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BetterHelp Online Therapy Review – I Tried Online Counseling

For years, I went to therapy every week and I gained so much from it—but I never thought I’d try online therapy until recently. I decided to give BetterHelp Online Therapy a try and review it and…I have a lot to say.

If you’ve ever been interested in online therapy, I’d recommend trying BetterHelp due to their low cost and low commitment. (Disclaimer: I get a referral fee if you use my link).

My Past Experience With Counseling and Therapy

Like i mentioned, I did therapy in the past for years. The reason I initially started going stemmed from repeated patterns in my dating life that I felt really hopeless about. I ate lunch with a girlfriend of mine and she recommended counseling a few times to me…but it took a while for me to come around.

Finally one day, she mentioned a friend of hers that just started a practice and offered negotiable prices to new clients, which sounded appealing to me since my main excuse in the past involved the cost. Since this counselor didn’t take insurance and was new, he offered a mre reasonable price than I’d heard from others.

I don’t really want to mention his name, but I will say this—the next couple years changed my life.

I started going to counseling to figure out my dating issues, but I got so much more out of it than that.

Back then, I was abusing alcohol. I no longer think I’m an alcoholic like I did at the time, but I did learn a lot about WHY I was drinking so much and how to heal. A lot of what we did in therapy was deal with family of origin issues and cognitive behavioral therapy—in other words, I learned more practical tools for dealing with confusing and intense feelings, and I learned how to articulate and take care of myself better.

After two years I “graduated” to group therapy, where I met with a different therapist and a group of 5 women once a week for around a year. Near the end of that, I started dating my now-husband and once I felt confident that I was in a healthy relationship, my therapist helped me make the decision that it was ok to be done with therapy.

I could be confusing the timeline a bit—it might not quite be 3 whole years, but it was over two.

Online Therapy Review

How Therapy Changed My Life

There are a few ways that going to counseling changed my life.

Dating Life

The main reason I started going to therapy in the first place is because I intuitively knew there was something “off” in my dating life. My relationships were messy. We’d break up, but not full separate. Or, we’d break up, I’d date someone else, and then when the next breakup happened I’d go back to the first guy.

I’m not judging anyone who participates in similar behavior, because today, I don’t see “wrong” or “right” the same for everyone. It depends entirely on your values and on the values of the other person. I didn’t feel awesome about it, and was fully aware that I was going back to old relationships as comfort that I wanted to get in different ways, or at least people who genuinely cared about me. Returning to old relationships for me felt empty and thoughtless because I knew it wasn’t going anywhere, and for me, it lacked fulfillment.

Family of Origin Stuff

In therapy, I also dealt with a lot of things I never knew I needed to deal with related to my family.

Obviously, no parents are perfect. But it was surprising to me how much even small things had an impact on how I made both good AND bad decisions in my adulthood. I won’t go into this too much now because I could go into a lot of detail, but what I CAN tell you is that the book “Habits of a Happy Brain” does an awesome job at explaining how to resolve many of these issues and behaviors with very simple steps.

What I learned in that book reminded me a LOT of what I learned in therapy.

Scoop it up here.

What is BetterHelp ?

BetterHelp is an online therapy platform and apparently have more than 1200 licensed professional counselors on their site. They’ve been around since 2013, and claim to be the largest online therapy platform.

When I signed up recently, it rolled me into 7 free days of online counseling so I could try out the platform.

My Thoughts

I’ll be expanding on my thoughts on the blog in much more detail, but for now…watch the video below!

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