot of different clothing and styles, but I consistently gravitate towards the same pieces over and over again.


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Feeling Contentment in the Simplicity of a Minimal Wardrobe

About a year ago, my identical twin sister decided to get rid of almost everything she owns and travel the country in a car with her partner and toddler. I felt sadness in the uncertainty of her embarking on a trip I knew nothing about, but I felt something else too…


And I didn’t feel envy because I wanted to travel the country, I felt envy because her life had suddenly become SO SIMPLE.

I think this experiment helped me realize that I’m ready to allow myself to have a more simple life. It started as an experiment and morphed into an exercise in self-care and personal development.

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So for me, this experiment was a total win!

What do you think? Would you ever wear the same outfit for a week?


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