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13 Fast Decluttering Tips (Your Comprehensive Guide To Get Rid Of Clutter)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent at least a few minutes wondering if your home could use a little decluttering.

Well, I’ve got good news.

It can!

And I’m going to tell you exactly how to get started.

I’ve put together a comprehensive guide that will walk you through the process of decluttering not just your home, but everything.

This is from start to finish.

So if you want to start decluttering as soon as possible, you can focus on all tips or on one tip at a time.

And feel free to notice the improvement!

Definition Of Decluttering

Fast Decluttering Tips - There are two persons in this picture. The man is carrying two boxes. The lady is carrying a crate of plants. The upper box has been labeled ‘books’, while the other one has the word ‘kitchen’. The lady has curly hair.

So you’ve decided to declutter.

But what exactly does that mean?

Decluttering is the process of getting rid of unnecessary items in your home.

It’s not just about throwing things away.

It’s also about making sure you have just the right amount of stuff in your house so that it doesn’t feel cramped or cluttered.

The goal of decluttering is to make your life easier, not harder.

You should be able to find things when you need them and use them as they were intended.

If you have too much stuff in your house, it will be hard for you to find what you’re looking for and easy for clutter to build up again.

By getting rid of things that aren’t useful or meaningful, you’ll free up space for new things that are helpful and pleasant.

13 Fast Decluttering Tips

Fast Decluttering Tips - There is a man in the picture. His face is not seen. He is wearing a gray sweater. He is carrying a lot of things. There are three pillows.

You know that feeling when your house is the messiest it’s ever been and you just can’t take it anymore?

You feel like you’re going to go crazy, but you don’t have time to clean right now?

I get that.

We’ve all been there.

But guess what?

There are ways to declutter quickly!

Here are 13 fast decluttering tips to help you get through those times when cleaning is the last thing on your mind:

1. Create A Plan

Fast Decluttering Tips - There are two persons in the picture. Both their faces are not seen. The one on the center has a box covering its face. The box has the word ‘brain’ in it. The other person’s hand is holding the word ‘idea’.

If you’re going to get rid of stuff, you need a plan.

You don’t want to just start throwing things out.

You want to be sure that you’re making good decisions about what stays and what goes.

So first things first.

Make a plan.

How much space do you have?

How much stuff do you have?

What do you need?

What do you not need?

How can you make sure that what’s left is the right amount of stuff for your space?

Once you’ve got that figured out, then it’s time to get declutter!

2. Don’t Do It All At Once

Fast Decluttering Tips - A man is the subject of the picture. He is holding his head. He is stressed out. He is wearing a watch. He is sitting on the couch.

We get it, you’re ready to declutter.

But don’t do it all at once.

It’s tempting to just say “screw it” and get rid of everything that’s collecting dust in your house.

But if you do this, you’ll most likely end up feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.

Instead, take your time with the process and make sure that you can actually keep up with the amount of stuff you decide to get rid of.

You might also want to consider working with a partner or friend who can help hold each other accountable for making progress on decluttering goals.

And who can help motivate each other when times get tough?

3. Clear Out Your Drawers And Cabinets

Fast Decluttering Tips - This is a picture of the cabinets. The cabinets are made up of wood. They are also painted white. A dog is sittign near the cabinet. The dog is looking intently at the camera.

You can’t start clearing out your drawers and cabinets in your decluttering plan.

Here are some quick tips to get you started!

First, make sure you have enough space in your drawers and cabinets to put things back so that they don’t get cluttered again.

Second, decide how much of each type of item, like socks or pantyhose, or underwear, you need to keep.

The rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it in the last year or two, then you should probably get rid of it!

Finally, take photos of anything sentimental before you toss it out.

This way you can still keep the memory even though the item itself has been discarded.

4. Declutter Your Wardrobe

Fast Decluttering Tips - This is a closet. It is empty. The hangers are arranged neatly. These are made of wood and aluminum. Each hanger has an apple design.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to decluttering.

If you’re looking for a place to start, your wardrobe is a great place to declutter.

A lot of people have trouble letting go of things they’ve worn once or twice.

But if you really think about it, what’s the point?

If you’re not wearing something, why should it take up space in your closet?

Get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

5. Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Fast Decluttering Tips - This is a picture of the kitchen. The kitchen is organized and neat. The paint of the cabinets is white and black. The table is empty. There is a vase on the counter top.

You don’t have to be a professional organizer to organize your kitchen cabinets.

You can do it yourself and save money!

The first thing you should do is sort through all of the items in your cabinets and throw away anything that’s expired or that you don’t need.

Then, organize the items by type: plates, glasses, cups, etc.

You should also consider grouping items together based on how often they’re used.

The things that are used every day should be easily accessible so that they can be put away quickly after use.

The next step is to clean out your drawers and remove any extra items that aren’t necessary for everyday use.

A good rule of thumb is if it doesn’t fit into one drawer then it should probably be thrown away!

Finally, label each drawer with a sticker or sticky notes so that you’ll know where everything goes when it’s time to put them away again!

