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The Best Guide To Building A Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe

In a postpartum world, you’re going to need a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is all the things you wear when you’re trying to “get your body back” after having a baby.

And if you’ve ever tried to shop for one of these things, you already know that it’s not easy.

The problem is that every brand wants to sell you a new wardrobe of maternity clothes or post-maternity clothes, but nobody wants to give you the basics.

By basics, I mean the pieces that work for any body type, in any size or shape.

That’s why I created this guide.

This is to make sure every woman can build a wardrobe that works for her, no matter what size she is or how far along she is in her pregnancy.

What Is A Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe?

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe - A woman can be seen in the picture. She is pregnant. She has curly hair. She has a floral blazer on top of her white dress. She is outside her house.

If you’re a new mom, then you know that postpartum clothes can be hard to find.

And if you’ve been there, then you know what a nightmare it can be to try and figure out how to dress the way you want while also looking great in your new mom’s body.

But don’t worry!

I’ve got your back with this guide to building a postpartum capsule wardrobe.

A postpartum capsule wardrobe is a collection of 10 pieces or more of clothing that can be mixed and matched to create an endless number of outfits.

The idea is that you have enough clothing in your capsule wardrobe to get you through the first 3-6 months after the baby.

Well, that is without having to do laundry or worry about doing laundry.

This guide will take you through everything from stating the essentials on how to create a postpartum capsule wardrobe and get the most out of it.

Let’s do this!

10 Essentials For Building A Postpartum Wardrobe

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe - A woman can be seen in the picture. She is pregnant. She is wearing a purple dress. She is in the beach. Her hair is long and black.

When you’re a new mom, you don’t have time to worry about what you’re going to wear.

It’s all about keeping your baby happy and healthy, and that means breastfeeding or pumping as much as you can.

But as soon as your baby starts sleeping through the night, or at least for longer than 45 minutes at a time.

And hopefully, for longer than two hours, it’s time to start thinking about getting dressed again.

Here are 10 essentials for building a postpartum wardrobe:

1) Nursing Bra

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe - A woman’s hand can be seen in the picture. The hand is holding a bra. The bra has a skin-tone color. It has a cute, pink ribbon in the center. The sky is blue.

A nursing bra is a must-have for any new mom.

They have flaps that make it easy to nurse your baby, and they’re also comfortable enough to wear all day long.

You can buy nursing bras from most stores that carry maternity clothes, or you can choose to purchase them online from some of the best platforms you know.

Just make sure you have at least three bras in your wardrobe before the baby comes so you’ll have one for each day of the week.

2) Postpartum Underwear

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe - A woman can be seen in the picture. She is pregnant. She is holding her belly and is looking at it. The picture is in black-and-white. Her hair is curly.

Postpartum underwear is designed to be super comfy and supportive for your postpartum body.

They have extra room around the crotch area, which means less chafing (and more comfort) when you’re up and about.

Postpartum underwear also tends to be made of soft fabrics like cotton and bamboo, which are great for sensitive skin.

And if you’ve got any stitches or cuts from the delivery, they’ll be easy on your healing body.

So I do recommend that you use this instead of normal underwear.

Trust me, you’ll feel better and more comfortable.

3) Leggings or Jeggings

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe - A woman can be seen in the picture. She is exercising. She is wearing a white shirt and a black leggings. She is wearing white socks, too. She is holding on a cloth that is tied from the ceiling.

Leggings or jeggings are a great option for postpartum women.

They’re soft and comfortable, but they also have the stretch and flexibility to allow you to move around easily.

These are one of my favorites during my postpartum era.

They come in different lengths, so you can choose whichever length is most comfortable for you.

Leggings or jeggings are also easy to layer with shirts or blouses that have short sleeves or long sleeves.

You can wear them with a comfy bra underneath if you’re feeling extra self-conscious about your post-baby belly.

4) Skinny Jeans

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe - Two women can be seen in the picture. The woman on the left is pregnant. She is holding her belly. Both of them has curly hair. They are inside the library.

Skinny jeans are the most versatile option for a postpartum wardrobe, and they’re also the easiest to wear.

Skinny jeans are fitted throughout the leg, which means you’ll look great in them whether you have a baby bump or not.

They’re a great choice for all body types, and they’re especially flattering if you have long legs.

If you want to take it up a notch, consider buying a pair of skinny jeans that are made with stretch fabric.

These will be more forgiving on your body and will probably be more comfortable than regular denim.

