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5 Spring Fashion Advice For Women Over 60

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to start thinking about your spring wardrobe!

If you’re over 60, you might be feeling like the fashion world doesn’t have much to offer you.

You might be wondering if there are any styles that will flatter your body type, or if anyone makes clothes that aren’t just for young people.

But don’t worry!

I’ve scoured the racks and found some of the best pieces that will make everyone look their best, no matter what age or body type.

Check them out below!

Spring Fashion In 2023

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - A woman is walking in the picture. She is wearing a light blue trench coat. Her hair is in a messy bun. She is walking in the garden. All the flowers are in full bloom.

Spring is the time of year for renewal and rebirth.

It’s when we can finally shed the layers we’ve been wearing to keep warm and embrace the new, fresh things that spring brings.

So this spring, we’re talking about fashion!

We’re talking about how to dress for spring on any occasion for women over 60.

I’ll be breaking down spring fashion advice so that you can make sure you always look your best this season.

So pull up a seat, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer), and let’s get started!

How To Get In Style After 60?

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - An old woman can be seen in the picture. Her hair is in a boy-cut. She has blue eyes. She is wearing a swimwear. She is holding a suf board.

The truth is, you can always get in style after 60.

There are many things you can do to look your best at any age.

So how do you get in style after 60?

Here are some tips:

1) Try New Things

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - Two women can be seen in the picture. They are hugging each other. The woman on the right is holding a small box in her left hand. Her hair is short and blond. The woman on the left has black hair.

If you’re over 60, you may feel like you’re out of touch with the latest trends.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the action!

First, try some new things.

If you’ve always loved art, take a class at a local community center or university.

You could also take up a sport.

It’s never too late to start!

You could even take up a new hobby, like fashion.

Once you’ve tried some new things, it’s important to find your own personal style.

Your style should reflect who you are as a person.

Think about what makes you happy and what makes you feel confident.

For example, if you love bright colors and bold patterns, then maybe it would be fun to wear something colorful every day!

The most important thing is not to let age hold us back from trying new things and expressing ourselves through fashion choices.

2) Stay Current With Trends

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - An old woman is in an all-purple outfit. She is wearing a hat. Her earrings are big and white. She has her left hand on her hat. She is exercising in the park.

The first thing to say about getting in style after 60 is that you should always stay current with trends.

That doesn’t mean you have to wear the latest fashions.

But it does mean you should know what’s going on in fashion so that you aren’t caught off guard by the next big thing.

It’s also important to be aware of the different styles that are popular among different demographics.

What works for a young person might not work for a middle-aged person or vice versa.

You may not want to dress like your kids or grandkids.

But knowing what they’re wearing can give you an idea of what might be coming down the road in terms of wardrobe trends.

3) Dress For Your Body Type

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - There are two persons in the picture. They look like married couples. Both of them has white, curly hair. The woman is wearing makeup. The man is wearing glasses.

If you’re over 60, there’s no reason to settle for a boring wardrobe.

You can still wear what you like and look great doing it.

The key is to dress for your body type.

If your body is large, make sure that the clothes fit well and aren’t too tight or loose.

Avoid baggy clothing unless it’s a style you really love.

If you’re petite, avoid clothes that are too large or bulky on your frame.

Opt for clothes that show off your curves rather than hiding them away under layers of fabric!

If you’re tall, don’t be afraid of wearing long skirts or dresses.

They’ll actually help make you look even taller!

5 Spring Fashion Advice For Women Over 60

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - The old woman looks very happy in the picture. She is wearing a brown jumper. She also has glasses on. Her background is a plant that has yellow flowers in it. Her nails are painted red.

Spring is here, and it’s time to get ready for the season!

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro when it comes to fashion, there are some tips that can help you look fresh and put together all year long.

Here are five pieces of spring fashion advice for women over 60:

1) Find Colors That Flatter Your Complexion

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - An old woman looks very charismatic in the picture. She is wearing a long-sleeve back top. She has a black watch on her left hand. She is wearing black glasses. Her white hair is in a messy bun.

Spring is the best time to experiment with your wardrobe.

It’s a season of new beginnings, so it’s the perfect time to shake things up a bit and try something new!

But before you do, make sure you’re wearing colors that flatter your complexion.

Here are some tips to help you find flattering colors that will make any outfit pop:

  • Wear warm-toned shades like peach, pink, or coral if you have fair skin. These shades will make your complexion look brighter and healthier.
  • Wear cool-toned shades like purple or blue if you have dark skin. These shades will balance out your skin tone and give it a luminous glow.

2) Try Vertical Stripes

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - An old woman looks fashionable in this picture. Her hair is bleached and short. She is wearing a light blue, striped shirt. Her nails are painted red. She is sitting by the window.

