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How to Organize Your Life & How to Declutter // 6 Ways to Declutter

Are you wondering how to organize your life and how to declutter? Here are 6 different ways to declutter your life.

The first four tips have to do with your *physical space* and the last two deal with clearing more space and decluttering aspects of your *life*.

I’m not a minimalist, but there is value in keeping things minimal and simple regardless how how minimal you choose to be.

Decluttering is a huge component to simplifying your life. This video will give you ideas on how to cut the clutter, clean your space, different ways to declutter and hacks to simplify your life. What do YOU think? Sound off below!

how to declutter - 6 ways to declutter your life

Tip #1: How to Declutter: Give Something Away Everyday

The first tip I have for how to easily start decluttering is to give something away every day.

By the end of the year, you’ll donate 365 items—which seems challenging until you try it!

Recently, I started a 30 Days to Minimalism Challenge (I’ll go into more detail this week on my YouTube channel), and I was amazed that on the first day, I collected four bags of donations.

Which brings me to my next item…



Tip #2: Fill Up A Trash Bag

Twice a year, go through your closet, kitchen, junk drawers, garage and office and try to fill a trash bag with items you want to get rid of.

I’m guessing a lot of these things will be donations, but finding trash around the house is great too.

Additionally, I realize that once you’ve worked on how to declutter and obtained more simplicity, it will become harder to find full ags of things to get rid of.

I hope I get to that point soon…

Tip #3: Make A List Of Areas You Want To Declutter and Choose An Order

In the minimalism challenge I’ll be doing over the next month or more, the organization is mostly structured around areas of my physical spaces and my life.

List the rooms and areas in your life that you want to declutter and decide on a rough schedule for going through them.

Tip #4: Store Paper Electronically

Another way you can practice how to declutter is storing your papers electronically is a great way to declutter.

When you get mail, try to go through it right away. Recycle the junk, and only hang on to the things you know you need to keep.

Scan everything else and store it in Google Drive (it’s free). Or, better yet, try to opt-in to electronic documents whenever possible.

I do this with my bank, water bill and phone bill and I 10/10 recommend.

Tip #5: Reduce Your Commitments

The last two items on my list have more to do with decluttering your LIFE rather than your physical space.

Usually my spaces only become cluttered if I’m too busy to practice self care. When I’m overwhelmed, I’m not able to make enough time for myself.

Tip #6: Reconsider Your Routines

Lastly, if your space and your mind are cluttered…reconsider your routines.

I discuss this in The Tiny Happiness Project, but creating small routines is a great way to build time in your schedule for self care.

If clutter is something that bothers you that you are NOT making time for, create space for it as an act of self care.

Your mind and body will thank you for it.


Next steps?

I realize that the tips above are pretty brief—but choosing a couple of the items above is a great way to start decluttering your life.

If you want more on how to declutter, follow along with my 30 Days to Minimalism Challenge!

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