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10 Home Organization Tips And Ideas

Ever wondered how to best organize your home while you’re decluttering it? Well look no future than here!

Decluttering and organizing your house can cause a lot of stress. But with these 10 home organization tips and ideas, plus some decluttering motivation, you’ll be ready and set up for success to achieve what you set out to do.

10 Best Home Organization Tips and Ideas

1. Store Items Where You Would Normally Find Them

The first home organization tip is to store items where you are going to naturally and normally find them. For example, you’re going to normally find plates, silverware, and dinnerware wherever you eat within the house.

Additionally, you’re going to find shampoos and conditioners within your bathroom – close to your shower.

The reason to do this is so that you will naturally and easily be able to find all your items without thinking too much of it.

2. Put Similar Items With Similar Items

Whenever you’re trying to find where to place something, see if you already have an existing place with similar items elsewhere. For example, if you have a place where you put extra linens, and you have extra blankets, it would be best to put them together.

Back in the day, I thought it was going to be good to have back up supplies of everything, and placed a lot of different things in random storage places. Doing that just made my space (and my life) so cluttered and complicated.

After simplifying to this, where I grouped everything similar together, I found that my life became so much more easy and organized.

3. Keep Items Where You Will Frequently Use Them

This home organization tip goes along with the first tip. Not only do you want to place things where they naturally go, but also where you will most frequently use them.

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For example, I wear reading glasses whenever I’m doing work that requires me to look at something closely (i.e. reading, writing, typing, etc). Because of this, I personally store my reading glasses with or near my computer. I do this because I most frequently use them with the computer.

Obviously it’s not always as small as glasses that you have to store. But this home organization idea works for anything. Store your dishes near where you eat, clothing where you’re frequently going to get dressed, and your office supplies where your office is.

4. Small Items, Small Container, Large Items, Large Container

While this home organization tip is pretty much self explanatory, it’s actually one that most people often don’t do.

When you’re sorting your items, and putting them away, don’t put small items in a container too large for it.

For example you would never put your silverware where you would put your pots and pans, since your pots and pans are going to take up a lot more space.

In this similar way, look at what you have and make sure to put your small items (or things you have a small amount of) in a small(er) container.

A good example of this is wardrobes and dressers. When I was decluttering my clothing, I realized that I also needed to declutter my large dresser. I found a smaller dresser that fit all my clothing within it and have been using that since then.

This helped me in two ways. Not only did I now have more space (because my dresser was a lot smaller than the last one), but it also helped me transition to a minimalist wardrobe. If It didn’t fit in my dresser, I couldn’t have it.

So as you’re putting your items away, use this home organization tip to help keep smaller items in smaller containers, and larger items in larger containers.

5. Label Your Boxes, Bins, Containers, and Drawers On The Part You Can See

As your organizing your home, don’t forget to label everything, so you know where you put things in the future.

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This home organization tip has two parts. Not only do you want to label your containers, but you also want to label it where you can see it.

Has someone told you they labeled something, and you spent several minutes looking for where they labeled it?

Keep yourself from the headache by labeling it right where you can see it. Don’t put it on the side of the box, or on the inside part of a drawer or cabinet. Put it right out in front, where it will be hard to miss.

6. Make Items Easy To Put Away.

If you want to make sure you have the best home organization, then don’t forget this great tip!

To make your home looking nice and easy to organize, make sure to store everything in a way that will make it super easy for you to put it away when your done with it.

One of the reasons clutter seems to pop up every where in your house could be because the items you’re using is hard to put away.

7. Never Put Your Items Down – Put Them Away!

This home organization tip goes great with the previous one. Not only do you want to make sure that you can easily put away each item you own, but you also want to make sure that you put them away when you’re done with it.

Stuff can pile up very quickly in my house, which is why I make sure to use this tip as often as I can. I get home, and put the keys where they go, put my shoes in their bin, and put anything else I brought with me where it’s supposed to be kept.

This not only helps me keep my house clutter free, but also I now know exactly where it will be for when I need it next time I need to use it.

This home organization tip also will help you not have to do as many things at the end of the day if you follow it. If you hit the gym, instead of dropping your bag and clothes on the ground, you’ll immediately put your dirty gym clothes in the dirty clothes hamper, and put your bag where it belongs.

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Keeping this tip will help you keep a much more clutter-free and organized home.

8. Don’t Store Stuff On The Ground

Don’t store your stuff on the ground!

This seems like a simple tip, but most people don’t actually follow it (and it’s the main one I have trouble with too!).

Many times when I come back home with the groceries in hand, I just put them on the floor, and store them there.

I do this because I always think I’m going to be using them soon. In reality, they stay there for much longer than I had hoped, and makes my home look cluttered because of it.

On top of that, because I’ll store my groceries on the floor some weeks, I will often put other things on the floor to ‘store’ during that week as well.

All in all, keep your stuff off the floor, putting them where they belong, and you’re home will be much better organized.

9. Utilize All The Space You Can To Store Stuff – Especially The Backs Of The Doors!

I love it when I find creative places to store and organize all my things I own. I especially love using the backs of cabinet and closet doors.

In today’s world there are so many simple hangers and pouches you can purchase (or even make) to hang on the back of your doors.

I no longer have to own a wardrobe, because I was able to declutter my wardrobe enough to hang all the clothes that I would normally hang on the back of my closet door.

Additionally, I’ve been able to hang up my measuring cups and some pans behind my cabinet doors, allowing me to not have to feel as though I was stuffing everything within those specific cabinets.

10. Keep A Declutter Donation Bin!

The final home organization tip is one of my personal favorites. And that is to have a declutter donation bin.

I’m always finding things that I don’t need or don’t want, and when this happens, I just put it in my donation bin.

This gives me an easy way to get rid of stuff, because I have an organized place for it to go. And if that bin ever gets too cluttered, I just have to take it all and donate it to a store or church.

Use These Home Organization Tips And Ideas

I’ve given you 10 home organization tips and ideas for you to use to help declutter and organize your home. Now it’s your turn to do something.

Go through the list and pick out one of these tips that you’re going to work on this week. Commit to doing at least one of these each week. Within a few months, your home will be so much more clean and organized!

Comment below and let me know which home organization tip you’re planning working on this week!

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