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How To Declutter A House Fast (Expert Tips for a Clutter-Free Home)

As someone who has experienced the stress and frustration of a cluttered home.

I know the struggle of having a cluttered house. 

It’s like your belongings have multiplied overnight, and suddenly, you’re drowning in a sea of stuff. 

But don’t worry, because, with my expert guidance, you can declutter your home like a pro!

You will feel a sense of accomplishment when it’s all said and done, but you’ll also have a more organized space to enjoy. 

And who doesn’t love a good before-and-after photo? 

(I know I do!)

In this article, I’m going to share with you my tried-and-true tips for decluttering your house quickly and efficiently. 

From creating a plan to tackling each room one by one, you’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make in just a short amount of time. 

And you might even rediscover some old favorites 

(or maybe some things you forgot you even had!)

So, grab a cup of tea, put on your favorite tunes, and let’s get to work! 

By the time we’re done, your house will be the envy of all your friends.

Always Plan and Prepare before decluttering

A lady writing on a notebook

Ready to tackle the clutter and transform your home into a peaceful sanctuary?

But before we start, let’s take a moment to plan and prepare.

Here are my top tips to help you get started:

  • Assess the amount of clutter – Take a stroll around your house and make a list of areas that need decluttering.

    Whether it’s a messy closet or an overflowing kitchen, identifying problem areas is the first step to creating a cleaner, more organized home.
  • Create a timeline – Don’t get overwhelmed! Break down the decluttering process into smaller, manageable tasks and set a deadline for each one.

    This will help you stay on track and avoid feeling like you’re in over your head.
  • Gather Supplies – To declutter effectively, you’ll need a few essential supplies.

    Grab some boxes and bags to sort items into categories, labels, markers to keep track of what’s in them, and cleaning supplies to wipe down surfaces as you go.
  • Make a checklist of the rooms that you will declutter – Come up with a checklist for all the rooms you want to tackle and prioritize them based on the level of clutter.

    Start with the messiest room and work your way down the list.
  • Enlist help – Decluttering can be a challenging task, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

    Get your family members or friends involved, or hire a professional organizer to assist you in the process.

    It’ll make the process much more manageable, and you’ll have some company to make it more fun!
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Decluttering your home is not a one-time event, but rather an ongoing process. 

By taking the time to plan and prepare, you can set yourself up for success and make the decluttering process more manageable.

With a little effort and determination, you can achieve a clean and organized home that brings you joy and peace of mind.

Just like when I recently moved into a new apartment, you can create a list of areas in your home that need decluttering and set deadlines for each. 

Labeling boxes and bags to keep track of what you’re keeping, donating, selling, or tossing can also help you stay on top of the process. 

With a little planning and preparation, you too can declutter your home quickly and efficiently.

Declutter Room By Room

A lady hodling a pants from a drawer

As we dive into the actual decluttering process, it’s important to take it one room at a time. 

Here are some helpful tips to guide you:

  • Focus on one room at a time, starting with the one that needs the most attention. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed.
  • As you declutter each room, take each item and decide whether to keep, donate, sell, or toss it.

    Don’t forget to ask yourself the right questions when decluttering to help you make the decision.
  • Cleaning up as you go is a great way to stay motivated.

    Wipe down surfaces, vacuum, or dust shelves to keep your space clean and organized.

    (Remember to take breaks when needed! )

Decluttering can be tiring, so taking a walk or doing something else you enjoy will help you stay energized.

Personally, I find decluttering a stress reliever.

Like when I declutter my closet lately, I went through each item of clothing, shoes, and accessories and decided whether to keep, donate, sell, or toss it. 

I asked myself if the item still fit me. If I had worn it in the past year, and if it was in good condition. 

If the answer was no, I put it in a donate or sell pile. 

I also took the time to clean out the closet and wipe down the shelves. 

At the end of the process, I felt more organized and less stressed.

Organize and Maintain your home

Once you’ve decluttered your home, it’s important to organize and maintain the space to keep it clutter-free. 

Here are some ways to help you:

Categorize items

An organize kitchen with white tiles

After we’ve got our homes decluttered and looking fabulous, what we need now is to keep it that way. 

One of the best ways to do that is to categorize our items by type and purpose. 

After we decluttered our kitchen, let’s store our appliances together, our dishes in one area, and our food in another. 

(No more searching through every cabinet for that one pot!)

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And what about our beauty products?

Let’s put all our toiletries in one place, and all our makeup in another. 

This way, you’ll know exactly where everything belongs, and it’ll be easier to put things away after use. 

Create a designated place for each category and label them

A book organized on a shelves

After categorizing your items, it’s time to find a special spot for each one of them. 

