How To Create A Personal Uniform / Simplified Style Guide

Do you want to save time, money and energy? Keep reading for tips on how to create a personal uniform and thoughtfully redesign your wardrobe.

Ever since wearing the same outfit for 21 days, and then creating a capsule wardrobe for myself…

I’ve realized how many things in my wardrobe I didn’t enjoy.

Now my wardrobe is extremely simple, and I often stick to the basics.

And while I keep my wardrobe simple, I also chose to keep things that fit my “dress code”, even though it would be easier to buy 10 of the same outfit and donate the rest.

how to create a personal uniform

Think About Lifestyle

I used to purchase clothes frequently without thinking about my life, my personality and what I felt comfortable with. This left me with a closet full of clothes that made me feel insecure, and overwhelmed.

Each time you purchase clothing, think about your personality and how it manifests itself with your lifestyle and clothing choices. There’s no longer a reason to have things in your closet that you don’t love.

Daily Routine

When choosing a personal uniform, consider what you do on a normal week-to-week basis.

How do you dress for work?

What do you do on the weekends?

Consider seasons and weather.

I live in Houston, and there are basically two seasons here: hot and cool. That means that while I  need a jacket for cooler months, one heavy jacket just about covers my winter needs.

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That said, its hot for most of the year. So I needed to make sure that most of my clothes were comfortable in warmer months and could be easily layered for work.

What you do on a regular basis and where you go are huge considerations for narrowing down your personal uniform.

Self Reflection

Additionally, before choosing wardrobe staples, spend some time in self reflection. Your minimalist style will be completely unique to you.

Use a journal to mindfully consider the following:

  • What do you care about?
  • What are your favorite ways to spend your free time?
  • How would you describe your personality?
  • Who are you, or who do you want to be?
  • What do you want to focus on in your life more?

Choose Staples

The next thing for consideration when creating your uniform involves choosing staples. Your uniform should consist of basic clothing items that can easily be worn in most occasions.

Determining Your Personal Style

If you’re like me and you’re not a “fashionista” or generally fashionable person, choosing staples at first may feel tricky.

I recommend creating a Pinterest board of clothing styles you like. See what patterns emerge. Are the styles classic? Eclectic? Colorful? Neutral?

My personal uniform includes a white button down shirt. Its flattering because its shaped well. White and loose, so its comfortable in warm weather. And casual enough for the weekends, but easily dressed up for work.

The pants for my uniform are dark skinny jeans, which can be worn in my office and are  obviously easily dressed down.

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Consider Your Color Palette

When choosing a personal uniform, I strongly recommend choosing primarily neutrals.

This makes your uniform as flexible as possible when deciding on accessories and occasions.

Since color palettes aren’t really my forte, I had to do some research on this and found this great post:

Step number one to building a great colour palette is always to become aware of your own colour style: Which colours do you naturally gravitate towards, which do you want to include in your style concept? Let’s assume you have already done this step (read thisthis or this post if you need help) and are left with a set of colours that all express your personal style. How do you then decide which colours to use as your main colours, neutrals and accent shades, and which to leave out completely? My suggestion is that you first build a palette that best represents your style concept and that you love at first sight. Then, as a second step you put your palette to the test: Is it wearable, mixable and varied enough? Use the pointers below to tweak your first selection of colours into something that’s both expressive AND functional.

And on that note…

Don’t Forget Accessories

Accessories are the easiest way to change up your outfit without owning more variety than you need.

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4 thoughts on “How To Create A Personal Uniform / Simplified Style Guide”

  1. I never thought about using journaling to better understand myself, then use that to influence my fashion choices to express who I am. It’s a clever idea. ?

  2. Thanks so much! It definitely helped me. I used to hate journaling but it really helps me slow down

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful article. It was interesting to read, helping me to understand how this type of wardrobe works. I can see that it would not work for myself, however, as I use clothing to express my mood on any given day, which requires color choices. Also, where I live, we have four distinct seasons, and our temperatures throughout the year usually vary well over 100 degrees, which also requires a variety of clothing and outerwear. Then, too, as a self-employed musician, I have a wide variety of work settings; homes, schools, formal clothing, casual, onstage, offstage, etc. This needs a whole wardrobe in itself! But while I will not be joining you, I wish you the best because I can see the beauty of your simplified wardrobe.

  4. I think I have been heading in this direction for a while now. This article has highlighted this for me. I have a strong sense of how I like to dress. I should thin out my wardrobe from things that don’t reflect this.

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