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7 Self-Care Tips For Beginners (Everything Is Possible!)

Hey there, newbie self-care enthusiast!

I know that you’re just getting started on your journey to a better self, and I want to help.

I’ve gathered together some tips for self-care for beginners that are easy to implement and will make you feel like a champ.

Self-care is a hot topic right now.

As we focus on caring for ourselves, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the things that we need to do and not do.

Today, I wanted to share with you some simple tips that I use every day to take care of myself.

So let’s dive in!

What Is Self-Care?

Self Care For Beginners - A woman is the subject of the picture. She sis holding a serum. Her nails are blue. Her hair is blond. She is wearing a white bath robe.

Self-care is something you do for yourself.

It’s a way to take care of your body, mind, and spirit.

It’s not selfish!

It’s not just about taking time out of your day to relax or unwind.

It’s about making sure you have the energy to do everything else in your life, and that you have the tools and knowledge to help you deal with stress when it comes up.

Self-care is about setting boundaries and being kind to yourself (and to others).

When do you need self-care?

When someone treats you badly, like when they’re rude or mean.

When someone says something negative about your family.

When a friend doesn’t show up when they said they would, or cancels plans last minute.

When there’s an emergency that affects you personally, your home could be damaged by a natural disaster, for example.

Or maybe someone close to you has been diagnosed with cancer and all of a sudden it feels like the whole world is spinning out of control because this person is so important to you!

When bad things happen we can feel overwhelmed, sad or angry with ourselves or others around us but it doesn’t mean we’re bad people!

It just means we need some time alone so we can take care of ourselves better.

5 Benefits Of Self-Care

Self Care For Beginners - A woman can be seen in the picture. She is standing in the bridge. Her hands are spread wide open. Her hair is being blown by the wind. It is already sunset.

We all know the importance of self-care, but it’s not always easy to actually do it.

So here are 5 ways you can make self-care a priority and reap these benefits:

1. Feel Happier

Self Care For Beginners - A woman is smiling widely in the picture. Her hair is curly. She is wearing a collared blouse. The blouse is patterned. She is leaning in the door.

Feeling happier is a great benefit of self-care.

When you take time to care for yourself, you’re more likely to be in a better mood and feel like the world is a good place.

And when you feel good about where you are and what’s happening around you, it’s easier to be happy!

It’s a simple concept.

When you put your own needs first, it’s easier to focus on other things.

When you’re taking care of yourself, it’s easier to be kind and patient with others.

And when you’re kinder and more patient with others, they tend to reciprocate in kind.

The more you practice self-care, the better able you’ll be at giving back, and that means more happiness for everyone!

2. Sleep Better

Self Care For Beginners - A girl is the subject of the picture. Her hair is curly. She is sleeping. Her face is covered by the blanket. The sheets on her bed is white.

The benefits of self-care don’t stop at the surface level.

One of the most important ways to care for yourself is by getting enough sleep.

Research shows that people who get less than 6 hours of sleep per night experience an increase in blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.

In addition, a lack of sleep can cause you to make bad decisions and lead you to make poor choices like eating unhealthy foods or skipping exercise because you’re too tired.

If your schedule doesn’t allow you the time to get enough shut-eye, try these tips:

  • make your bedroom as dark as possible;
  • close shades or blinds on windows if necessary and keep light sources out of the room;
  • use blackout curtains if necessary (or even an eye mask); and
  • don’t use electronics for an hour before bedtime.

3. Have More Energy

Self Care For Beginners - A can be seen in the picture. His mouth is wide open. He had a jump shot. His right arm is raised above his head. He is wearing white shoes.

Do you have a hard time getting through the day?

Are you feeling exhausted, even though you’ve gotten enough sleep?

The problem might be that you’re not taking care of yourself as well as you could be.

Self-care is so important for your mental health and physical health.

It can help bring you back to a place where you feel balanced and energized, instead of struggling through each day just trying to survive.

When we take care of ourselves, it’s like we’re giving ourselves permission to be good and kind to ourselves, which is something that most people don’t do nearly enough.

But when we practice self-care regularly, it becomes easier and easier to show ourselves love and compassion which means we’re going to feel good about ourselves more often too!

4. Eat Healthier

Self Care For Beginners - This is a dining table. In the table you can see food. The food is made up of healthy ingredients. You can see lemon slices all over. There are cloth in the table.

When you’re feeling run down, eating healthier can be a great way to give yourself the boost you need.

You don’t have to eat like a rabbit or avoid your favorite foods just make sure that when you do eat them, they’re high-quality and not loaded with processed ingredients.

Self-care doesn’t mean depriving yourself.

It means taking care of yourself!

5. Be More Present

Self Care For Beginners - A girl can be seen in the picture. She is calling someone in her phone. She is smiling widely. On her left hand, she is holding her tablet. She is outside, walking on the streets.

Self-care is a way to be more present.

When you take time out of your day to do something that makes you feel good, you’re able to put yourself first and focus on what matters—you.

We live in a world where it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, but taking time for self-care isn’t selfish.

