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7 Simple Style Fashion Tips For Beginners

I am not a super fashionable person, so I really need some simple style fashion tips beginners that allowed me to still be who I am.

I know what I don’t like.

I’m not interested in standing in my closet for a long time making decisions.

I have implemented a capsule wardrobe for myself after creating a personal uniform.

I love my minimalist wardrobe, but I also need to be clean, professional and forward thinking for my clients.

Easy and versatile is what I crave, which is why I needed simple style fashion tips.

Even though I am working from home full time now, I still love getting up and getting dressed for the day before I have my coffee.

I like my routine to be simple, but I also enjoy loving what I am in and feeling fashionable.

I want fashion to be as easy for me as I have made the rest of my wardrobe and life.

For more on how a minimalist wardrobe changed my life, read this.

So I discovered some simple style fashion tips that make pulling together something that will get compliments and make me feel amazing, a very simple process with hardly any thought required.

Simple Style Fashion Tips For The Beginner

#1 Add A Pop Of Color

Color can help complete a look.

If you have put together your look for the day and feel like something is missing, add a pop of color.

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Put on some blue shoes with that black and white work ensemble or some red lips to a simple look.

A pop of color is also memorable.

People will remember your style and personality. They will remember how they felt meeting you.

#2 Black Is Always Great

Black colored clothing hanging on a rack


You can’t go wrong with all black.

It’s classy, simply, easy to match, appropriate for all occasions.

Black is also slimming and timeless.

You should always have some high quality black basics in your wardrobe.

#3 Less Is More

Less is more in so many different respects.

A simple outfit is more classy than going over the top. Simple is more streamlined than complicated.

Natural makeup is going to highlight your natural features the way they were meant to be showcased.

Natural hair color will frame your face better than any other color, and bring out your eyes the way nature intended.

Less. Is. More.

#4 Go Vintage

a vintage typewriter

Vintage is a great way to express simple style.

You can accent an outfit with some retro accessories.

Vintage choices can give your wardrobe a Bohemian twist.

Vintage clothing can be exciting, unique, casual and clean.

And no one else will be wearing what you’re wearing.

#5 Mix Styles

Wear converse with that skirt.

Get creative with what’s in your closet.

Don’t be limited by genre.

Play around with what is in your closet and you might find some fun, unique combos.

Try oversized shirts and clothing in different sizes.

When shopping, try a top in a medium and then an XXL and see how you can make it your own.

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#6 Wear What You Like

If you want to be unique, ultimately you need to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.

Stop looking at the trends and stick with what you tend to gravitate towards.

Wear what you like, even if 4 out of 5 people in the room don’t like it.

Simple style rules are not about compromising who you are, but discovering your true style and personality reflected in your closet.

#7 Be Confident

A man who is confident in what he's wearing

If you don’t feel amazing, then it’s not working for you regardless of how stylish something is supposed to be.

If you are oozing with confidence, you can wear a trashbag and make it look good.

Simple Style Fashion Tips Wrap Up

10 years from now people won’t remember the shirt you were wearing.

They are going to remember how you made them feel.

They are going to recall how you made them feel about the world and about themselves.

Your ultimate style should be a reflection of who you are.

You should feel amazing in what you have, and if you aren’t then you might be overthinking it. .

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