Vertical stripes are a great way to add some variety to your look without getting too crazy.

You could even wear them with a shirt and cardigan instead of just a tank top or t-shirt for added variety.

If you’re not feeling the vertical stripe thing this season, don’t worry!

I have plenty of other spring trends that you can incorporate into your wardrobe as well.

So go ahead and try something new this spring!

3) Add Some Color With Accessories

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - An old woman is in a monochrome picture. She is looking at the camera intently. She has a shawl that covers her hair and neck. She has earrings on. She is sitting in a vintage sofa.

Spring is the perfect time to add some color to your wardrobe.

If you’re over 60, you probably have a lot of classic pieces.

But sometimes all that black can feel a little…well, boring.

Try adding some color with accessories.

For example, you can try colorful scarves, fun jewelry, and even shoes.

You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference a pop of color in your shoes can make.

Plus, accessories are a great way to make sure you’re still getting your money’s worth out of those classic pieces!

4) Make Sure Your Clothes Fit Well

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - The woman in this picture looks like a business type of woman. She has a coat on. Her inner shirt is white. She is sitting on a chair. She has glasses on.

Spring is a time to get dressed up, and it’s important to make sure your clothes fit well.

It may not be the most exciting advice to hear, but you’ll want to wear clothes that fit well.

This can show off your figure and feel confident walking around in them.

A good way to ensure your clothes fit well is to measure yourself in the store before buying anything new.

Make sure you are wearing a bra, measuring tape around your waist, and then doing a tape measure around your hips.

This will give you an idea of how much room there is in each piece of clothing that you buy.

If they don’t fit, try something else until you find something that does!

5) Be Playful With Your Style

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - An old woman is standing in the picture. She has a brown dress coat. Her turtle neck is white. Her is white and short, too. Behind her is a dining table.

Spring is the perfect time to get playful with your style.

If you’re a woman over 60, you’ve probably been wearing more conservative, timeless looks for decades.

Now that you’re older, it may be tempting to stick with that—but don’t!

You have so many years of experience behind you now.

That means you can wear whatever you want without worrying about whether or not it’s age-appropriate.

So go ahead: try something fun and new!

You never know what might look great on your body type until you try it out.

The truth is, there are no rules when it comes to fashion.

The best part about being a woman over 60 is that there’s no need for rules, just fun.

So be playful with your style this spring.

Take risks with colors and patterns.

Try something new that makes you feel like a kid again.

Colors To Wear For Spring 2023

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - An old woman can be seen in the picture. Her eyes are closed. Her hair is long, white, and curly. A plant can be seen in the picture. It has pink flowers blooming.

Spring is a refreshing season.

The flowers are blooming and the weather is warming up.

So it’s time to get out of your winter rut and start wearing colors that will make you feel like a spring goddess.

I’ve got some ideas for what colors to wear this spring, so check them out below!

1) Yellow

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - A woman is sitting in a swing chair. She is wearing a yellow dress. She placed her feet on the table next to her. The table is located by the window. A plant is displayed behind her.

Yellow is the color of happiness, and it’s one of the most cheerful hues to wear this spring.

It’s a great choice if you want to add a little brightness to your look.

And it works well with neutrals like beige and black, as well as more vibrant colors like orange and red.

Plus, yellow is flattering on just about everyone.

It can brighten up pale skin tones or make olive complexions glow!

If you’re not sure what shade of yellow will work for you, try pairing it with a neutral color palette for a subtle look.

Or, in my case, I love going bold with bright orange or red accessories for a bolder statement.

2) Pink

Spring Fashion For Women Over 60 - An old woman can be seen in the picture. She is wearing a pink hoodie. Her lipstick conforms with the color of her clothing. She has glasses on. She is wearing two rings on her left hand.

Pink is definitely the color of the season.

It’s a bold, bright hue that’s perfect for spring and summer.

If you’re feeling like pink is too much for your tastes, try it out in a more muted shade like blush or pastel pink.

Pink can be paired with almost any other color to make it work in your wardrobe.

Try pairing it with navy blue or green to create a classic look, or go bold and add some yellow, orange, or red!

Simplify Your Wardrobe!

Simplifying your wardrobe is one of the best ways to make room for growth in other areas.

In case you’re wondering why I’m talking about wardrobe simplification, it’s because I want to talk about what it means for your life when you simplify your wardrobe.

My goal is not to tell you how many things you should have in your closet.

It’s more about helping you understand what it means to simplify your wardrobe.

And how doing so can help you grow as a person and reach your goals.

That’s where the capsule wardrobe comes in.

I know, it can be a bit challenging.

So, I created this free capsule wardrobe guide to help you.

Just click the link below to download.

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