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13 Powerful Questions To Ask When You Declutter Jewelry

After I paired down my closet and found that I really enjoyed wearing a capsule wardrobe, I decided to take on the task of decluttering all my jewelry.

Like most of you, I found that it’s not an easy task.

I’ve been acquiring jewelry since I was a pretty young child.


I’ve never actually decluttered my jewelry before.

So, how can I set you up for success so that you don’t have any issues with decluttering your jewelry?

Below I’ve compiled 13 powerful questions that I asked myself as I was going through decluttering my jewelry.

Go through the questions, and see just how much stuff you can declutter!

13 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself When You Declutter

A statue of a man sitting down and thinking with a wooden background

I’ve found that most people, myself included, work best if they can declutter through the use of questions.

Finding simple, yet effective, questions to ask yourself is not an easy task. Especially when you’re taking on larger projects like questions to ask yourself when decluttering clothes.

But if you read what I’ve compiled below, I’m sure you’ll declutter yourself to success quickly!

1. Do I like It Right Now?

Three different rings are a top one another

The first question that I ask myself is whether or not I actually like the jewelry right now.

Like most of you, there is a ton of stuff that I got when I was younger, when trends were different, or just because I had a bigger budget, and thought it was ‘cool’ at the time.

Because of that, there is a ton of jewelry that I just don’t use anymore.

And not only is it collecting dust, and taking up space, I honestly just don’t like it anymore.

Most of this jewelry sits at the bottom of my jewelry drawer. Some of it I almost cringe at when I think that I bought them, and wore them when I was younger. (oh, how times change)

So, the very first question to ask yourself is whether or not you actually like the piece of jewelry you’re looking at.

2. Does This Look Good On Me?

An image of a woman wearing two necklaces around her neck.

The next question is whether it actually looks good on me.

If I do like it, does it look good on my body type?

There are some types of jewelry that does not compliment my features. For example, a pair of large hoop earrings that I decided to get rid of recently because they made my already round face look larger.

Where a pair of studs or drop earrings wouldn’t have this effect.

I know that it might sound a little strange, but it just didn’t work with me, and so as much as I loved the design, they don’t flatter my shape, I never wore them, therefore they had to go.

3. Does This Jewelry Compliment My Current Capsule Wardrobe?

A woman is walking in a dress and is reaching down to hold her dress up. She has three rings on her hand.

Can you pair this jewelry with what you currently wear?

I started wearing a capsule wardrobe.

Basically what that means is that I wear only a few pieces that are versatile and interchangeable allowing me to create different outfits. My lifestyle dictates how I choose these pieces- It works for all occasions whether that is work, play, or dining out.

While I won’t go into specifically why a capsule wardrobe is best for you, the question about jewelry needs to be asked:

Do you have the right clothes for that jewelry that you like and looks good with your body type?

Because I wear a mostly simple and classic style of clothing, there was a lot of jewelry that I got rid of because it was too glitzy and glamorous for my personal style.

Get rid of everything that doesn’t complement your current style (if you can’t wear it, why keep it?).

4. Can I Wear This Jewelry In My Current Life Routine?

A woman is wearing a large earring as she travels outside.

A question that ties in with the previous two questions is whether you can wear this jewelry in your current lifestyle routine.

When you wear this jewelry, is it too loose?

Is it too tight?

Does it come off too easily?

Does it pinch you?

Can you wear this with your current routine? or will it complicate your life?

All these questions are important to ask when trying to declutter jewelry.

5. Is This Jewelry Real Or Fake?

A little girl is looking down at a pearl necklace.

A question that I like to ask sooner rather than later is whether the jewelry has any monetary value to it.

If I ever have to ask myself which one I’m going to keep between two different jewelry sets, I always go with the one that is more valuable.

Obviously, there are exceptions. But overall finer pieces will last longer, look better, and elevate your style.

Sometimes, jewelry is cheap for a reason…

6. When Was The Last Time I’ve Worn This?

A jewelry box filled with different rings that haven't been worn in a while

When decluttering anything, I usually ask myself when the last time I used the item was.

If it was a long time ago, I then usually get rid of it.

If I haven’t worn something in the last year, it’s a good indication that it needs to go. Because chances are I won’t be wearing them in the next year to come either.

Having a chunk of time to determine whether it was been long enough is my personal rule, you can set the number to however long (or short) you want it.

If I don’t actively wear something, then does it really have a place in my life? The fact speaks for itself.

7. Are You Actually Going To Wear It?

Two purple earrings are displayed on a large green leaf

As much as I like to pride myself in removing a piece that I haven’t worn in a year, that isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Sometimes I find myself saving it for “someday”, but that day rarely ever actually comes.

I try to remember the last time I wore them, and what the occasion was.