Just like how we have our favorite spot on the couch, let’s give our stuff a designated spot too! 

No more searching through piles of clutter for hours just to find that one lipstick you love.

Think about your lifestyle and your daily routine. 

Do you need easy access to your kitchen appliances? Keep them in a spot where you can grab them in a pinch. 

Do you have a lot of clothes? Maybe it’s time to invest in some closet organizers or a dresser.

Organizing your home doesn’t have to be just about functionality. 

You can make your house beautiful too! 

Use decorative baskets, stylish shelves, or pretty storage boxes to create a spot for each of your categories. 

This not only makes it easier to find things but also adds an aesthetic appeal to your home.

To ensure that you can easily find the items you need, label your storage containers with the category of items they contain. 

This way, you won’t have to rummage through multiple containers to find what you’re looking for, and you’ll avoid confusion. 

Keeping things organized and aesthetically pleasing can help you feel calmer and in control of your space

Declutter Regularly

A lady decluttering clothes

Let’s face it, maintaining a clutter-free home isn’t a one-and-done deal. 

You’ve got to stay on top of it to keep things organized and tidy. 

(But I found a solution to that problem!)

Here are some inspirations for decluttering that will help you stay on track:

  • Set aside just a few minutes each day to put things back where they belong.

    It may not seem like much, but a little effort every day can make a big difference in keeping your home clutter-free.
  • And don’t forget to regularly assess your possessions to see if there’s anything you can let go of.

    You don’t need that old radio gathering dust in the back of your closet anymore! 

(And if you’re like me, you may even find some hidden treasures you forgot you had!)

By keeping up with regular decluttering, you will improve your mental health by creating a more peaceful living space

Plus, you’ll also keep your home organized.

Decluttering your home may seem like a mammoth task, but with these simple steps, you’ll be able to conquer it in no time. 

Remember to take it one step at a time, and don’t be afraid to take breaks. (You got this)

And soon you’ll be enjoying a clean and organized space that promotes productivity and relaxation.

With a clutter-free home, you’ll experience mental clarity, a sense of accomplishment, and a peaceful atmosphere. 

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Start decluttering now, and soon you’ll be basking in the benefits of a clutter-free life. 

Always maintain your decluttered space by categorizing your items, creating designated spots for each category, labeling your storage containers, and regularly decluttering.

Now,  it’s time to get down to business and start decluttering!

Ready to say goodbye to clutter and hello to a tidy stress-free home?

My free declutter checklist is your go-to guide for decluttering your house fast!

Let go of the things that no longer serve you, and take control of your living space with ease.

By decluttering, you’ll not only create a more organized and functional home but also experience a boost in your mental health and overall well-being.

So, why wait? 

Download my free declutter checklist today and start your journey toward a happier, clutter-free life!


How do I motivate myself to declutter my house?

Decluttering can be a daunting task, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed before you even begin. 

However, motivation is key to getting started. One way to motivate yourself is to create a plan and set goals. 

Start small by focusing on one room or area of your home at a time, and create a timeline for when you want to have each area decluttered. 

Another way to motivate yourself is to envision the end result – a clean, organized home that promotes relaxation and productivity.

Visualize how you will feel once the task is done and use that as motivation to keep going.

How do you declutter your room when you are overwhelmed?

When you’re overwhelmed with clutter in your room, the first step is to take a deep breath and remind yourself that it’s okay to start small. 

Break the task down into smaller steps, such as decluttering one drawer or shelf at a time. 

Begin with the items that are easiest to let go of, such as duplicates or things that are broken or no longer usable. 

Once you’ve made progress and can see a visible change, it can be easier to continue and tackle the more challenging items.

What should I remove first when decluttering?

When decluttering, it’s important to start with the items that are easiest to let go of. 

This could be anything from duplicates, broken items, or things that are no longer usable. 

Sentimental items can be difficult to let go of, so it’s best to save those for last. 

It’s also a good idea to focus on one category at a time, such as clothing or books, to make the process more manageable.

Which room to start decluttering?

Choosing where to start decluttering can be overwhelming. 

A good rule of thumb is to start with the room that causes you the most stress or that you use the most frequently. 

This could be your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. 

Another approach is to start with the easiest room, such as a small bathroom or closet, to gain momentum and motivation.

Where is the easiest place to start decluttering?

The easiest place to start decluttering is often the place with the least amount of sentimental attachment and clutter. 

This could be a small storage closet, pantry, or bathroom.

Starting with a smaller area can help build confidence and momentum to tackle larger spaces. 

Additionally, choosing a space that’s easily visible and accessible can help keep you motivated and focused on the end goal.

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