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Therabox Unboxing // Self Care Subscription Box Review

This week, I’m doing a Therabox unboxing. If you want to catch this self care subscription box review, check out the video below!

–> Try the Therabox Self Care Subscription Box

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Therabox Unboxing: Packaging

Just like my Hopebox unboxing review from Cratejoy, this the Therabox packaging was adorable. The contrast is really low and the printing wasn’t as intricate as the Hopebox, but I still found it very sweet and endearing.

therabox unboxing // self care subscription box review image

Therabox Unboxing Items Review

There were fewer items in the Therabox self care subscription box, but I’ll start by saying…

They were much higher quality than what I got in my Hopebox.

Not only that, but every item in the Therabox unboxing is actually useful, and most of it are things that aren’t items decoration or inspiration—they’re useful and many of them one-time use, or multi-use.

I guess my point is…ever since my minimal wardrobe trial, I’m trying to live more simply. And I don’t like having *stuff* for the sake of having it. So, I was really happy with the items when I unboxed the Therabox.

self care subscription box cratejoy

Mindfulness course:

The first thing I saw in the Therabox unboxing and review was a $49 value mindfulness course. Full disclosure: while I’m sure this course is useful, I may or may not try it. I haven’t tried it yet but I also have enough to do on my computer already without adding a course to the mix.

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If I do try it, I’ll update this post!


This happiness box came with 3 mini journals that I LOVE! They are small enough to keep in my purse.

My husband has been encouraging me for weeks to carry something to write on with me—to jot down observations and ideas for blog posts. So, these fit the bill perfectly.

Sheet face masks:

I’ve tried two of the five of these and…

They are awesome.

I’ve been putting using them once a week, and leave them on for about 20 minutes. There is a lot of moisturizing serum left in each packet, which I use on my neck and hands while I let the sheet mask soak on my face.

My skin feels amazingly soft and moisturized for days after use, so I definitely think these are a win.

Each one has a different scent, but there were no descriptions in the box regarding whether or not each scent had a different benefit. While they smelled different, they performed similarly.

Soap infused shower scrub:

This thing smells amazing and made everything else in this happiness box smell amazing.

It’s in the shape of a star, and its rough enough to exfoliate, but gently enough that you can use it anywhere. I’ve used it a few times in the shower, and I love how handy it is and easy to use.

I love that its a scrub and does some mild exfoliating on my skin, and I love how great the soap smelled that is contained it in…

But this item wasn’t life-changing. I’d rather have a lotion or perfume with scent so I can make it last.

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The product description says the scrub will last for 10 showers, but you can definitely stretch it.

Detoxifying foot pads:

I tried these foot pads out as well and they were 10/10 weird.

You stick one to the bottom of each of your feet and sleep with them on. They’re supposed to pull toxins out of your body while you sleep, and the color of the toxins when you wake up indicates the highest concentration of toxins.

Mine indicated that I was detoxifying most from alcohol, and while I haven’t been drinking much, I can honestly say it may not be wrong?

The foot pads smelled awful in the morning, like something burning.

So, I’m not sure if these 100% worked, but they definitely did something and I’d be willing to try them again.

Oatmeal lavender bath soak:

I haven’t tried this yet because its too dang hot in Houston for a hot bath. But it smells amazing and I’ll keep you updated!

Cat card holder:

This thing is the only thing I’d consider a trinket, but its so heckin’ cute that I’m not mad about it.

I took it to work and he holds notes for me on my desk. <3


I like this bracelet, and it fits my self-imposed dress code, but honestly…I’ve had it for two weeks and haven’t worn it yet. So, it might be given away.

Try Out Therabox // Happiness Box

Overall, I would definitely recommend this self care subscription box if you’re looking for a self care box, or just a treat for yourself. I was really happy with this Therabox unboxing!

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–> Try the Therabox Self Care Subscription Box

I liked it so much that I’m trying it for a second month.

If you want to see a review, definitely let me know!

self care subscription box cratejoy

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