6. Clear Out The Garage

Fast Decluttering Tips - This is a garage. A lot of things can be seen inside. There are tools for fixing on the table. The light is turned on. Number 78 can be seen on the left side.

Are you ready to tackle the garage?

The garage is a great place to start when decluttering your home.

In most cases, this part of the house is a dumping ground for everything.

From old furniture pieces and appliances to boxes full of papers and other items that you no longer need or want.

Once you clear out the garage, it will be easier for you to see what else needs to go.

You’ll be able to see how much space there really is in your home and whether there are areas that could use some cleaning up.

7. Throw Your Paper Clutters

Fast Decluttering Tips - This is a pile of notebooks. The notebooks look ancient. The topmost notebook has a garter to keep it closed. There are six notebooks in total. The second notebook from the bottom has the lightest color of cover - orange.

Throw your paper clutter.

Rip it up, shred it, and throw it all away.

Don’t even look at it again!

If you’re feeling emotional about the loss of your papers, you can always keep a few mementos in a box somewhere.

But don’t let them take over your space.

8. Take Inventory Of Your Belongings

Fast Decluttering Tips - There are three persons in the picture. They are a family. There are a lot of boxes around them. All three of them are writing something in the box. The curtains are open.

It’s important to take a good look at the stuff you own because it’s hard to figure out what you need if you don’t know what you have.

You can do this by sorting through your belongings and making a list of all the things that are currently in your home.

You can do this by category, by room, or however, else works best for you.

It’s important to understand what you actually have.

This will help you know what to keep and what you can let go of without feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand.

Make a list of everything in your home and where you’re keeping it.

Then use that information as a guide for sorting through your belongings during the next step.

9. Make Sure Everything Has Its Own Place

Fast Decluttering Tips - This is a picture of a bedroom furniture. The table is made of wood. There is a clock on the wall. An empty frame is on the left side of the clock. A white lamp is also on the table.

Make sure everything has its own place.

When you’re decluttering, it’s easy to just toss things into boxes or bags and call it good.

But if you’re not careful, you could end up with a lot of stuff that doesn’t have a home!

That can lead to more clutter later on down the road.

And we all know how much time and effort goes into cleaning up clutter.

To avoid this problem, make sure everything has its own place.

Even if it’s just a box in your closet that says “Stuff I Don’t Want Right Now.”

10. Don’t Organize Things Hastily!

Fast Decluttering Tips - There are a lot of things in this picture. A black scisoor can be seen above a box on the middle. A tape can also be noticed near the scissor. A notebook can also be seen on the floor. Clothes are scattered around.

It’s tempting to jump right into organizing, but it’s important to take your time and make sure you’re doing it right.

When you start putting things away too quickly, you might miss something.

And then you’ll have to go back and find it again later.

That can waste a lot of your valuable time and energy!

So instead, take your time when it comes to decluttering.

Organize one area at a time, and don’t put anything away until you’ve gone through every piece in that area with care.

11. Don’t Get Distracted

Fast Decluttering Tips - This is a picture of a study table. The table is clean. There are different paintings on the wall. There are plants inside the room. The furniture on the left side of the table is full of books.

Don’t get distracted!

It’s easy to get in the “flow” of decluttering and cleaning out a ton of stuff without even realizing it.

But if you’re trying to make a dent in the clutter, it’s important not to lose track of where your time is going.

Keep track of what you’re doing so that after a few hours or days, you can see what kind of progress you’ve made.

One of the biggest things that can get in the way of decluttering is getting distracted by all your stuff.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Stay focused on what you’re doing, and take it one item at a time.

12. Donate Items You No Longer Use

Fast Decluttering Tips - A man is the subject of the picture. His face is not seen. He is wearing a blue sweater with a label ‘volunteer’ on it. He is carrying a box. The box has the word ‘donations’ on it.

Donate items you no longer use.

Donating to a charity or thrift store is a great way to declutter your home and help others at the same time.

You’ll feel better about getting rid of items that are no longer useful.

And the recipient will appreciate having something new and useful that they might not have been able to afford otherwise.

13. Throw Away Your Garbage Properly

Fast Decluttering Tips - A woman’s hand can be seen in this picture. She is wearing a long-sleeve, white top. The hand is holding a garbage bag. The bag is a green product. The wall background is painted white.

We all know that throwing away garbage is important.

But did you know that it’s also important to throw your garbage correctly?

You might be throwing out paper cups with straws, plastic bags full of trash, and even those tiny plastic pieces that come off the tops of milk cartons.

While the last thing you want to do is keep any of these things around, it can be hard to figure out how to get rid of them all.

The trick is in knowing where to throw them!

There are many different places you can take your garbage: a landfill, a recycling center, or even a hazardous waste disposal facility.

Make sure you know what kind of garbage you’re throwing away so you can find a place that accepts it.

Otherwise, it may end up in the wrong place!

Declutter Now!

Hi, there!

I am here to help you find the right way to declutter not just your home, but everything in general.

So that you can live in it comfortably.

I know that sometimes, even though you have a plan for where everything is going and how you’ll get it there, the process can seem overwhelming.

That’s why I’ve created this decluttering binder to show you how easy decluttering can be.

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