You can pair skinny jeans with any top or sweater in your closet.

Well, just make sure it’s not too tight.

5) A-line Skirt

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe - A woman is smiling in the picture. She is wearing a beautiful dress. She has short and bleached hair. She has tattoos on her arms and legs. She is in the beach.

A-line skirts are great for postpartum wardrobes because they’re flattering cut that still accommodates your new, more curvaceous shape.

The A-line skirt is great for you because it has a waist, and most of the fabric is gathered at the bottom.

This makes the waist look smaller, while still allowing room for your growing belly and hips.

Plus it’s much easier to find an A-line skirt that fits your personal style.

In addition to that advantage, with an A-line skirt, you don’t have to worry about those pesky side seams riding up or down around your waist as the day goes on.

6) Tunic Top

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe - A pregnant woman can be seen in the picture. She is looking at her right side. She is wearing a neutral colored dress. She is lying on a pillow on the floor. The sunlight from the window is reaching her.

A tunic top is a great piece to have in your postpartum wardrobe.

It can be worn alone or layered over another shirt or sweater.

A tunic top is perfect for breastfeeding moms because it will help keep your breasts covered while nursing.

Tunic tops are also great for those who want to hide their growing stomachs after giving birth.

You can wear them at the beginning of your pregnancy and then continue wearing them after your baby is born.

Convenient, right?

You can also use them as maternity clothes if you are expecting another child in the near future.

7) Sweater Dress

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe - A pregnant woman can be seen in the picture. Her hair is long and brown. She has blue eyes. She is hanging baby clothes on a wooden ladder. She is wearing a striped pink and white sweater.

If you’re the type to dress up despite the ups and downs of your postpartum era, then you’re like me!

It’s quite hard to give up fashion especially if you got used to it.

So if you want to dress up your postpartum wardrobe, try a sweater dress!

You can find them in just about any color, style, and pattern you want.

They’re great for casual days when you want to look put together without spending too much time getting dressed.

They’re also great for eveningwear if you’re looking to add a little sparkle to your postpartum wardrobe.

8) A Robe

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe - A pregnant woman can be seen in the picture. She is about to eat a slice of cake. Pink roses is placed ina vase on the table. She is wearing a gray robe. She is holding her red phone.

When you’re a new mom, you’ll need a robe.

It’s the first thing you put on when you get home from the hospital, and it’s the last thing you take off in the morning before getting ready to face the day.

The robe is an important item during your recovery, as it can help protect your body from exposure to germs and infections.

Most postpartum wards will provide a robe for each woman who delivers there, but if yours doesn’t, make sure to bring one from home!

9) A Loose Shirt

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe - A couple can be seen in the picture. The woman is pregnant. She has curly, blond hair. The man is wearing a black shirt. He is holding a cup and smiling while looking at her wife.

A loose shirt is essential for postpartum wardrobes.

It can be worn alone or as a layering piece.

It is easy to put on, easy to wash, and it’s easy to find.

It would be best to choose one that is made of fabric that is soft and breathable.

This means it will feel good against your skin after the delivery process has left you feeling tender and raw.

It’s also machine-washable, so you won’t have to worry about hand-washing or even doing laundry in general.

It’s important to take note that you’re going to be so busy taking care of your baby that there just won’t be time for all that!

This shirt comes in many different colors and patterns, so you’ll have something for every occasion!

10) A Pair Of Comfortable Shoes

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe - A woman’s feet can be seen in the picture. She is lying in the sofa. Her feet is wearing shoes. She crossed her feet and placed it on the handle of the sofa. An orange chandelier can be seen in the picture.

You might not think about your feet when you’re in the throes of postpartum recovery, but they’ll be happy to hear that you’re thinking of them!

Comfortable shoes are a must-have for any new mom.

You can wear them to walk around the hospital or while out at home.

They’ll be able to help with your circulation and keep you moving as much as possible.

This is vital in helping prevent blood clots and other health issues related to immobility.

Create Your Own Now!

I know you’re excited to get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t look good while you’re doing it.

With the essentials mentioned above in my postpartum capsule wardrobe, you’ll be able to create a whole new look.

And that’s without spending tons of money or having to buy a bunch of stuff that’ll just sit in your closet.

It’s really easy, right?

But I know it can be very overwhelming to take care of your baby and at the same time, yourself.

So I created this guide to assist you in your postpartum capsule wardrobe building.

It’s not too late to give it a go!

Just click the link below.

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