14 Ways A Minimalist Wardrobe Changed My Life
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14 Ways A Minimalist Wardrobe Changed My Life

A couple years ago I tried a minimalist wardrobe for 21 days when I wore the same outfit for 21 days. Later, I developed a versatile wardrobe and dress code for myself as a result.

And this got me wondering – how has a minimalist wardrobe changed my life?

I know there are some basic things, which I’ll mention below.

But simplifying my wardrobe has also changed my life in more profound ways, and its time I gather these thoughts and share with you.

With that, let’s jump in…

A Minimalist Wardrobe Changed My Life

14 Ways A Minimalist Wardrobe Changed My Life

#1: Save Money

Now that I have a minimalist wardrobe and corresponding dress code, I no longer shop for clothing out of boredom.

I unsubscribed from most clothing retailer marketing emails, and this decision gave me so much peace of mind. My email inbox is quieter, and so is my mind.

I now enjoy NOT spending money on clothes unless I truly need something, and this makes me feel pride.

#2: Save Time

Similarly, I save a ton of time.

Most items in my wardrobe match each other, making getting dressed in the morning much easier.

#3: Feel More Confident

Now that I have a simple wardrobe and am committed to maintaining it, I only buy or keep clothes that I absolutely love. They have to fit perfectly, be comfortable, and I must enjoy how they look on my body.

“Enjoying how they look on my body” is slightly different than “flatter my figure”.

I want to feel great about my body and my clothes regardless of others’ opinions, hence the distinction.

#4: Enjoy Getting Dressed

I enjoy getting dressed in the morning. I know I get to put something on that feels good, looks good on video, and will serve me functionally throughout the day.

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This is especially true now that I work full time from home.

No need to consider looking professional – only comfortable and (mostly) presentable 🙂

#5: More Flexible For Life & Body Changes

Another thing I appreciate about a simple wardrobe is that is feels more flexible as my body and my life change.

After recovering from severe restricted eating for the last few years, I am now working to address my nutritional needs. I’m not on a diet, but rather, focused on *adding* to what I eat each day.

The result has been that first of all, I feel much better and more satiated at each meal. Another result is that my body is getting smaller.

Because my wardrobe is simple, I can wait  along time before needing new clothes, and only need replace an item once it doesn’t fit – not because I need clothing piece X to match with clothing piece Y in my favorite outfit.

#6: Easier To TravelA Man Backpacking And Travelling

Oh my goodness. I cannot emphasize enough how much easier it is to travel with a simplified wardrobe. No more outfit planning for days or shopping before trips.

I throw in my clothes, functional shoes and fancy shoes, a jacket if its warm and BOOM.


#7: Easier To Shop

I used to really struggle with shopping in the past. I’d walk into a trendy store like Forever 21 and feel completely lost. Not only that, but once I got older and got bigger, I straight up felt excluded at many “normal” stores.

Having a minimalist wardrobe changed all that.

Instead of letting trends dictate my closet, my own personal preference and dress code do.

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This makes me feel incredible independent, and confident.

It also means I don’t stress over what to buy. I know the styles and colors that fit my dress code, and rarely stray from my “rules”.

#8: Less Susceptible To Trends

As mentioned above:

Decision making is made easier with a simple wardrobe because I no longer adjust for trends.

#9: Always Flattered

Because I choose styles that I enjoy, all of my clothing makes me feel great.

As long as I practice good self care, my clothes continue to fit well.

And if they don’t, I buy more.

I am no longer willing to tolerate clothes that are so tight i feel restricted, or so loose they fall off.

#10: Simplified Laundry

A bin full of laundry

Another biggie: no need to be picky about sorting clothes for laundry.

Most of the clothes my husband and I wear are simple and neutral, so we don’t separate white, dark, or colored clothes.

All in the cold wash they go.

And out perfectly fine they come.

#11: Easily Dress Up

Wearing a simple wardrobe based in neutrals makes it much easier to dress up.

Wear some nice jewelry and shoes with an all black outfit? Check.

Put a tie on under a sweater with a collared shirt? Done.

This also lends itself to packing for trips easily, since many of my clothing items can be dressed up.

#12: Easily Dress Down

Similarly, its easy to dress down when you have a minimalist wardrobe.

Going on a hike? Throw on some tennis shoes and a pair of shorts.

Going biking? Wear the same sleeveless black top over some bike shorts and clip-less pedals.

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Sometimes when I love an item enough, I’ll buy multiples of it – as in the case of a sleeveless tunic style top I have.

#13: More Confident In My Decisions In General

A sign "You Got This' written out in chalk

Having a minimalist wardrobe not only makes me feel good about how I dress, but its influenced how I feel about making decisions for myself in general.

I feel more confident in what I think and how I feel.

I truly enjoy living intentionally.

#14: Each Piece Is Meaningful

Lastly (for now – might add on), each piece of clothing I have is meaningful.

As I sit here typing this, I’m wearing a super comfortable black Joy Lab sweater from Target, and a pair of black joggers from Academy. I feel cozy and cute, and can comfortable move around or go out.

And I know it sounds silly, but its meaningful to me.

Wearing clothing the way I do feels like self care.

It calms my mind to remove a former complication from my life.

After dressing minimally for almost two years, I’m happy to say I think it will stick.

Ready To Simplify Your Wardrobe?

How do you dress, and how does it make you feel?

Comment below!

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