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Creating Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 (A Detailed Plan To Loving Your Clothes Again)

Strangers keep telling me every day that they love my clothing. 

I don’t just love talking about clothes, they’re my passion. 

They’re what make us women, women. 

I’m finding that as we get older…

(and life is busier!)

It’s often easier to toss stuff out and buy new stuff instead of investing time in creating a tried and true style.

Many women over 60 have no idea how to create a capsule wardrobe that they actually enjoy wearing.

If you are one of those women, you are going to find this article extremely beneficial!

The right clothes can make you look younger, but you have to know what looks good on you.

I want you to be able to look at your closet and say, “I love all my clothes.

Break out of the old routine that’s holding you back and begin loving your clothes again.

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 - clothes on hanger

We all spend a considerable amount of time and money on our clothes.

However, what we don’t enjoy is continually adding to our clothes wardrobe without making that much use of our existing clothes.

Also, the more clothes we wash and clean, the more clothes we seem to acquire! There comes a point where we must ask ourselves:

“Is it really worth it?”

Capsule wardrobes are all the rage right now.

They’re all over Instagram and Pinterest, and they’ve been featured in all sorts of media outlets.

But what exactly is a capsule wardrobe?

It’s essentially a super-focused wardrobe that’s meant to be stylish, but also easy to wear and versatile enough to mix and match with other pieces in your closet.

A capsule wardrobe is made up of about 15-20 pieces of clothing,

  • tops,
  • bottoms,
  • dresses,
  • shoes,
  • accessories

And those pieces should be chosen so that they can be worn together in many different ways.

Capsule wardrobes are an easy way to avoid having to think about what you’re going to wear every morning.

They help you stay up-to-date with the latest fashions…

And they help you avoid having to decide what to wear because there’s only one or two choices for each day of the week.

With a capsule wardrobe, you’ll never have to make the decision between “do I want to wear jeans or sweats?” again!

If you’re over 60 years old, it might seem like a lot of work to create a capsule wardrobe from scratch.

That’s why I’ve written this article.

I want older women everywhere to be able to get back into their clothes again and love them as much as they used to!

Why Do Women Need To Think About Dressing Their Age?

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 - a woman wearing a nude-colored blazer, dangling earrings and she is seating in a bench in front of a building

I know, I know.

It sounds so… limiting.

But the truth is, dressing for your age can make you feel better about yourself and more confident in your own skin.

And it’s not just about looking good—it’s about feeling good, too!

When was the last time you were really happy with how you looked in an outfit?

Or when was the last time something made you feel like a million bucks?

If it’s been a while,

—or if it never happens—

Why not take some time to get back into the swing of things by taking some steps toward loving your clothes again?

So how do you do that?

Well, first of all, it means thinking about what you want to achieve with your clothes.

When you think about it like this, it’s a lot easier to find outfits that work for you instead of forcing yourself into outfits that don’t fit who you are or what you want to look like.

How To Set Up Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 - 3 blouses hanging with different colors and different design and different style

I get it.

You’re in your 60s, and you’ve got a closet full of clothes that are all at least 10 years old.

You don’t feel good in them anymore, but you don’t know what to do with them—or even if you should bother getting rid of them at all.

You’re worried that if you do get rid of them, it’ll be like getting rid of a piece of yourself.

You don’t want to let go!

But here’s the thing: no matter how hard we try –

(and trust me, I’ve tried)

We can’t stop time from passing.

We can’t stop our bodies from aging and changing over time.

And those changes will eventually mean that our old clothes just don’t fit like they used to.

And that’s okay!

It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your body or with who you are as a person—it just means that it’s time for something new!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this process and aren’t sure where to start,

don’t worry—I’ve got some tips for how to go about making over your wardrobe without feeling too much stress about letting go of your favorites.

The Ten Commandments Of Clothes Organization

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 - a woman is walking forward wearing a white dress and has a white shoulder purse. The backdrop is a tan wall. She is smiling at the camera

This is the first thing to remember: you do not need to have an extensive wardrobe and one way is to declutter your clothes..

It’s all about quality, not quantity.

Here are the ten commandments of clothes organization:

  1. Thou shalt not be afraid to wear the same outfit more than once in a week.

  2. Thou shalt have a designated place for each item of clothing in your closet, and keep it there.

  3. Thou shalt only buy clothes that fit in your closet and that you love enough to wear again and again.

  4. Thou shalt not keep clothes that don’t fit well or make you feel bad about yourself. (If it doesn’t fit well enough to wear on its own merits, don’t put it in your closet!)

  5. Thou shalt have at least one staple pair of jeans that fit really well and feels great on your body—and only ONE pair! No more than one! (If you cannot get by with just ONE pair of jeans, then you are NOT ready for a capsule wardrobe!)

  6. Thou shalt have at least three tops (tops are tops) that work well together but can also be worn on their own as separates: a fitted blouse, a long-sleeved T-shirt or button-down shirt, and a sweater or cardigan.

  7. Thou shalt embrace minimalism and learn to love it!

  8. Thou shalt be able to find every piece of clothing in your capsule wardrobe without having to search it for more than five minutes (even when it’s organized)

  9. Thou shalt not buy anything new unless you’ve already worn everything in your capsule wardrobe at least once before it was discarded from the collection (unless it’s new)

  10. Thou shalt have at least one thing in your closet that makes you smile when you see it—even if it’s just a pair of socks! You can never have too many socks!

The Challenges Of A Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 - a woman smiling in front of the camera and she is wearing a white top, pearl earrings and a necklace and at her back is a bookshelf.

There are certain challenges that come with a capsule wardrobe.

