• 12 Simple Tips Reduce Waste // Zero Waste Tips For Beginners
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    12 Simple Tips Reduce Waste // Zero Waste Tips For Beginners

    Want to reduce waste and save some money while doing it? Do you have a lot of clutter in your life? What if you could reduce waste to help save money and kill two birds with one stone? That’s what today’s post is all about: reduce waste in your life and save money at the same time! 1. Don’t Throw Food Away I am personally guilty of this, especially with produce. To reduce waste with groceries I have made it a mission to simply make more frequent grocery trips. If throwing away produce is a problem for you as well, try and load up on frozen veggies which are healthier…

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    How to Live in a Car: Paring Down Drastically Adventure in Minimalism

    How to live in a car… Do you want to live in a car? Sounds like a promising beginning to a blog, right? I just want to premise this by saying that I am not suggesting this is for everyone or even that I would recommend it for everyone. The idea I really want to get across is suggestions on how you can get rid of so much that you could live in a car if you wanted to, or maybe just a Rv or whatever. If you want to learn how to live in a car, this is just a beginning. Written by: Melissa Reeves A Little Background When I…

  • Raising Minimalist Kids

    Raising Minimalist Kids: It Starts with Me

    As someone who loves simple and minimal living, I realized that raising minimalist kids starts with me. It all started with a vision, that led me to refocus on gratitude. And gratitude is contagious. Keep reading to find out how I passed along my minimalist values to my beautiful family. Written by: Melissa Reeves Vision for My Children I have always been interested in raising minimalist kids. I saw this video that went viral years ago–you’ve probably seen it. This kid opens up a gift and is obviously hiding disappointment as he expresses gratitude to his mom for the cutting board and knife that was just revealed. He lovingly says,…

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    What Is Minimalism? Minimalism Challenge + Worksheet

    So…what is minimalism and what is the whole minimalism movement about? Quite simply, minimalism means you can’t own more than 100 things, you can’t own a car, you can’t live in a traditional home, you DEFINITELY can’t have a television, you have to travel to exotic and remote places all around the world… And you should probably start a blog. Ok, I’m obviously joking. But seriously, what is minimalism? I’m curious because the movement appeals to me, and so does decluttering and living more simply. Why Do a Minimalism Challenge? I recently wrote an article about 6 Ways to Declutter, and those are 6 actual things I’ve done to declutter.…

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    How to Organize Your Life & How to Declutter // 6 Ways to Declutter

    Are you wondering how to organize your life and how to declutter? Here are 6 different ways to declutter your life. The first four tips have to do with your *physical space* and the last two deal with clearing more space and decluttering aspects of your *life*. I’m not a minimalist, but there is value in keeping things minimal and simple regardless how how minimal you choose to be. Decluttering is a huge component to simplifying your life. This video will give you ideas on how to cut the clutter, clean your space, different ways to declutter and hacks to simplify your life. What do YOU think? Sound off below!…

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    5 Habits That Simplified My Life // Tiny Routines For Happiness And Productivity

    In the journey to discover what self care is and what it means to me, I’ve discovered 5 habits that simplified my life. I’m not a minimalist by any means. I do miss my college days where I lived in an apartment with no television and no microwave, and where I was on a food budget of $50 a week. But marriage means compromise, and these days I don’t ind treating myself to pre-cooked mashed potatoes and a lot of Netflix. That said—at my core, I really do like to keep things simple. And I’ve found that these 5 habits that simplified my life help me to feel happier, more…