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Ultimate Guide To Creating A Uniform Wardrobe: Define Your Signature Style

Why should you consider a guide to creating a uniform wardrobe?

It saves time and money.

It is comfortable, and allows you to create your own personal style.

These are just a few reasons that may convince you to make that change.

It is your comfortable go-to, everyday classic pieces that you can wear with confidence.

To create a signature style or look, you don’t need to wear the same outfit each day or have thirty identical pieces that you can wear for a month, just like the grey shirts of Mark Zuckerberg.

No one can stop you from doing the same thing if you wish to copy the same style.

However, take note that a personal style is all about versatility, creativity, functionality, comfort, and confidence.

Uniforms do not have to be boring, monotone or include twenty of the same shirt.

Guide To Creating A Uniform Wardrobe For Different Occasions

An arrow pointing the right way to go.

Fashion is short-lived and probably one of the most boring things on the planet that it needs to keep changing to make it exciting when using a guide to creating a uniform wardrobe.

Even Yves Saint Laurent once mentioned that fashions grow old, but the style is timeless.

You can buy the latest fashion but not the style.

You can only acquire the style that suits you best when you learn and embrace who you really are.

What’s Your Signature Style?

A signature look or your personal style is like a breath of fresh air.

It gives you personality, individuality, and confidence.

You have a strong personal style that you are not afraid to flaunt.

Having different uniforms for different occasions can help you choose and dress up with ease.

It is also less stressful because you don’t need to choose from so many options.

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If you are going to work, simply choose among the uniform wardrobe for work.

If you are going to a party, choose one from the uniform wardrobe for a party and so on.

Creating a uniform wardrobe for every occasion – work, play, social gathering, and important appointment – is simple and fun.

You only need a few pieces of clothing to complete each set of uniforms.

It is important to stick to the basics and keep everything simple.

Here’s a sample of a uniform wardrobe if you are fond of wearing skinny jeans or skirt:

Sample Uniform Wardrobe

  1. For work – long blazer, shirt, and black skinny jeans plus loafers.
  2. For play – over-sized shirt or sweater and denim skinny jeans plus ankle boots or sandals.
  3. For social gathering – over-sized silk shirt and black skinny jeans plus high heels.
  4. For an important appointment – black dress or pencil skirt and blouse plus high heels or boots.

Ultimate Guide To Creating A Uniform Wardrobe!

Paper with the word 'Steps' ciricled

There are certain things that you need to consider when creating your personal uniform.

You need to be confident in wearing them, and at the same time comfortable.

You need to consider the following:

1. Lifestyle

A man on the end of a dock at a lake

When using this guide to creating a uniform wardrobe, you need to consider your daily routine and personality to determine the clothes that can bring out your unique style without making you uncomfortable.

This can also help you pick and keep only the pieces that you really need and don’t end up with a closet full of clothes that you don’t actually want to own.

To prepare the clothes you need for each set of personal uniforms, you need to consider the things that you normally do each week.

You also need to consider the current season and the usual weather you have in your area.

You need to determine the following:

  • The kinds of clothes that you are comfortable wearing when going to work.
  • The different activities that you usually do in your free time.
  • The types of social gatherings that you commonly attend.
  • The clothes that you would prefer to wear if you have an important appointment or meeting.
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If you live in an area that has hot and cool seasons, it is a must to have a jacket to keep you warm when it gets cold.

You also need to prepare comfortable clothes for warm months that can be easily layered when needed.

While preparing these clothes, you need to be mindful of the things that you care about, the activities you want to do on your idle time, your personality, your social status and who you want to become, and your goals.

If you do this, you will be able to choose the right clothes for a particular set of uniform without making you uncomfortable.

Creating a uniform wardrobe may seem daunting at a certain point, but you can gain immense benefits when you have the right clothes in your wardrobe.

2. Personal Style

A wardrobe rack of different clothes for one person

Copying a style and making you uncomfortable are a terrible combination.

Don’t copy a style that looks cool but makes you uncomfortable when you try it.

Don’t ever think that you will get used to wearing it in the long run – it might take forever, and you will only end up feeling stressed out every day.

Choose your staples for different sets of uniforms according to your personality.

Keep in mind that your set should have basic clothing items that you can easily wear on any occasion.

If you care a bit about fashion, you may want to create a board of clothing styles that you prefer.

Just make sure to keep the pieces minimal and avoid stuffing your wardrobe cabinet with so many clothes.

You may want to include a white button-down shirt as part of your uniform set for work.

You may also use it during weekends when you go out and play.

3. Color Scheme

a bunch of different color tiles to represent the many different color schemes

It is always safe to choose neutral colors when preparing your personal uniform.

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This helps create a flexible uniform that you can wear with any accessories or any occasion.

But this doesn’t mean that you should only go for neutral colors.

You also need to choose the color that you are comfortable wearing.

Color can affect your moods, and it is safe to wear something that can make you productive at work.

However, you need to make sure that the color can easily go with the other pieces of clothing that you have so you can mix and match when needed.

You may want to first build a palette that captures your style concept and fondness to certain colors.

The next thing you need to do is determine whether the color is appropriate to the set of uniform for a particular occasion.

Wearing a color that can be easily associated with the top competitor of the company you work with may not be a good idea.

You also need to make sure that the colors of your clothes blend well.

This makes it easy for you to combine clothes when you go out.

4. Accessories

Different women's accessories, like shoes, make up, jewerly, and sunglasses

You can also use accessories to create a unique style.

It is best to stick to classic designs and colors that can go easily with any clothes you wear.

The personal uniform you create must not be boring, anti-fashion, or constricted.

Adding some accessories can elevate it to something more pleasing to the eyes – depending on the occasion.

Keep your accessories simple and don’t go overboard.

Keep this guide in creating a uniform wardrobe handy so you can refer to it each time you need something that can help you organize a new set of uniforms.

There You Have It!

With those 4 simple steps, you’ve got the ultimate guide to creating a uniform wardrobe for yourself and really anyone else who needs help.

Uniforms are fun to create wardrobes for, but what’s even more fun is creating a personal wardrobe for yourself as well.

And I’ve got you covered on that 😀

Want some more detailed tips on how to create your personal uniform and simplify your style?

Download my free Capsule Wardrobe guide below!

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