For example, there was a choker necklace that I wore often when I would go out to concerts.

Because I haven’t gone to a concert for the last two years (and don’t plan on going to one in the near future), I realized that more than likely I wasn’t going to wear any of the jewelry that I was holding onto.

So, it was time to declutter it.

8. So, When Am I Going To Wear This Again?

A calendar with four red pins attached to 4 different dates. The last date is circled in red.

Whenever I keep something that I haven’t worn for over a year, and yet I still want to keep, I try to assign a specific occasion for the piece, so that my decision in keeping the item doesn’t result in future clutter.

I also keep to the rule of three. Pairing the piece with at least three different outfits will incorporate it into my capsule wardrobe approach.

I always try to give what I own a time frame for when I’ll use it next. That way, I know that it has a purpose and place in my life. It also keeps me accountable to my few belongings.

9. Am I Missing Part Of The Jewelry Set?

Three rings that are in a set are on display right next to each other.

Did you use to have matching earrings, and now only have one?

Or did you have matching rings, but one of them lost its gemstone?

If I ever find these oddities in my jewelry drawer, I usually get rid of them. I don’t see any reason to keep something that is missing part of the set.

There have been a few things that I’ve wanted to keep. For the sake of running into its pair later. However, I’m usually unsuccessful in this.

If I absolutely love the set and feel strongly about finding it? I consider replacing it instead.

10. Do I Need All These Similar Types Of Jewelry?

A jewelry box with a lot of similar bracelets.

Something else I’ll look at when asking whether I keep a certain piece of jewelry is how many types of this jewelry do I have?

If I’m looking through my earring drawer, and know that I already have 7 pairs that I love and use regularly, most of the other pairs of earrings I’m going to get rid of.

If you have a LOT of pairs of something, a good tip is to set yourself a certain amount that you’re allowed to keep.

For example, I don’t allow myself to own any more than 10 pairs of earrings. I try to keep it down to 5, but give myself some wiggle room.

What I love about this tip is that it helps me keep getting cluttered again. I always make sure to get rid of a pair of earrings if I ever get a new pair.

11. How Much Time Do I Need To Keep This Jewelry Polished, Repaired, Etc?

A woman is sitting with her hands in her lap. Her right arm is covered with polished bracelets, and her left hand has two up-kept rings

Not only do you want to know whether you love the jewelry and are going to wear it, but you also need to ask the question of how much time you want to invest in it in the future.

Does the jewelry need to be regularly polished, and are you going to have the time to do that?

Does it need to be regularly repaired and fixed, costing you more money every month?

As I’ve tried to live a more simplified slower life, I’ve found that I’ve actually kept some of my jewelry that I’ve had to polish more frequently.

The reason I kept some, was because I actually like slowing down and polishing. It has a calming effect on me that I really enjoy.

Considering the trade of your time for maintenance is important, that goes for everything that you own. Make what you decide to keep an intentional and mindful act.

12. Does It Hold Sentimental Value?

Someone is holding a ring and giving it to another person off the camera.

One of the final questions that I ask is if it holds any sentimental value.

I typically ask this question when I find that there are other reasons outside of my general guidelines for decluttering that are influencing me to keep an item.

My husband had given me a certain necklace, and while it’s not my favorite, I adore it. Because it was he who gifted it to me.

I chose to keep the necklace he gave me, over the other ones I had, because I knew how much it means to him when he sees me wearing it, and that in return gives me a more valuable reason to hold on to it.

Asking yourself this question will help downsize your collection. Making the remains a beautiful and meaningful department that makes sense.

13. Do I Have Fond Memories Of This Jewelry?

A woman is looking up excitedly wearing a graduation cap on her graduation day

Another final and easy question I ask myself is whether I have happy memories of wearing the jewelry.

Sometimes, I just don’t have good memories of it.

There was a set of earrings that I used to have and was wearing when I got word that my father passed away.

Subconsciously, I have attached this negative feeling to the set. It wasn’t hard to purge the earrings. But, because it was a simple act that would help declutter my mind from the negativity I took the opportunity.

I want to keep only positive memories. (Remembering Dad in the good times) And experience less negativity. Thankfully we can have a say in it. This is one way.

Decluttering Jewelry Is Really Simple!

Just like decluttering almost anything, jewelry really isn’t that hard to get rid of.

You just need to ask yourself some powerful questions, give yourself some simple answers, and act on those answers.

Decluttering jewelry is not only about decluttering your space, but also simplifying your life, and getting to know yourself better.

I created a course that revolves around just that. I delve into the act of decluttering your life, but I also go one step deeper and talk about how to declutter different aspects of your life.

By the end of the course, you come out as a different woman.

You learn what habits to create, how to create them, and how to keep them habits for your lifetime.

Check my decluttering course below!

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