It’s necessary!

Self-care helps us become more balanced individuals, which means we can be more present in our lives and relationships.

7 Self-Care Tips For Beginners

Self Care For Beginners - A girl can be seen in the picture. She is walking on the pathway. She closed her eyes. Her hands are spread on the side. Her eyes are closed.

If you’re a beginner at self-care, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to do everything all at once.

Just start small and add more activities as you get more comfortable with them.

The following are some of our favorite ways to take care of yourself, but they’re not set in stone!

Feel free to mix and match these suggestions as you see fit!

1. Start Small

Self Care For Beginners - You can see a woman’ hands in the the picture. She has a small amount of cream. The woman is wearing white. Her nails are trimmed clean. She is about to apply the cream on her face.

If you’re just getting started with self-care, don’t worry!

You don’t have to be perfect.

Just start small.

Think of it like a diet.

If you try to start off by eating perfectly healthy food, it’ll be so hard that you’ll fail before you even begin.

But if you start by making small changes to your diet, like eating one salad a day or having one glass of water when you get home from work, it’ll be easier than trying to do everything at once.

Start small with your self-care routine even if you’re busy, and then gradually add things as you see fit.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Self Care For Beginners - A girl is sleeping. Her hair is red. Her room is dimmed black. Her blanket is thick. All her sheets on the bed is colored white.

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your mental and physical health.

So how much sleep do you need?

It has been recommended that adults between the ages of 18 and 64 should get 7 to 9 hours a night.

But if you’re older than 65 or you have a chronic condition like diabetes or hypertension, you may need more, as many as 10 hours a night.

It’s also important to make a habit of going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even on weekends.

If possible, try not to nap during the day.

Napping can interfere with nighttime sleep.

If you feel sleepy during the day, take a break from work or other activities and take a 20-minute catnap instead.

3. Eat Healthy Food

Self Care For Beginners - A person’s hand can be seen in the picture. The hand is holding a bowl. The bowl has salad. There are slices of boiled eggs on the salad. You can also see sliced cucumber.

It’s easy to forget you need to take care of yourself when you’re getting started in self-care.

It’s also easy to feel like there isn’t time in your schedule for self-care, but that’s not true!

You can make time for self-care if you prioritize it.

I recommend starting small with just a few minutes each day dedicated to eating healthy food.

Your body will thank you for it!

4. Exercise Every Day

Self Care For Beginners - A man can be seen in the picture. He is running in a treadmill. There are a lot of treadmills in the picture. He is inside a fitness gym. He is facing the glasses.

If you’ve just started taking care of yourself, you might be feeling overwhelmed.

It can be hard to know where to start.

One thing that’s easy?


Exercise is one of the easiest ways to take care of yourself because it’s so accessible and affordable.

You can find an exercise class or program that suits your needs whether it’s yoga, kickboxing, or just a run around the block.

And as long as you stick with it and don’t quit after a few weeks, you’ll see real results!

5. Take Some Time For Yourself Every Day

Self Care For Beginners - A man can be seen alone. He is sitting on the rocks in the mountain. He is looking at the ocean. There are trees on his side. He is wearing a black cap.

Self-care is essential and important.

Self-care means different things to different people, but it can mean anything from taking a bath to going on a walk, to watching a movie and eating snacks.

It’s all about taking some time for yourself every day so that you can feel nurtured, encouraged and happy.

6. Practice Good Hygiene

Self Care For Beginners - A man is looking at the mirror in the bathroom. He is holding a white towel. His hair is wet. You can see bottles of bath necessity behind him. He is wearing a blue shirt.

Good hygiene is an important part of self-care.

We do a lot of things in our lives that can affect our bodies negatively, and it’s important to take care of ourselves so that we can minimize these effects.

Here are some tips for practicing good hygiene:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Brush your teeth
  • Shower or bath daily

7. Avoid Stressful Situations

Self Care For Beginners - A girl can be seen in the picture. She is sitting beside the window. The curtains are tied on the side. Her right hand is holding her head. She has a pained expression.

The first step to self-care is avoiding stressful situations.

If you’re finding yourself in a constant state of stress and anxiety, it’s time for a change.

Acknowledge that your current situation is not working for you, and then make a plan to get out of it.

If you need help making a plan, reach out!

Friends, family members, and therapists are there to give you the advice you need and help you achieve your goals.

Just ask them!

Start Your Self-Care Routine Now!

Have you ever been so busy that you forgot to take care of yourself?

It’s easy.

We’re all busy.

And there are always more things we can do, more places we can go, and more people we can see.

But if you don’t take time to look after yourself, recharge your batteries, and make sure you’re in a good place emotionally, you’ll end up burned out and exhausted.

That’s why it’s so important to start your self-care routine now!

Don’t wait until you’re in crisis mode or feeling like everything is falling apart.

Get into the habit of taking care of yourself as an ongoing thing.

It will make everything better for both your short-term happiness and your long-term health.

If you don’t know where to start, let me help you.

Download my self-care checklist below!

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