1. Give Up The Idea Of Having Everything

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 - a very messy wardrobe, clothes not properly hanged, clothes on the floor, clothes on the couch

The first is that you have to give up the idea of having everything you could possibly want to wear on a daily basis.

You have to accept that some items will be worn more often than others, and some may only be worn once or twice a season.

This can be difficult if you are used to having lots of options available at all times.

2. Find A Room For Everything In Your Closet

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 - an empty wardrobe which is very clean, with 2 black boxes, wooden hangers and some drawers

The second challenge is finding room for everything in your closet.

It’s important to remember that not every item needs its own hanger or drawer space—you can hang up several pieces together, or stack them on top of each other in drawers.

It’s okay for things to be touching each other in order for them all to fit!

3. Find Inspiration In Getting Dressed

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 - a woman sitting on a couch wearing blue polo, jeans and reading glasses. At her back is a cup board.

The final challenge is finding inspiration for what goes with what when it comes time for dressing each morning.

There are many different ways to tackle this issue;

One popular method is by using color palette boards (like my Pinterest board here).

You can pin outfits you like from magazines or websites and keep track of which colors go well together visually so that later on when searching for an outfit it will be easier.

The Elements Of A Quality Capsule Wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 - a woman smiling in front of the camera and she is wearing reading glasses, turtle neck top and a gold-hook earring

A capsule wardrobe is a perfect solution to the problem of owning too many clothes.

While it’s necessary to have a variety of options in your closet, it’s also important that you only own what you love—and that means shopping less often, not more.

In order for your capsule wardrobe to be successful, there are several elements that need to be considered first before getting started on your shopping spree!

These elements include:

  • color palette
  • pattern selection
  • fabric choice
  • silhouette
  • fit
  • price range
  • accessories
  • footwear options

Basic Pieces of a Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 - a woman crossing her hands wearing white polo-shirt and yellow sun glasses outside of a building

A capsule wardrobe for women over 60 is a wardrobe that has limited pieces but still looks great, feels comfortable, and reflects your personal style.

It’s all about having the right clothes to fit your body type and lifestyle.

Most women over 60 have already learned to love their clothes again, but they don’t necessarily know what the pieces of a capsule wardrobe are.

The pieces that make up our recommended capsule wardrobes for women over 60, including:

-Tops: The Most Versatile Piece of Clothes

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 - a beautiful woman looking at something and she is wearing blouse and she is holding her laptop

The tops are the most important part of a capsule wardrobe for women over 60.

You should have at least two different styles of tops that you can combine with each other and with your bottoms.

Dressy tops: You don’t need to wear a dress, but if you’re going somewhere formal, it’s nice to have something to wear.

Make sure it’s a flattering style that suits your body type and shows off your best features.

Avoid things like boat necks or low-cut tops.

Casual tops: These are the kinds of shirts that you might wear out for lunch or on a casual date with your husband.

They should be flattering and comfortable enough to wear all day long without feeling too tight or hot in any way.

Blouses: Blouses can be worn buttoned up or open over another top, depending on the occasion.

They’re great for showing off your shoulders or other assets!

You can also wear them under cardigans or jackets as an extra layer when it gets cold out.

Tunic tops: Tunic tops are basically long tees or shirts that cover your entire torso down to your knees (or even lower).

They look great paired with leggings or jeans and boots during fall/winter seasons!

-Bottoms: Really Good Bottoms To Wear With Everything

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 - a woman sitting down on a pavement and she is wearing pants. She is wearing white shoes and her bag is also on the floor.

The bottoms are also very important when it comes to creating a capsule wardrobe for women over 60.

You need pants or shorts that will go well with any top you choose to wear them with.

You could also choose to wear skirts instead of pants but this will require more care when choosing which ones would look good on you.

The reason being, that they can make your legs look bigger if they aren’t the right length or fit properly around the waistline area (if they’re too loose there).

-Jackets/Cardigans: To Finish Any Look

Capsule Wardrobe For Women Over 60 - a relaxed woman wearing an orange cardigan over a yellow polo shirt and she is looking at her plants.

There are three different types of jackets/cardigans that you can add to your capsule wardrobe:

1) An outerwear jacket. This will be your go-to coat for when the weather gets cold enough that you want something a little more substantial than a cardigan.

2) A blazer. This will be the piece you wear with your work outfits or any other time you want to feel like you’re dressed up without being too formal.

3) A denim jacket. We couldn’t not include this classic! It’s perfect for a casual look on weekends and summer evenings.

Capsule Wardrobe Is Also For Women Over 60

A capsule wardrobe is perfect for any woman, at any age.

No matter your age, you can benefit from a capsule wardrobe.

With a few tips and tricks, you can learn to love your clothes again.

It’s time to rethink your closet and get rid of all the clothes that have been sitting there for years.

You don’t need them anymore!

The truth is, after 60, we all need to adjust our style and start wearing clothes that suit us better.

That’s why I wrote this article: to help you create an amazing capsule wardrobe that will make you look 10 years younger!

Are You A Woman Over 60 Who Needs Help To Loving Your Clothes Again?

The problem with getting older is that, despite the fact that the world is constantly changing and evolving, we don’t always feel like it’s keeping up with us.

The latest trends in fashion change every season, but do they cater to our needs?

Are they designed to fit our bodies?

Is there a way to look good without feeling uncomfortable?

I know how it feels to be stuck in an endless cycle of trying on clothes and hating everything.

I know how it feels to feel like there’s no way out.

You just need a little boost—a little push—to get back into loving your clothes again.

That’s why I created this guide and it’s completely free.

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