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8 Powerful Closet Declutter Tips – Learn Whether To Keep Or Toss!

Looking for closet declutter tips?

With lots of time to spare and housecleaning on the agenda, wardrobe decluttering questions might be on your mind to go through.

Part of practicing a minimalist lifestyle is regularly asking closet declutterg questions.

I have been living a simple lifestyle for a few years now.

It started as a 30 day Minimalist Challenge.

At the time I was blogging a lot, mostly fun or reflective on my personal blog, and I started taking lots of challenges, downloading checklists, seeing what was out there.

I had not really heard of minimalism, but it was the beginning of a huge shift in my life.

I declutter the physical as well as the mental.

I loved the way it felt and the way my home looked, and I maintained that standard of living.

Now I am not taking decluttering challenges anymore.

But minimalism and simple living has become a natural part of what I do.

8 Closet Declutter Tips: Questions To Ask

A question mark signifying questions that you should ask

Wardrobe decluttering using closet declutter tips is something I do regularly to maintain a decluttered closet.

So I have gotten good at making quick decisions, and sifting through clothes and making choices is second nature.

(And no longer painful, haha!)

Once or twice a year when I declutter my closet, I can quickly look at pieces and ask myself some questions to spot check myself and see if this piece is going to stay or go.

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If you want help with wardrobe decluttering, here is my list of quick questions I can ask myself when deciding to keep or toss an item.

8 Wardrobe Decluttering Questions

closet declutter tips

#1: Does It Fit?

As a woman this is not as cut and dry as it may seem.

Our weight fluctuates with hormones, we get pregnant, etc. It is hard for me to let go of clothes that don’t fit because I might gain or lose weight.

So to make this easier I combine it with the rule below.

If that is not comfortable, then set some firmer rules for yourself.

Such as, I can keep it if it doesn’t fit if it’s within one size, if it can be altered, or if I’m within a year of a major life event like having a baby.

These are just examples of how you can create more standards for yourself.

#2: Has It Been Worn In 12 Months?

An image of a big "12" written on a page

If you have not worn something in over a year, then you probably don’t like it that much.

Or you love it, but it’s not comfortable.

Or you have too many clothes and it got lost on the floor somewhere.

If you have seen something for a year and passed it up over and over, it’s time to let it go.

#3: Is It Damaged Beyond Repair?

Some things can be fixed, and that is awesome.

But if it is damaged beyond repair let it go.

You can’t keep all your favorite ripped jeans and shirts from high school forever, and you can only keep so many “rags” until you’re just hoarding fabric.

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#4: Does It Bring Me Joy?

Someone outside in the sun expressing joy

Be careful not to attach too much emotion to material items, but this has been a helpful question for me to ask.

If something doesn’t make me feel happy or excited to put on, then maybe it’s time to make room for things that I love more.

This closet decluttering tip is definitely borrowed from Marie Kondo, if you didn’t already know.

#5 Would I Buy It Again?

This might be my favorite of these closet declutter tips when I’m wardrobe decluttering.

This closet declutter tip in particular has helped me make some really specific decisions.

Money is a motivator for sure.

I might think something is a functional piece, but today I also prefer to buy quality.

So it changes a lot of the choices that I make when deciding what to keep and want to toss.

#6 Is It Versatile?

Your clothing needs to earn its keep in your closet by doing more than one job.

If it is not versatile enough, you will not choose it.

It needs to be versatile in respects to functionality.

Can you dress it up or down and wear it for multiple occasions?

It also needs to be versatile in regards to how you can pair it with other items in your closet.

How is the color scheme? Does it go with multiple other pieces in your wardrobe?

#7 Is It Comfortable?

A person on the couch sitting very comfortably

I don’t care how amazing I look in something, if it is not comfortable then I am never going to wear it.

Being comfortable might be my #1 priority in creating a capsule wardrobe.

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For something to be comfortable I want the fabric to be soft, the fit to be cozy.

I don’t want it to drag on the floor or be adjusting myself. I personally don’t like the way some materials feel. It’s my preference.

#8 How Do I Feel In It?

Even if something ends up being comfortable, if I feel frumpy in it then I won’t wear it.

How do I feel about myself when I wear a certain thing?

Do I feel confident?


Do I feel sexy, adorable, awkward, stiff?

Do you feel easy or tense?

Think about how something makes you feel (and if you want to feel that way).

Simplify Your Life With Wardrobe Decluttering

The words "Keep Things Simple" written in scrabble words

I have spent a lot of time recently decluttering my home, spring cleaning and simplifying a life that feels uncertain.

If you are looking for simplicity in your home, starting by decluttering your closet is an easy target.

It can be difficult to decide what to keep and what to toss, but with these guided questions and some regular inventory taking you can get really good at wardrobe decluttering in your home.

For more tips on simplifying your wardrobe, you can get a lot more from this.

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