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7 Minimalist Ways to Earn (and Save) Extra Money in 2023

Are you trying to brainstorm on the best ways to earn extra money this year without getting a new job or breaking you back?

I swept the web for you guys to cut back on your research time.

Let’s catch up on our finances together with these easy ways to earn extra money in 2022.

Ways To Earn Extra Money In 2022!

Make your money work for you.

Money inside of a jar, with a plant growing within the money

Any time you can earn money with the money you already have you should take advantage, and this does not mean you need to invest in the stock market.

Switch your funds to a credit union with a higher interest rate, or you can try Aspiration online bank which has a great interest rate.

I love them because they’re a really charitable company as well, and their accounts are totally free to open.

Another way to make your money work for you is to invest a small amount of money into a startup.

Sites like NextSeed let you connect with entrepreneurs and make impactful investments.

You can start by getting to know the business and what they’re aiming to do, and deciding if you’d like to help them get to where they’re going!

With investments starting at just $100, NextSeed can be a great, fun way to both make your money work for you AND support local.

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Complete online surveys.

A Jar Of Pennies

I signed up with a website called Inbox Dollars a few years ago and have gotten a little money from them.

It’s super easy.

Just take online surveys and get paid for it.

It’s not much money honestly.

If you do the math on how much you get paid per hour it might not be worth your time, but if you like messing around on your phone when you’re bored it’s a great, easy way to earn some extra cash!

Drive for extra money.

A man driving a vechicle

There are so many opportunities to earn money from simply driving around.

It’s an easy way to earn extra money in 2022.

Lyft, Uber, DoorDash and Uber Eats are examples of flexible opportunities you can do and make your own hours.

Lyft and Uber are both taxi services, but DoorDash and Uber Eats is simply delivering food orders from various restaurants.

I have a friend who prefers this option because it doesn’t require the liability of having people you don’t know riding in your car.

Play with dogs professionally.

A woman playing with her dog

Sound like a dream job? Make your dreams come true!

Rover is the largest network of dog walkers and you can choose to work as little or as much as you want to.

It actually pays pretty well too (although you can set your own prices, and should price yourself according to your experience and what others charge in your area).

Set your schedule, set your pricing, decide what you will and will not do — all these things make for a great, flexible side hustle.

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Each pet sitting opportunity is different.

Some owners only request you let the pets outside, and many want their dogs walked.

House-sitting requires more time and commitment, but it also brings in more bucks for your time.

According to Kristen Forecki, director of operations at, most pet sitters on Rover use it as a fun income supplement to their full time jobs.

Stop paying for stuff you don’t need.

A sign that says STOP, to signify that you need to stop paying for stuff you don't need

This is not really about earning extra money in 2022, but it’s a great tip for cutting personal costs.

For example, I was paying Experian $15 a month for years just to get a credit score.

They advertised fraud protection but I had 3 fraud scares in a year and they were nowhere to be found.

Then I found Credit Karma who keeps me updated on when my credit score gets updated (so I don’t even have to remember to look) and is 100% free.

The year I cut out Experian I also had a lot of other monthly charges that I had just been subscribed to for years and was not using.

Go through your monthly debits and see what you can cut out.

Then go through your monthly service providers and see what you can get cheaper.

Does your phone plan have a new promotion?

Is there better insurance or internet you can take advantage of?

Don’t pay more just because change is hard.

Sites and apps like TrueBill connect your accounts to the app and alert you to all of your recurring charges.

A few dollars a month doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up.

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I was paying for 3 websites I no longer used – $15/month EACH.

I also completely forgot about my L.A. Fitness membership I haven’t used in months.

That’s already $80 per month worth of services I can put towards something useful.

Use price match at Walmart.

Someone checking around for discounts at a store

This may seem silly, but it actually works.

I have saved money just by buying stuff I normally buy and then checking my phone to see if I can find it cheaper anywhere online.

Walmart is really reliable with their price match program and it’s an easy way to earn extra money in 2022 with a simple Google search.

Do chores for your friends.

A laundry hamper filled with clothes that need to be washed

I have some friends who seriously hate laundry.

Why not earn from their pain?

My best friend does washes her friend’s sheets in exchange for an extra $70 a month that she uses on massages.

Pretty sweet deal, right?

You can also trade services with our friends. I used to trade knitted scarves for facials or dishes for dinner.

Great at social media and have a friend new to owning a business?

Offer to get them set up online and make some extra cash while saving them precious time.

What Are Your Favorite Ways To Earn And Save Money?

We’ll continue to update this post as we get more ideas.

What did we miss? Let us know below!

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