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    Three Benefits of Self Esteem During Social Interactions

    Having self esteem definitely has advantages when interacting with people. Below, I’ve outlined 3 benefits of self esteem during social interactions. That said…what if you don’t have a high self esteem? I know this is a struggle for many people, including myself. That’s why below, I’ve also outlined some of the techniques I use to improve my confidence. Hope it helps! First: You Can Be Yourself One of the benefits of self esteem is that if you have self esteem and some level of confidence, it makes it easier to be yourself. Generally speaking, I think people can sense authenticity. If you feel comfortable being yourself, you’re more likely to…

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    Listening To Your Gut

    By: Melanie Masterson As my job search continues, I face many options for making money and sometimes I just have to listen to my gut. Some jobs may be right for some people, but not right for me. We are each blessed with specific talents through our life experiences and sometimes we need to search to find the job that fits our particular personality. I have been waiting to hear back from an interview a couple weeks ago and in the mean time I was approached with a business opportunity due to a resume I posted on Craigslist. A women named Sierra called me and asked if I would like…